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lovely lovely lady, but speaks too much. Spoke too much about her personal situations, wanted her to answer more of my questions. Gave me some clarity but not much, was focused on a situation i didn't want to discuss

From On 17/02/2022


Carmel has a rare talent. She is really accurate in her readings. She is friendly and warm and understanding despite my impatience. She is lovely and very very very intuitive.

Leyla From United Kingdom On 09/02/2022

Waste of time.

I got nothing from the reading. Too much talking about cards and getting nowhere. My question after twenty minutes wasn’t answered. Not recommended.

Flower From Australia On 09/02/2022

Had my first reading with her. She's a lovely lady but spends too much time explaining things that am not interested in and this just eats up a person's time. Out of 18 mins I felt I got very little information regarding my situation because majority of that time was wasted explaining things that weren't ready relevant or important to me

C From UK On 03/01/2022

Lovely lady

She gets straight to the point and is knowledgeable. She connects really quick certainly wouldn’t recommend……

LM From Midlands On 29/08/2021

A star reading

Thanks Carmel I will keep you updated. I like how Carmel hours into the reading with a specific style to suit you. It’s like she knows you already! Amazing reading and accurate. I await my predictions. Thank you

Michelle From U.K. On 28/06/2021

Love reading

Lovely warm reader like talking to a friend. Picked up things straight away. Picked up on the energy between me and the x and saw this becoming stronger. So will get back let you know do try her highly recommended

Fiona From Yorkshire On 26/06/2021

Lovely lady

Carmel tend to waffle a lot which sad because she is actually a good reader and was spot on with what she picked up with POI. I will call back for an update. Thank you. X

From On 24/06/2021

Highly efficient

She picked up a lot things about me and my POI and the fact that I have a good sense of humor! Amazing! Can't wait for her predictions to come to pass. Only thing I'd say that she did a bit waffle explaining too much into card and spreading knowledge of those cards' meaning which I wasn't looking for. I think she should stick to the context of the question while answering. Apart from that she is extremely good with picking up the right energy and situation. I'll get back to her for another reading for sure.

Anuradha From UK On 23/04/2021

Amazing woman give me very good advice was spot on with her reading. I would recommend her anytime very good reader

Kathleen From Folkestone Kent On 03/11/2020

Nice but waffly

She’s very nice but jumped straight into a reading without asking me what I wanted a reading on. Spent too much time explaining the meaning of numbers to me - would have preferred a specific reading on questions I asked rather than general meanings of numbers - wasn’t great unfortunately

Donna From London On 23/10/2020


Lovely lady. Unfortunately my mind cut off and couldn’t get back through to her but she was spot on with my situation and gave loads of details. She genuinely wanted to help to she was lovely x

From On 04/04/2020

You deserve much more reviews

Had a reading from you around 6 months ago all predictions manifested now. Thank you

From On 11/03/2020

Shecis sweet and funny

Carmel is kind and funny, she waffles but she get to the point in the end! Had a good reading with her. Try her and see for yourself:)

Laura From Preston On 17/02/2020

Natural reader

The lady is very genuine and actually psychic !!! An honest and reliable reading Up feel

From On 22/10/2019

Very caring compassionate reading very accurate to my situation gave me faith a confidence to carry on I will have another reading off her anytime

Shirley From Cheshire On 26/04/2019

I like Carmel but as others have said trying to get a succinct answer from her was difficult if not impossible. My reading was all over the place, choosing from left or right pack then choosing 1st or 8th card. When I did choose she said "I was hoping you'd pick the other one"! After an hour long reading I was left unsure rather than clearer.

From On 28/01/2019

Good and Caring

Nice lady. Very easy to talk to and gives good reading. Will talk again. Takes a while to get to the point and talks nineteen to the dozen and more than me which is wasting time and money but worth every penny and has a warm and caring nature and big heart which I appreciate. Bless her. Will speak again for sure.

Sheryll From East London On 23/08/2018

Love Carmel x

I love Carmel, she's funny, witty, she does waffle and takes a while to get to the point but I've had 2 readings with her on same situation and she's been consistent with both readings and answered exactly the same answers to my questions so I feel that I trust her x

From On 02/04/2018


What a fantastic reading from Carmel! Very precise, in depth and deep about my twin flame. Sorry that I cut off, my phone lost signal!

Claire From UK On 30/03/2018


Am so sorry, my phone died. Carmel was so accurate and compassionate about my situation. She has a true heart of gold. Am very blessed to have had a reading by her xx

Kristina From Australia On 14/03/2018

Thank you

Sorry we got cut off but will wait and see for those 9 days you were spot on in every aspect of my situation it felt like I was talking to a friend thank you and will be contacting you again soon x.

From On 03/02/2018

Too general

Far too vague and non- specific. To the extent that I cut the reading short. You could have read in to the vague statements she made to mean anything and they were not really helpful in terms of providing guidance.

Harry From Scotland On 28/01/2018


Had a nice reading with Carmel today, my situation is quite confusing but Carmel was spot on with everything,glad I called as I don’t really have readings and thought I’d regret it. So glad I called Thankyou Carmel xx

From On 07/01/2018

Waffles too much

Really really nice lady but she waffles too much. Trying to tie her down to succinct answers was very hard and I got a little irritated with her, sorry Carmel. Seemed to pick up the essence of the reading but gave too many examples and scenarios, when all I wanted was a direct reading. A 40 min reading which should have really been a 10 minute one. This lady is good if only she could be more "straight to the point".

From London On 11/07/2017

Accurate !

Thanks Carmel needed your reading today you were so helpful and insightful !

Rain From Sydney On 27/06/2017


Not for me...... wasnt psychic was more an interpretation of a card

Optimist From uk On 08/06/2017

Got nothing from her....... wasted too much time shuffling cards and stalling

I would not recommend this reader, she spent too much time shuffling the cards, then time wasting when cards flew out, then more time wasting, slowly asking me which pile to choose after splitting the deck, then more time wasting asking me, which Star sign I was, then time wasting asking me which month I was born....................10 minutes later, she still had not started the reading, can't understand her other good reviews, unless she wrote them herself!

Pinkbrightstar From On 14/05/2017

Spot on!

An amazing reader, thank you Carmel sorry we got cut off, my minutes run out but thank-you very, very much for an uplifting reading. Your one of a kind. Thank-you!

Charlene From London On 30/04/2017

came off the phone more confused than what i went on. not for me but thanks anyway. x

From On 14/03/2017

She is special !

Highly talented lady , pleasure to speak too .she is gifted... and quite sharp in her sixth sense.. highly recommended..


My review of carmel was great. Like talking to your friend. Hope all goes my way.

Nic From Ireland On 30/12/2016

Peace of mind

Thank you for picking up on my situation and a providing me with information for me move forward on a positive, exciting note. I really hope your predictions come true :) You are were kind, understanding and you lifted my spirits after a terrible few days but Bring on my future! Im sorry our conversation got cut short i could have spoken with you for hours, i do hope i can speak to you in near future with good news :) Thank you xx

Kristy From Australia On 11/12/2016

Thank you !

Thank you for all your advise and support today Carmel sorry we got cut off !! Your reading was amazing now I will wait for contact !

Gx From M/cr On 10/07/2016


Really sorry we got cut off. You picked up on my situation straight away. You are a delightful person and it was pleasure talking to you. Loved my reading and vert much look forward to speaking to you soon. Much love x

N From London From London On 02/07/2016

given me hope

had a lengthy reading with Carmel, lovely lady to chat to, given me hope for the future with my situation, hopefully as she said things will move along quite quickly, and i will be happy again and very soon. Thank you

carl From cornwall On 26/06/2016


What a wonderful person she it. Hard working and never quits. Never a lazy reading. Very reliable and insightful. So honest and gifted

Katianna From FLORIDA KEYS On 04/05/2016


Really love my readings with Carmel. She is always spot on with my situation. Thank you

E From Australia On 24/04/2016

Wonderful Reader

Carmel is a lovely, gentle, insightful reader who was accurate and uplifting at the same time. I found her advice invaluable, and in the weeks since the reading her accuracy has played out in my situation. Its a journey still but I feel her such a genuine person, and I really felt her warmth. Thank you Carmel x

Ires From Melbourne On 30/11/2015

I had wanted a reading with Carmel for some time as she is very busy. I found her to be friendly and helpful and the information she gave me surrounding my current situation accurate. I would have liked the reading to move at a slightly faster pace as we did seem to cover the same ground quite a lot. There was so much more information I would have liked and feel she would have been able to give it had the time not ran out. I have had a lot more information from other readers in a third of the time (my reading duration was 1 hour 5 mins). I know all readers have a differnt style.

Karen From Wirral On 30/11/-0001

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