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Be Prepaired to be shocked

Still shaking from my reading with Siena.Trying to take it all in, she was so accurate on all my past, present and future. Will be using her again, highly recommend her. Softly spoken, none judgemental and straight to the point. Just be prepaired to be shocked how accurate she is. Thanks Siena, you give me comfort and peace of mind for the future out come of my problems. It was like we have known each other for years on what you picked up.

Andy From Surrey On 26/03/2023


One of the best readers on this plartfom

Kate From England On 26/03/2023

Sienna review

Sienna was a very nice helpful and supportive lady to speak to . Thankyou. March 2023

S From Uk On 20/03/2023

Absolutely amazing

Siena is one of the best readers I’ve ever spoken to, if not the best. She tuned in straight away and was shocking accurate about ver difficult situations. She is absolutely amazing and knew every detail about what’s going on in my life. I was also extremely down before speaking to her but she gave me hope again. Siena really helped me and us clearly an angels sent to help me today. A true genuine psychic and a lovely person too. Thank you so much Siena xxxxx

Please please post From West Midlands On 26/02/2023


Was put through to Sienna randomly and I’m so glad I got her. Absolutely incredible reading. Quite frankly I was blown away. She is calm, non judgmental and her gift is astounding. Best reading I’ve had in years and I’ve had a fair few to say the least lol. Thanks so much xx

Sarah From Northampton On 28/01/2023

Amazingly accurate

I have been talking with many psychics on this site and Sienna is up there with the best. Helped me understand what my POI is going through and what action I need to take. She told me what I needed to hear not want I wanted to hear which I now understand is important. Thoroughly recommended

Steve From Kent On 12/01/2023


what can i say -- A BIG WOW- non judgemental and says it as it is . thanks

dal From london On 03/01/2023

Wow amazing

One of the best!

Charlotte From London On 29/12/2022

Real Deal


Chris From London On 23/12/2022

Wonderful reassurance

She tuned in to everything without me giving much away. The reading was like talking to a friend. Blessings x

Sarah From Wales On 21/12/2022

Good but got cut off

I found Siena really really good, the validations were amazing and the insight was sound, but the call got cut off and I’m not sure why?

DD From London On 20/11/2022


Beautiful energy. Sorry we got cut off.

Misha From Uk On 21/10/2022

Siena is a credit to this site

Really appreciated my reading with Siena today, mature and compassionate reader x

A From global On 19/10/2022

Wow -amazing.

She connected so well and picked up on things other reader couldn't. The reading was incredibly uplifting and healing. It opened my eyes. She is very honest and non Judgemental. Thank you for providing such a great reading.

Amy From Australia On 24/09/2022

Very Clear Reader

I will pleasantly surprised, very accurate perception of my current situation and didn't waste time talking unnecessarily. I will wait to see if predictions come to light.

Mandy From London On 12/09/2022


I was very impressed with her reading and want to leave a review. I had a relationship reading about 2 weeks ago. She answered all my questions and gave me lots of validations and was no sugar coating. She helped me see the past ,present and future. Very kind and understanding. I felt like hugging and thanking her for her wonderful reading.

Nisha From London On 28/08/2022

Really in synch with me

Thank you Siena you started from the beginning with so many validations. I wish you were one of my friends. Your energy is so ‘Balanced’ and your accuracy is shocking. Thank you. I look forward to this season ahead. It’s about time. Balance is everything. Thank you for also deciphering my dream. Bless. X

Mishelle From London On 25/07/2022


Thank you so much for making my day xx Siena delivered such an accurate reading of a situation between myself and a POI in a lovely gentle way, explaining how he was feeling and what he was going through. Most definitely recomend Siena

Carrie From Kent On 17/07/2022

Authentic and honest reader. Highly recommend.

G From London On 09/07/2022


Absolutely incredible readings make sense and on point with everything. Recommended

From On 06/07/2022

Amazing Reading and very Relaxing

Siena has such a fantastic voice, her readings have been enhancing my day to day life and we are constantly in touch. Her life experience and energy are amazing.

Maria From Romania On 30/06/2022


Omg siena is amazing. The reading I had was spot on. Highly recommended her. I definitely will be back for another reading ... 5 stars plus

K From London On 30/06/2022

Fantastic reader

Pls Post this review Siena is an extra special reader. I just sat there listening to her tell me things that had happened, are currently happening and I trust what she said about the future. I’m completely mind blown at what Siena told me today and I will definitely call again. 10/10

Simone From Uk On 24/06/2022

Extraordinary gift, Siena

I am honoured to leave the first review for Sienna. Her reading reached me on a soul level. She connected with me and my situation like noone before. She goes deep and her vision is clear. What a beautiful soul she is. What a blessing to talk to her. Thank you, Siena!

Al From Surrey On 20/06/2022

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I have over twenty years experience as a Tarot card reader,both over the phone and on a face to face level. When you contact me for a reading you can be assured that I will find all the aspects of the situation that is going on around you.I can focus on past influences,the dilemma that is challenging you at the present,and a way forward that provides a long lasting positive final outcome. PIN: 1387

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Hi I'm Carris a psychic medium here to assist you connect to loved ones in the Spirit world. I have had over 20 years experience and can assist you on many levels for insight and understanding please ring me BLESSED BE PIN NUMBER 6947

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For over 30 years, my spiritual abilities have been concentrated in Tarot and Psy Card readings. I use my intuition to understand the spread of Tarot Cards to give spiritual clarity by conveying what is going to happen in the future with regards to a particular person, place or event. Please call me for a professional Tarot card reading today. PIN: 5200

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The Rock

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I'm a compassionate, experienced psychic and spiritual counsellor. I've been gifted from birth and have applied my gift my entire adult life to assisting others. I'm intuitive, empathetic, and insightful. I'm a general reader; I specialise in many areas of life, including love, career, relationships, and family. I can conduct general readings and one-question readings. PIN: 1898

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Psychic Reader Susanna


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I have been a practising Psychic readings for thirty years and I am able to see the future by reading tarot cards, reading tea leaves and looking through my crystal ball. I am a friendly soul and I am non judgemental within my readings. Call me for an insightful reading today. PIN: 2998

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PIN: 6286

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Hi, my name is YvoneBee and I’m here to assist you to explore the situations around you now, in the past and hopefully clear pathways to move forward more positively in the future. I finally accepted my spiritual connection around 15 years ago and since then have embraced many aspects such as channelling, reading and healing. Spirituality has enriched my life and with a zest for living assisting others find inspiration. PIN: 6286

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Psychic Reader Cougar nan Lang

Cougar nan Lang

PIN: 5335

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I have been very sensitive to the spirit world for as long as I can remember, with 25+ years experience providing Tarot Readings to friends, family and clients. I call upon my spirit guides and my deep knowledge of the blessed Tarot to bring you understanding and clarity.I have recently completed a Diploma in Tarot Reading. PIN: 5335

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Psychic Reader Winnie


PIN: 8623

Reviews: 78

I have many years' experience in working with spirit, and insight from my own Guides has helped me achieve success for myself. My main abilities include tarot reading, clear seeing and subtle visions in the Mind's Eye (a 'sixth sense '). I offer powerful psychic readings over the phone. I can connect with names and minor details to answer your specific questions. I can offer answers to questions relating to love, relationships, money and much more to ease uncertainty. PIN: 8623

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