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Not sure

Lorna From London On 19/04/2022

How many times does she repeat - You know you know…, No I don’t know Wishywashy

From On 31/03/2022

Nice chat

Kate From West Midlands On 09/03/2022

Oh dear

If you fancy a chat then fine....but your better off calling a mate. You'll get more insight. Psychic, more psychic. She isn't even intuitive or empathic

A very regular caller From Leeds On 18/02/2022

Thank goodness I got through to you sorted things all for the better will contact you in March

Neil From On 05/02/2022

She isn’t psychic

. She asks u a question then makes guesses based on your answer. She doesn’t give any validation that she has no real connection Please publish

Mr tell the truth From Truth town On 28/01/2022

Not a good reading compared to other Trusted psychics which many are just amazing sorry

From On 26/01/2022

What a brilliant reading, I got engaged 2 weeks ago, thank you for your prediction. Enjoy your weekend and good luck with your appointment.

Carl From Wirral On 28/07/2021


I hope someone else has a better reading than me. I am sorry to say like many others are saying.... I actually don’t believe there is any psychic ability at play. I was actually quite shocked. But that was my experience.

Osho From Manchester U.K. On 14/07/2021

Have moved back home Spain wonderful thank you so much lots of Sun, sea views and feel so happy x

Mandy From Leeds On 01/07/2021

Beautiful lady

Thank you Victoria for a lovely reading. You've taken the weight off my shoulders. I will update you when POI gets in touch. M from the new forest. X

From On 24/06/2021


First few readings she said the man in question will return and there would be a reconciliation But now she's says his not coming back etc - very confusing

Jas From Uk On 23/06/2021

Only good for a cosy chat

Nice but I would she is more of an agony aunt than a true psychic

R From London On 21/06/2021

Really enjoyed my reading, sometimes the truth hurts but she was very understanding and accurate, I'm not wasting my life anymore I want to feel happy not sad. Have just joined the gym again and feeling good lots of nice people and ready for starting again, thank xxx

Louise From Edinburt On 15/06/2021

Than you so much things are so much better, got the property on cloud 9 x

Linda From Yorkshire On 25/04/2021


After my reading with you I decided to move on and go forward thank you for giving my confidence back,forget the past

Sue From London On 25/04/2021


Depends what u want. Just want a reading for entertainment then maybe she’s ok? Just want to talk things through with someone and feel better then maybe she’s ok? If you want a genuinely psychic and accurate psychic based reading she’s not ok, look elsewhere.

From On 24/04/2021


I feel really good after my reading and moving forward now, with lockdown its always good to plan things for the future, its been such a difficult year, carrying on with my paintings and never realised what I could do in my home, gardening, growing plants and veg (green fingers) purchased a greenhouse . Thank you so much will keep you updated with the veg and flowers, loads of love Victoria

Marcus From On 25/02/2021

Read my review the other reviews that r less then positive then Decide for yourself

Looks like there’s a pattern going on here, based on my ‘reading’ and from the reviews that r less than glowing. She Ask if the persons is in a relationship then gives ‘psychic’ predictions based on the info she received from the caller non psychically.

From On 05/02/2021

It;s all good stuff now thanks so much, speak with you at the end of the month

Danny From London On 09/01/2021

Not for me

Had a reading with her a while ago . Changed views when she had info from me , very abrupt and dismissive. Would not recommend at all . Interesting to see if this review is published

Angela From Uk On 06/12/2020

Lovely if you need a chat.

Victoria is lovely to talk to, however, it was more like a chat than an in depth reading. As nice as it is to be told what you want to hear, today I needed the cold, hard truth. I needed to be told what I already knew deep down. Victoria has a good heart & I feel like she wants to cheer the corner of the person she is talking to, but that wasn't what I was looking for. I couldn't be comforted by what she said because I knew my reality was very different to her words. Thank you anyway,

My name is not important From On 03/12/2020

Lovely reading

Fantastic talking with you, away for the next 2 weeks will be in touch very soon and will keep up updated, lots of love and kindest wishes x

Maria From Ravenshead On 23/11/2020

Thank You

Good catching up with you again,feel fantastic and happy again

Maria From London On 20/11/2020

Lovely reading

Thank you so much have now sorted everything out, will keep you posted

sally From Leeds On 20/11/2020

Lovely reading

Thank you so much speak soon

From London On 19/11/2020

Not for me

I hope this is published. The reading started that I was about to go into a relationship someone was coming in. I explained I’m in a good marriage and the reading took another turn and another. Most disappointed ☹️

Pat From Melbourne On 16/11/2020

No not for me

First called her she said I am in a relationship when I said no she did guess work how someone will be coming from the past then next time called her again she again said no not from the past it’s a new . Also chatty a lot unnecessary things

Soniya From Uk On 01/11/2020


Absolutely Brilliant, very good reading, thank you so much. Speak with you soon so we can have anupdate.

Melissa From Portugal On 13/10/2020


I rang Victoria today explaining that I didn't have alot of credit. Well she jumped to it and gave me a very accurate and reassuring reading.. thank you so much, you have definitely helped me to relax a bit xxx

Carrie From Kent On 11/10/2020

From On 06/10/2020

Good Stuff

I Took your advice and everything going really well, Adam and I are back together. A great big thank you.

From On 06/10/2020

useless reader. Asked loads of questions then came back with 'he'll be back' when I confronted her about her time frame that never came to pass when she gave me another one she blamed the person in question. No love if you can see future it won't change.

Carrie From On 03/10/2020

I had a reading with Victoria that was similar to a previous reviewer ‘mr keep trying’ It was incorrect from the beginning though kept going to see if things would improve. In spite of saying things did not take place as she thought they had, V spoke over me and continued to inform me of things that were not correct. It was interesting, though I would not revisit.

Pisces From Australia On 01/10/2020

A great reading

It was really great talking with you, have done what you have said and things going really well, I will keep in touch. Really happy, thank you

Nishant From Devon On 21/09/2020


thank you so much for everything

Melanie From Derby On 15/09/2020


Hit the nail fantastic reading x

From On 13/09/2020

thank you for the great reading x

Susan From Derby On 12/09/2020


Great catching up with you again, things are going really well at the moment all down to you

From On 08/09/2020

Same as last time

Could you please please please publish this review. I paid my money - had my reading so I am now entitled to voice my opinion for others to see. She started the resding with a incorrect ‘psychic’ statement, ie “your in a relationship aren’t you?” - to which I replied ‘no?’ From the non psychic based info she had then received from my answer she then gave the ‘psychic’ prediction that “well you will do soon, there’s someone coming just round the corner” , whilst providing literally zero evidence first / things I could confirm were defiantly true about me first to confirm that she defiantly had a psychic link before making her ‘psychic’ prediction. In my opinion Your really left with no choice but to cut your losses - save your money and put the phone down after that. Please publish. It’s only fair. Everything I said about what she said is factually correct and when I am stating my own subjective opinion I made it clear when it was my subjective opinion. So no reason not to publish.

Mr keep trying From Same place as before On 06/09/2020


Very accurate, absolutely spot on, fantastic reading, wonderful lady, catch up soon x

From On 04/09/2020


Absolutely fantastic,speak with you soon Vicky, have a great week, off on holiday now

From On 02/09/2020

Kind , spot on, perfect

Very accurate and to the point but also kind and caring. The best.

Lily From London On 01/09/2020

Thank you

It was great talking with you again, have taken your advice and things going really well, will update you soon xx

Debra From Nottingham On 20/08/2020



From On 16/08/2020


Thank you so much, what a true lovely women, catch up soon feel on top of the world

Fiona From Cornwall On 15/08/2020

Her readings dont really need a psychic , too general thinggs that could ne said to anyone thats why I gaeve 1 star , mainly guess work

Phiwo From Manchester On 15/08/2020

Guess Work

Felt it was mainly guess work

Margo From Midlands On 03/08/2020

Fabulous reading , highly recommended. Will contact again

Kate From Leicestershire On 02/08/2020

Lovely Lady

I feel alive again, thank you so much x

From On 30/07/2020

Thank you so much

Very kind, made me feel 100% better, I have to get my confidence back and I will

Susan From Peterborough On 25/07/2020

Very accurate

Feel so much better and really looking forward to the weekend

Colin From Wales On 24/07/2020


Thank you so much, feeling so much better have a lovely weekend and will catch up with you shortly

Hillary From Edinburgh On 19/07/2020

Fantastic reading

The best reading so far, thank you so much x

Heather From Birmingham On 30/06/2020

Fantastic reading

Amazing yet again,thank you Victoria

From On 28/06/2020


fantastic reading, thank you Victoria, lovely speaking with you again have a great weekend will be in contact soon

From On 27/06/2020

Lovely reading

Thank you so much Victoria, I feel ready to start again brilliant reading. Will be staying in touch, your a credit.

Natalie From Stamford On 26/06/2020


Fantastic reading with Victoria, first time we have spoken will be keeping in touch on a regular basis. Thank you

Sue From London On 21/06/2020


gives opinions and advice on situations which is manly from guess work. total waste of money

me From uk On 17/06/2020


Had a reading with this lady a while back and she was superb and had a great sense of humour! Xxx

Joanna From Uk On 15/06/2020


Great reading, will be back in touch, feel so much better, thank you

From On 15/06/2020

Fantastic reading and very good advice, feel 100% better, speak soon xx

From On 08/06/2020

Great and accurate!

Lovely, charming lady. Great sense of humour and fantastic reading.

From On 03/06/2020

Lovely reading

A have spoken with Victoria on a few occasions very professional very kind and a lovely person

From On 03/06/2020

Incredible and Talented

She is sweet and kind, talented and skilled thanks a lot very professional gave good solid reading thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 28/05/2020

Way off the mark

Disappointed after all the good reviews. Totally off the mark. Put phone down after 8 mins was just ridiculous

L From Uk On 16/05/2020


Excellent and to the point. No leading questions went straight into situation

P From UK On 16/05/2020


She was an ok reader. a bit too direct and didn't let me get a word in edge ways and kept repeating herself with what I already knew.

From On 06/05/2020


Not for me, no connection and far to chit chatty!. I just didn’t see a blind bit of psychic ability at all.

From On 02/05/2020

Thank You

Thank you Victoria, professional, very kind, will be in touch soon. A wonderful reading

From On 30/04/2020

Fantastic reading

Great reading, have been in touch with Victoria for a long time,professional, accurate and a lovely person

Lydia From London On 29/04/2020


lovely reading, professional will be back in touch

From On 10/04/2020

Lovely reading

She knew exactly what the issue was. Very helpful reading and advice. Thank you, Victoria.

Janine From Australia On 08/04/2020


Enjoyed the reading very much, Victoria wonderful will be back in touch

From On 07/04/2020

Lovely connection

I phoned a couple of months ago, you were very accurate connecting in with my ex partner and the situation. Predictions also came true, he got in touch.

O From Scotland On 02/04/2020

Thank You

What a lovely women, after being hurt so much and starting again reading brilliant, will definitely be in touch again, I will take your advice feel stronger each day, have a lovely week Victoria speak soon

From Cambridge On 26/03/2020

Fantastic reading, lovely lady

From On 18/03/2020


I had my first ever reading with Victoria. I found her exceptional to say the least. Her predictions was so right! Definitely recommend her and use her services again,

Brian From London On 16/03/2020


Thank you so much Victoria for my reading, will be in touch again soon, feel so much better

From On 12/03/2020

Lovely Lady

Very kind person and very supportive will be back in touch xx

From On 10/03/2020


Reading excellent, Victoria lovely will be in touch again

Susan From London On 09/03/2020

Lovely Lady

wonderful reading

From On 08/03/2020

Great reading, spot on,

From On 03/03/2020

Thank You

Excellent reading, you hit the nail on the head

From On 29/02/2020

Lovely person,great reading spot on

From On 29/02/2020

Fantastic reading feel so much better

From On 27/02/2020

Amazing Lady

Victoria, thank you so much for your time and for giving me a fantastic reading. Having a reading with you has restored my faith after having a reading recently with another reader who advised me that I have an undiagnosed chronic condition (which I do not) and as you can imagine that reading was not very pleasant to be part of and was very upsetting so to have a reading with you today has made me smile and for that I thank you. Speak soon and take care xx

From UK On 26/02/2020

Great reading, lovely person

From On 26/02/2020

Thank you so much,what a fantastic accurate reading

From On 20/02/2020

Straight forward

Victoria is a lovely lady! Very straight forward, she wont waste your time and she is very honest and helpful. Ask her anything, she will guide and advise you well!!!

Coco From London On 17/02/2020


From On 24/01/2020

Thank you

I love Victoria she is my go to person when things are a bit stressful or when I need answers. She has not been wrong before with my situation and with the other person I'm involved with. She has never been wrong and I been talking with her for 2 yrs. Thank you Victoria and thank you for putting up with questions and anxiety lol.

Mary From Australia On 07/01/2020

Thank You Victoria

You have helped in so many ways. When others have knocked my confidence somewhat you have helped me reclaim some calm and positivity. I really appreciate it. You have been accurate too. God bless you and the work you do.xxxx

From On 17/11/2019

Good but dogged some questions

Gave more advice than a reading but she is genuine though could have answered questions and gave a bit more clarity.

Will From On 04/11/2019

Accurate and lovely

She was good, accurate and nice with it too. Got the situation very well. Thanks xx

eve From northamptonshire On 31/10/2019

Great connection

Victoria was spot on regarding my partner and connecting to my late father~second read I have had with her and I shall be back!!

Jackie From Runcorn UK On 27/10/2019

Genuine Lady!!!

I've spoken to Victoria twice now and she's a lovely lady to talk to. She knows her stuff and has made some predictions for me. I just felt that sometimes I had to push her for predictions and her timings are a little bit here and there. Overall good experience and I've not wasted my money. Will definitely call again !!M

Mz From London On 17/10/2019

Not good

Guess work based on answers I gave her to questions she asked me. Literally zero evidence provided from her own accord to confirm she had a link, before she made her supposedly ‘psychic’ predictions. Please publish and let’s have some balance and honesty.

Bill From Hampshire On 15/10/2019

Very good

I decided to get a reading from Victoria as the person I wanted to speak to was unavailable and I’m glad I did. She used her gift and picked up on details that she could not have known and she confirmed what other readers have previously said about my situation. I had a lovely chat with her and she gave me some advice and made some predictions that I hope will come true, time will tell, definitely will call her again.

Oly From London On 08/07/2019

good and reassuring if you want an agony aunt.. not however if you want more precise psychic details

From On 09/06/2019

Enjoyed the reading.

A great reading with Victoria. Spot on with everything regarding work and love life. Sorry we got cut off. Very uplifting and enjoyable.

From On 08/05/2019

Horrible ex

Thank you much Victoria it’s been a pleasure speaking to you I feel so much better about myself already I will definitely be calling you back soon xxxx

Ana From London On 14/04/2019


Amazing. Thank you for lifting me up

From On 08/04/2019

very good

wish i had more time as she was really starting to piece together a very complex situation

natasha From cardiff On 27/03/2019

Spot on

Victoria was amazing pick up on exactly what is wrong

From On 18/03/2019

Very good

Just had my first reading with Victoria and it was really good, she didn’t want to know any information and gave me lots of accurate details. Victoria is very down to earth and says it how it is which is what I like. I would definitely recommend her. Thank you so much :) xx

From On 10/03/2019

Wow very good....09/03/2019

From On 10/03/2019

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