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brilliant reader

hi I had the best reading with this man spot on thank you sou much and I will do exactly what u said . the best reader in this site so far

Francesca From Sheffield On 22/04/2022

Hi can u plz b online more often thanks

Francesca From On 18/01/2022

Amazingly Spot On

First time reading with Cougar and admittedly was skepical as I was put through to him randomly but OMG he was amazing! Spot on when it came to my POI and even brought up things that I had not actually mentioned. He didnt sugar coat anything and was very honest in his reading. Im looking forward to the prediction this week and will definitely call him back for and update (if I can get through)!

Fiona From UK On 30/12/2021

Urgently Needed

Your predictions and reading came to pass Cougar Lang. please be online more as its hard to get hold of you. IFrom12 midnight tp 5 in the morning, not sleeping but waiting to connect with you but your phone is busy. We really could do to have you a little more around on here as sometimes its really emergency to talk to you. Thanks.

Anuradha From UK On 09/10/2021

Simply Amazing

Thank you so much for such an incredible reading. My new spiritual advisor. Wow! I don’t need to speak to anyone else. Absolutely amazing what he picks up, beautiful person and very gifted.

R From Bunbury WA, Australia On 25/09/2021

Incredibly insightful

When your too close to a scenario and your human mind is seeking answers and understanding then let me tell you this is your go too man. Incredibly insightful, respectful and accurate in his delivery feel very blessed to have connected with you and thoroughly look forward to more encounters in the future. Many blessings! Tara x

Tara From Sydney On 15/08/2021


Get off the phone I can't get hold of you anymore, my Saturday night treat has been blown out the window you're just too good and a very very good bad influence

Katherine From Scotland On 04/08/2021

Shockingly accurate

He is the real deal, he picks up main source of each situation Wow thank you Cougar nan Lang what a lovely man. I will be in touch for some updates xxx

C From Suffolk On 04/08/2021

Oh my God this guy is so so good in what he does ,m still shocked thinking oh how could he have known that , some personal stuff about me .thanks alot Cougar u are definitely in the top league of the best readers on here

phiwo From manchester On 25/07/2021

My new bestie

He’s the one. I found my new spiritual advisor and I’m never letting go!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much CNL! You’re a gift from this infinite source we share, and I am grateful to have been connected. Let’s plan to stay connected now!!!

JC From LA On 24/07/2021

What a fantastic amazing person

I called cougar a couple of weeks ago for a catch up call after a few months, my entire situation had changed and he picked up in this immediately, gave me some predictions that have already unfolded, cougar is definitely my go to reader, he deserves flags flying from a pushchair

Katherine From Scotland On 18/07/2021

What a guy

Cou - what can I say, you need more reviews, I haven’t had a clear more detail orientated, truthful reading that has resonated a long time, this man definitely is gifted it’s like he was in my POI mind

Barbara From Australia On 16/07/2021


I use a lot of psychic readings around different websites on the internet and on here. I got bits and pieces from many readers which I then summarised and figured out a picture. But to my utter surprise Cougar is the only reader who gave me ALL the information I had summarised from so many readings over a course of about two months! This is powerful! I could have actually come to Cougar for help and not spend a lot of money on 50 different psychic websites. He gave me everything in just 5-10 minutes but the I continues conversation for more than an hour! He was spot on with reading and gave me smart advice to better navigate my life. He is such a deep reader which I’d say, Samantha and Cougar are two best readers on this website. He can delve deeper into a situation SO quickly and dig out information. Everything that I found out in 2 months he just gave me in 10 minutes! Such strong and outstanding psychic ability I’d say. Can’t wait to speak to him again.

Anuradha From UK On 14/07/2021

Couldn’t get back on sad :(

Hey this is Ermintrude! I can’t believe the way it cut out and out reading was so so so accurate. I have found my lifetime reader. You are amazing Cougar nan Lang and I will definitely be back! Your my fav. Great connection and from the start! Truly gifted and genuine. I hope you get this message as your ACE!

Mich From London U.K. On 04/07/2021

Reading with Cougar

Exceptional reading with Cougar - details with no waffle - straight to the point. Really easy to understand and down to earth. Hoping the predictions will unfold. Thank you.

Jon From Leeds UK On 04/07/2021

Thank you

Thank you for the thoughtful reviews, both positive and constructive. I am learning new things about my craft everyday. Like all the Professional Readers on TP I aim to give the best Service and value.I cannot say that my Reading will always be accurate, but they will always come from the Heart.

Cougar nan Lang From UK On 02/07/2021

Never Available!

Any chance TP can make Readers like Cougar work more hours? Although He probably wouldn't appreciate me saying that! Every time I try to get hold of him for a Reading these days He is unavailable. He has certainly ascended through the ranks since I first talked to him, so now I just want to keep him on the phone as long as possible. He really is one of your Top Readers and like other Reviews have stated; just a little bit scary. Beneath the humour and self depreciation is a true Master of his craft, though He would hate me to say so! and if he doesn't know the answer he will say so straight away. Last time he Read for me I literally had my phone ready to Text my ex on Cougars say so, as a Professional Woman in a very high ranking post, I am no ones Fool, But there I was hanging onto his every word and prediction, Why? Because when He's right he illuminates the room. A very, very good Reader indeed, just do a few more hours!!!!

Shona From On 02/07/2021

Very talented and considerate reader

Cougar is definitely the most professional reader I’ve spoken to. He’s incredibly supportive and really compassionate. He picked up 100% on my POI’s personality traits (both of them)! Like spot on!! And the reading and advice gave me so much clarity I now know my path forward. Thanks so much Cougar. You’re the real deal xx

Leigh From London On 25/06/2021

Very good reading

PS: I have tried to post this a few times. Hopefully this time it will get posted. I have had a few readings with Cougar and i can tell you that he is not only a great reader but also a great advisor. He connected well with me and my POI. His predictions along with time frame have been very accurate so far. Definitely recommended. PS: he has a great sense of humor so you will leave the call with a smile on your face. Update - latest prediction came true in terms of time frame. It was very last moment. I almost thought this time it wasnt going to happen but bam... with in the last few hours of the day. it happened :)

Garima From Australia On 17/06/2021

Absolutely Brilliant Reader

all predictions came true and gave me a detailed reading 4-5 times and I was blown away

From On 13/06/2021

Great connection

I have had a few readings with Cougar and i can tell you that he is not only a great reader but also a great advisor. He connected well with me and my POI. His predictions along with time frame have been very accurate so far. Definitely recommended. PS: he has a great sense of humor so you will leave the call with a smile on your face.

Garima From Australia On 04/06/2021

detail and specific

wish i have more stars. he is kind and very honest. I am so pleased with him. All he said came to true. My reading was so accurate with great advice.

Ash From London On 29/05/2021

Great Reader

This reader is so good, picks up on stuff, and is now one of my favourite readers up there with Colin and Mark. He is 100% genuine when he reads for you.

Carolyn From UK On 04/04/2021

Very highly recommend reader.

Very direct and he didn't waste my time on on rubbish straight to the point. I had a reading today 29/3/2021. Thank you for the insightful information you provided to me and the predictions about personal life and the pacific project. I will call again in the future. Very highly recommend reader.

Sia From Australia On 29/03/2021

Interesting Reader

Cougar is not your average reader, he works hard to fully interpret the cards and give accurate information/validation. I asked for a general reading and he came up with some genuine insights that surprised me and reflected family members and ex. He reads with humour and friendliness. I would definitely speak to him again. Also he is the only reader on here that I have seen responding to a review, 5 ☆☆☆☆☆ for that.

Summerday From Suffolk On 26/03/2021

Best Bloke on here

Use to prefer female Readers to be fair, but having spoken to Cougar nan twice, both Readings very different, so I was really sceptical like, but half way through the Reading he said, ‘You Know I’ve Read for you before right? Really surprised he remembered me, but he remembered everything! He said my situation had changed and it had! The Bloke is spot on and a bit scary cos there’s no way he could of known the stuff about me that he did.

M From London NW3 On 21/03/2021


I have spoke to cougar a few times, HE IS THE BEST OF THE BEST, So accurate and so truthful he is a gem, he is so easy to talk to and just flows with information, tells you the good and bad but all is delivered with such warmth and true feeling, he is a one off, ABSOLUTELY AWESOME

Katherine From Scotland On 21/03/2021


Sometimes Readings very close together can cause Confusion. Sorry we didn’t contact the last time. Love and Light x

Cougar nan Lang From On 18/03/2021


Had 2 readings... both completely different. All guess work... this review is not going to be up I bet

J From Midlands On 05/03/2021

Amazing reading!!

My reading was so accurate with great advice. Thank you!

Julie From London On 23/01/2021

Prediction happened!

This guy right here is on another level..... he picked up on situations that are happening around me without any hints or prompting. He also gave me a few predictions that I was adamant he was wrong about.... law and behold the unexpected happened and in the time frame he gave me! I was shocked and thought of him straight away as I was convinced it wouldn’t happen and it did! You’re amazing and looking forward to the rest to unfold. Thank you Cougar from a fellow air gang xx

Lulu From London On 02/01/2021

Like Talking to my Best Friend

Cougar is so friendly, putting me at your ease straight away. No hard knocks or shocks to the system. Everything was explained calmly and in a straight forward, clear and concise manner. No vague predictions, no coaching and no time wasting. As a bonus, he is fun and entertaining but still genuinely cares about the situation, He left me feeling reassured about the decisions I had made and the choices I had facing me. I like the way he gets genuinely frustrated with the cards when he cannot see the situation, he try’s his best, is 100 percent genuine, and never puts a spin on the situation or wastes your time. Cougar is my go to reader, a real talent and an inspiration to other Readers.

N. From London E5 On 25/11/2020


WoW, what a great guy and outstanding reader! Very refreshing reading with a huge amount of information and clarity given in a light, fun and empathetic way! Not your average middle of the road reader, more of, be prepared to be blown away, IF, you make that connection!!

From Pangbourne On 20/11/2020

Brilliant reader!

Thank u are the best!!

Nikola From Wales On 19/09/2020


Thank you for a great honest reading. I appreciate your honest approach and will call again

Rach From Australia On 11/09/2020


I agree with all the other reviews. My credit ran out in the middle of my call, but I will certainly have another reading with him. Thank you.

N From London On 07/09/2020

Great connection

Used up maximum time limit! Will be in touch when you are next available.

Rahul From Southampton On 04/09/2020


Ok, Not going to lie, I was a bit disappointed when Cougar refused to predict the outcome of my present dilemma.He was quite firm and said that the reading was about my choices, and making choices would empower and strengthen my resolve. what I like about Cougar is his understanding of his craft and his sane, modest, professional approach to the situation at hand. No sugar coating, but lots of compassion,empathy and a lightening grasp of the situation at hand. He is a genuinely nice person to talk to, sassy sense of humour and a clarity that leaves you with options, not vague predictions.

Anon From East Midlands On 23/08/2020


Thank you so much great reading will call again when I meet Mr Wright. Light and love

Karen From Australia On 23/08/2020

Amazing reading

Thank you !

A From Australia On 11/08/2020

Excellent !

Thank you so very much for your time today, I will definitely be calling back to to speak to you - a very, genuine reader - thanks again !

Caller A From Australia On 09/08/2020

Lovely reader

Thank you for a genuine, no-nonsense and empathetic reading, it is clear you are a genuine reader who is very gifted, I will definitely call back

Caller A From Australia On 09/08/2020


Do not be put off by the name, this guy is no gimmick. He is brilliant. It was as though he had known me the last 20 years. Simply a must that if you need accurate and solid guidance , that you call him. Very good reader indeed.

Christopher From Midlands On 03/08/2020

The best!

Amazing reader!

From London On 02/08/2020

He Even Got The Shoes Right

Definitely 5 stars for Mr Lang. He is a very insightful reader, getting to the point very quickly and telling you how it is. He gives very strong predictions, and having used this service before I found it very refreshing that a Reader on here gave me straight answers and clarity for a change. He even got what make of shoes I was wearing, Gucci of course!!!

Jackie From The Wirral On 31/07/2020


a very positive, accurate and clear reading with guidance for a plan of action. He calmed my mind, and gave me direction. spot on with the situation too.

From australia On 25/07/2020


Had a reading tonight with cougar nan lang and I have to say its 1 of the best readings I've ever had. He was spot on about everything going on in my life I didnt want the reading to end he is that good. Thank you so much l&l

Sharon From Cumbria england On 24/07/2020

Genuine Reader

Thank you for a genuine, caring and no-nonsense reading. Connected very well and it was immediately clear that he is not a time waster, rather, he is considerate. Thank you again! Will be back

A From Australia On 24/07/2020

Amazing Reading

Cougar’s reading knew everything about my situation and has left me feeling so positive for the future. A brilliant reader.

Katherine From Chelmsford On 06/07/2020

Not for me.

He is a nice man, but took a long time and was just explaining the cards. Not for me sorry.

Anika From Uk On 27/06/2020

Amazing insightful Reader

Cougar nan Lang , well what can I say! He is so talented and gifted in mediumship and tarot! Very honest! And really gives you the insight you need. Reads exceptionally! Your never left questioning anything at the end of your reading. Thank you so so much Cougar! It was a pleasure speaking to you! Give him a go as he will be so hard to get in the future!

Helanah From North Yorkshire On 26/06/2020

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PIN: 8739

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I offer an Enlightening, non judgmental and hopefully enjoyable reading. My psychic gifts have always worked best when inspired by the Tarot cards. I have used the same deck for 27 years, tried others but, always return to my special ones. After all these years I am still prepared & enjoy fresh ideas & I am currently living in Spain putting the final touches to a romance language that has always fascinated me. PIN: 8739

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I am a Tarot card reader, with empathy abilities. I have been reading Tarot cards for over 30 years. My Grandmother was a Romany Gypsy, so I know a good few things about clairvoyance and superstition. I offer a compassionate, calm, clear consultation to my clients, non judgmental, with advice if called for. I have a Tarot Pack that I have used for a long time. It never see the light of day unless I am reading! PIN: 2922

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Hello, my name is Liz. I am an experienced Psychic, Clairvoyant, Tarot card and Angel card reader. I have 30 years experience and I specialise in love and relationships. I can truly see whats going on with these issues of the Heart, and will give you the answers using my spiritual gifts. I look forward to assisting you to find what you are looking for. PIN: 9277

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Psychic Reader Daisy


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I am your spiritual psychic medium today. I am so happy to share with you that I have been blessed with my gift for quite sometime. This has been passed down from the matriarch of the family, my grandmother. I cherish my gift and carry with so much honour. My readings are in-depth and as a tool I use tarot cards alongside my natural psychic abilities. My readings can bring clarity, confirmation of what you already know and unexpected insights. PIN: 5876

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Psychic Reader La Luna

La Luna

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I have over 22 years practical experience as a clairvoyant, psychic medium and cartomancy forecaster. I am an intuitive empath who utilizes my spiritual qualities, in conjunction with my psychology qualification as a freelance counsellor. I liaise with my Spirit Guides and Higher Consciousness to provide my clients with the peace of mind and upliftment they need. PIN: 9031

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Psychic Reader Kerry


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I do tarot reading, I feel I am very spiritual and have been doing so for about 2-3 years. I can offer a callers a very insightful reading and feel I am very easy to talk to and connect with. I specialize in tarot readings using tarot cards and can feel a insight-fullness into your life using the cards. I have been practicing tarot reading for about 2 years now but feel I have always been a spiritual person. I use my spiritual intuition as well as my tarot cards. PIN: 4191

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Psychic Reader Neil


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Hello I am Neil an experienced Tarot and Psychic reader with over 17 years worth of experience. I specialize in love, relationships, family matters and career issues. I will try my up most to answer all of your questions in a friendly and non judgemental way. PIN: 2480

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I have been reading tarot cards on a professional level for the last 15 years and use angel cards as well. I'm here to assist you with love, relationships and career choices. I realized my psychic ability from the age of 7 and this was nurtured by my Grandmother. I use tarot cards, angel cards, I connect with spirit and also call upon my guide for assistance. I have strong intuitive skills also. Love and light. PIN: 4196

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