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Shes brilliant and didnt waste time..she spoke as the messages was coming in very fast so she had to deliver where maybe you wont get a chance to speak as I can understand she needs to deliver as they coming..I think shes very good and I didnt mind..we connected and she described my man to a T..will be coming back for more after predictions happen..please give her a try..just keep in mind its not because se wants to hear her voice but the messg is coming in very fast when you connect that she has to deliver as quick as so you may think shes not giving you a chance to speak?/ thats not the case...

Caroline From Uk On 16/04/2022


Wasn't making sense

Max From London On 15/04/2022

Not for me !!!!!!

Let the caller speak PLEASE she loves to hear her own voice.

Lisa From Easy Midlands On 03/04/2022


Easily the Best Ever Reader I've ever spoken to. So natural, so gifted.. WOW!!!!!!!!!

PM From West Midlands On 01/04/2022


Spot on, no time waisted. Picked up on everything, I didn’t say anything but listen. Lovely lady

R From Australia On 31/03/2022


Thank you so much, once again for your reading this evening.. you confirmed so much for me this evening, good and bad, nevertheless, a very accurate reading.

Carrie From Kent On 25/03/2022


This reader is no joke. Real deal.

Chris From London On 04/03/2022

You are amazing

Thank you so much for reading for me, your very gifted and kind. I enjoyed my reading. I will definitely phone you again. Thank you so much for giving me the names of the cards. Lots of love. N xxx

From On 10/02/2022


not for me ... didnt connect with me

Maddy From London On 30/01/2022

Very good

Told me that I would hear about my partner, not directly from him, but from someone very shortly. Within two hours of the call I heard something. Told me about my life situation To a tee and gave me some realistic future hope... very good

Josephine From Uk On 25/01/2022

5 stars Authentic

I've had 2 readings from Crystal over a 6 month period. She picked up on a small guest coming (no other readers predicted this) along with other information. She is truly remarkable. Try her!!

Georgie From Australia On 23/01/2022

Nice lady

Nice lady, but vague. Kept saying a lot of changes.

Kathy From Essex On 21/01/2022

Incredible... Absolutely Outstanding

WOW!!!! What a deep connection this lady has with her spirit guide. Picked up on matters within seconds and was so accurate. Such a talent. Thank you

PM From West Midlands On 30/12/2021


I got through to Crystal by chance she picked up straightaway on what I was going through and what my partner was going through as we had split up 6 weeks before she described him 100% accurate and said that he would be coming back into my life for always but not until he sorts his head out from the past I know he will come back as she said and hopefully this time for good

Anon From Beeky On 17/10/2021

Very Genuine

Quick, accurate and to the point. I really enjoyed my reading with you Crystal. Look forward to the next reading. Thank you very much

Carrie From Kent On 17/10/2021

was the best on here

ive had alot of readings with other psychics but shes the only one that made sence and picked up everything and i now know what to do love her xxxx

louise From nottingham On 06/10/2021


Very accurate easy to talk to and got quickly to the point as I was asking some many questions on various topics she could just jump from one subject to another with ease and insight to the situation. Gave clarity and understanding and a way forward to the future and I felt so much better after my reading. Would highly recommend this lady and will definitely be contacting her again. Thank you so much Crystal Blu for a positive and enlightening reading. You are amazingly gifted. Many blessings to you.

From On 24/09/2021

What amazing psychic

Just had another reading with Crystal blue omg no questions asked just rattled off with my life story like she knew me inside out can’t wait for things to happen please print this one xxx

Debs From Scotland On 23/09/2021


This lady is amazing. I have spoken to her a few times now and her predictions never alter. So much information incredible. 10 stars

Teresa From North LONDON On 18/09/2021

Times in

I have to say was I impressed with her reading - detailed vent she really tuned into situations and was overall positive on her insights - energy changes so timings can be off and things can take new directions So have to see how things pan out ! Highly recommend thanks Crystal I’ll be back X

Anon From Uk On 05/09/2021

She just knew

All I said was hello & she started shuffling the cards & told me to think about what I wanted out of the reading. She picked up my situation straight away & was able to give me sold validations on what’s currently going on. Crystal Blu is such a gifted reader…couldn’t recommend her more xxx

Star From London On 03/09/2021

Sorry we got cut off

Clever and insightful reading this evening. Picked up on my romantic connection immediately. it’s not your run of the mill situation so I can easily tell if someone is genuinely psychic. She is. Didn’t get it all right but enough for me to believe she’s good. Sorry my minutes ran out and ended the call.

Sarah From Uk On 19/08/2021


Great reading thank you

From On 17/08/2021

Very good

Sorry got cut off - cent she tuned in was a compassionate lovely lady abs gave a helpful insightful reading xx

Anon From Uk On 12/08/2021

I agree

I have to say I agree with the other reviews. Omg Crystal Blu is a legit psychic. She straight away picked up on our situation and connected so well to it. Literally I am in shock mode! I have so much information now to write down. I hope I can get a space with Crystal again. Something tells me she will be hard to get!

Mish From London U.K. On 10/08/2021

Lovely, accurate reading

Had a really lovely reading with Crystal Blu. She summed up my past very quickly without any prompts or questions and was spot on. She told me about me and where I am at now. Again with no questions or prompts but spot on. Told me about a positive future which I am really looking forward to. Thank you.

Tracey From West Midlands On 05/08/2021

Genuine Psychic!

Spoken to this lovely lady for over an hour till my battery went. What an awesome reading! She’s accurate and everything she saw were correct and even knew the initial name of my POI! She made me feel at ease and no longer confused! She knew exactly my past, present and predicted the future! Very compassionate doesn’t waste time and can see what’s going on around me. She said one is my twinflame and the other is my soulmate! Lucky me and both will be back and I will end up with my twinflame! Woww! Thank you so much Crystal and your advice. I’ll definitely call you back. God Bless stay safe and well. More than 5 stars ⭐️

Isabel From London On 31/07/2021

Powerful and accurate reader

Thank you Crystal Blue for your reading. You are such a powerful reader. Your readings (without questions being asked) are filled with details, insights and predictions. Your guidance is amazing. I am so looking forward to connecting with you again! Be blessed

Steph From London - UK On 25/07/2021

Picked up on issues immediately

Quick and to the point reading. Picked up on my situation immediately. Have some good advice. Thanks.

LC From Edinburgh On 18/07/2021


Cannot understand why this woman has no reviews except that I tried to leave one before and it wouldn’t work she is a very gifted reader no prompting need it straight into the reading Ijust knew everything without asking any questions Connected with my Person of Interest just knew everything about her I’m quite blown away will highly recommend her to anyone

Amazing From Devon On 17/07/2021


She was spot on with everything..thankyou

From On 17/07/2021

Very good reading

Very tuned into my situation & connected to how I was feeling. This reader is excellent! Thank you Crystal

Sarah From Wales On 15/07/2021

Nice calm lady and good information

I only had 10 minutes credit so I tried Crystal Blu. In that 10 minutes she picked up on a lot of stuff, so I would return for a longer reading in the future. x

From On 10/07/2021


Just had my first read with Crystal she will go far, true abilities picked up immediately with no information an went straight into the reading with predictions and great advice, with clarity with what's happening now, I will be back to update. Do give her a try honestly worth it Thank you

From On 02/07/2021

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