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52 reviews

Goldie - 5484

I specialise in card readings (not tarot) for love & relationships or career. I have been working on live psychic lines for over 17 years. I am a professional Astrologer, a great listener, non-judgmental and sympathetic. I am a Spiritualist Church evidential medium, highly clairaudient, with over 25 years of experience. PIN 5484

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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

Honesty and truth are important. Integrity, sympathy and genuine caring are important to me. I will ask you to focus on some changes you want to manifest, some outcomes you want to see happen and a question or two you would like me to answer; this gives the framework of your reading. I focus on the near future and what's coming in for you. I don't do third-party readings, for example, an ex, friend, or family member and their relationships or work situation. I find this to be unethical. Mediumship is all about 'evidence' of survival of life after death; spirit are not permitted to give you a 'reading' or solve your problems for you, as everyone has free Will. It may feel like a 'memory test' as spirit will go back to your childhood, so there needs to be a 'loved bond' and memories to get the best out of these types of readings. I don't work with spirit guides. You came to earth with pre-birth contracts/agreements; you didn't come here to watch a movie of your life or read it in a book. You came here to experience things 'first hand' It's unfortunate that the most painful lessons of life seem to offer the most amount of soul growth.

Recent Reviews Of Goldie



I have tried to have a reading with this reader and both times she has been abrupt. I ended up putting the phone down.

- Mandeep, Wolves



Just had a reading, very accurate with details of what's been happening and also very thorough telling me what's come up and what's the outlook for the next few months, thank you so much!

- Kelly, Midlands


Informative lady

Goldie was straight into the read with lots of information off the bat, no hesitation etc.. insightful and passionate, she says it as it is.. which is how it should be 👌 Thanks Goldie .. Will return to u again 😊

- RHIAN, South Wales



Got through to goldie, by chance. Have to say it wasn’t what i expected, according to her reviews. She was thorough, picked up on a few things that had been happening, presently and gave a good overview on outcomes. Thank you

- J.j, Ireland



Golden was excellent and gave me proof that my mum was with us

- Deborah , Suffolk


Okay, but..

I am sure this person knows her craft and one thing I did like about her is that she did not mince her words and she did hit the spot accurately on some of the things that she found, which was great. However, I too, am a direct and straightforward person, but she did not seem to like that, which surprised me a bit. The thing is that everyone will have different ways of communicating, but when you encounter someone of a similar personality, that should not be taken as a slight in any way.

- Anon, London


Astro readin

I had a 6-9 tarot reading with her. It made sense with what’s going on around me. Whilst we were talking I asked if she could do my birth chart. The insights and the learning I took away from that. And weirdly enough - the cards she had pulled really lined up with my tarot cards she pulled around my situation. I was really pleased.

- Shaz, U.K.


Insightful reading

Very detailed orientated reading. Recommended if you wish to go into detail. Thanks

- Ariana, Channel



She kept repeating herself over and over again Everything she came out with dud not make any sense to me

- Maggie, London



I have been reading these reviews. I have had readings with her. I agree she can be rude and the way she reads is like she is reading a book that is not a proper reading. T

- Helen, Sussex



She pulls out each card and the meaning of the card for each which doesnt tell you how it fits with you, she just hopes you'd take something. Worst reader I've had on here and I've spoken to most.

- Anna, Kent



I had a reading early last year with Goldie. She suggested I go to a pub and sit at the bar and I will meet someone.... I was not impressed with what she said at all.......however, late last year i attended an event that was in a room in a pub... I went into the bar to watch abit of football and there was a gentleman whom Ive known for seven years, but not connected, but was with the same group of people.. He was watching the football ... We chatted briefly and i realised we both support the same team!!!!! . There was never any attraction from me to him during the years we'd known each other, but he always paid attention to me every time he saw me ... The group met up again twice later thst year and he was always there...and we'd talked about our football team and then I warmed to him at the last meeting .. We've been together since the beginning of this year, 7 years since we first met....... All about timing!!!!! Goldie was the only psychic that was spot on and so so specific....

- Anon, London



Kind and loving! This lady is spot on! She's respectful and compassionate and very accurate! Gave me help and advice. Her connection to the other side is real! She is the most amazing reader on here!

- Greg, Halifax


It was a shame

I was really disappointed. She was very vague; i asked for mediumship if possible and she claimed to have brought through my grandmother She was apparently speaking to my grandmother and asking her for more information. The way she spoke to her was not very polite. Saying 'come on we need more details;' You couldnt speak to a person who is living that way! I am a medium myself and in situations where nothing is coming easily for a customer; I put the phone down as the way she spoke to my grandmother in spirit sounded quite off

- Em, UK



hi goldie just a little update. the sleep and download you picked up on came .the weird animal human was my daughters teddy bear forgot all about it day after reading it was in my hallway no one knows how it got there but energeticaly been peacefull ,thankyou for messages from spirt it hs helped my partner finally has slept so he also sends his love sorry i had to cut off as he ws happily overwhelmed in healing way love and light x

- claire, midlands


Not what I expected

No empathy or understanding and delivers messages that she thinks are completely unquestionable lol. Ego is huge and doesn't like being questioned. Needs to adjust her attitude.

- louise, London


blessed by light

thankyou so much for my reading truely gifted . relifted my energy to speak to my ancestors will call you again . blessed be x

- claire rainbow hair x, midlands



I have tried twice to have a reading with Goldie and both times hung up. She's quite rude and abrupt and immediately says do not ask me about the other person or how they are feeling. What is the point in the reading then? I'm asking about a situation so of course I will ask how they feel about it.

- Clare, London


Extremely good listener

I had a call with Goldie. She is an extremely good listener and gave me hope for my problem. Thank you very much.

- Prashant Chauhan, London


Very thorough and detailed

Goldie had given me two great readings with in-depth astrological information and advice. She is very knowledgeable, kind and sympathetic reader although she's also no-nonsense! I highly recommend a reading with her.

- Lucy, London


Good reading indeed

Much recommended, wihtout knowing what it was all about, once we got to the end of the reading, I could confirm that everything fitted, and very well. Accurate and thorough, which helped stress, I must say.

- Adam, London



So great reading very helpful and on the money with intuition and not holding back. I'm grateful xxx

- jennifer, Eastbourne


rude woman

An extremely rude woman. A lot of us have a spiritual gift. I refuse to come to a line and be judged and spoken harshly to. One who has a spiritual gift should be compassionate.

- Lee, London



Gave me some clear answers to some baffling questions I've been asking myself. Nice approach and easy to talk to and picked up on some poignant things going on in my life.

- Kaye, Norfolk


Super rude!!!

Not a good psychic and EXTREMELY rude !!!

- French girl, London


Never again

I felt this woman reads a script like a robot. I hope this is posted by Trusted Psychics

- Layla, England United Kingdom


Not very good

Very Judgemental.

- Tom, UK


After finishing shuffling the cards for a relationship reading [she insisted on a reading topic, even though I asked for a general ] she asked if I was in a relationship. But surely if she was actually psychic and had just finished shuffling the cards for a relationship reading wouldn't she know the answer to that? Anyway, when I replied ‘no' she said “is there someone around that your interested in?” Again shouldn't a psychic have known the answer to that and when I replied ‘no' she made the false - non psychic assumption “so u just want to see if there's someone coming in.” Which no I didn't want to see. I wanted a general reading.

- ,


Generic and Slow.

From the very start, Goldie was talking very slowly, as if she was trying to just build up the minutes. There were no specifics, and each card read were, either something happened, or it didn't, surely its one or the other.

- Tom, Wales


General reading past present future

Very knowledgeable lady in a lot of areas and healing thx

- Sara, West midlands


Needs far more empathy

she told me it could be someone thats passed ...i said i didnt know anyone, her tone of voice changed saying i didnt say that ..

- p, midlands



Goldie has given me a lot to think about, she went through the months ahead, guidance on my present worries and helped me see things that i was totally unaware of. I will be keeping in touch in the future.

- Dot, Newcastle



This reader reads from a page which is what we all could do / Sounds like she is reading a script which does not sound personal whatsoever

- C E, Australia


Evidential medium

I have no doubt this reader was connected to my loved ones. Thank you

- Sandra, Uk


- Cat, London



- Shay Sandiford, East London


Would not recommend

Would not recommend. Card meanings. No indication of psychic or medium. Couldn't answer a simple relationship question. Reciting card meanings isn't good enough

- A Bates, London


She' s lovely kind gives her all. People have to remember mediumship tarot it's a guide and we are all responsible for the decisions we make. She was so kind quick and genuine I think she's one of the best I've spoken too. You can tell she gives her all and it's from the heart. I'm the lady you were discussing a move to Devon

- ,


Oh dear

- Anonymous, Yorkshire



- ,



- Ann, Uk


Great reader

Picked up on everything straight away with no hesitations. Gave me some good insights and solved a puzzling situation for me. Thank you xx

- Wmma, Scotland



Goldie is absolutely a brilliant reader, see was so spot on and got everything right. Surperb. Thank you. Liz

- liz, ireland


Waster my money and time . poor experience

- , Australia


I don't know!

Goldie sounded like a nice person but her reading was totally opposite to what other readers have told me so I don't even know what to think. She did pick up things but her outcome was the opposite. How can cards/ readings differ between psychics? It honestly doesn't make sense. I guess time will tell but my gut instinct doesn't agree with her outcome but then again could it be because the end result was opposite to what I feel and what other readers have told me?

- C, Uk


I had a lovely reading with goldie lots of validations from spirit.

- Amanda,



Goldie was going back in the past all the time when she linked with a spirit family member i felt like 12 years old when she told me off about mediumship . Im a medium myself not a church medium that was rude to me please print NOT FOR ME

- B, England


no rating

sorry this lady loves the sound of her own voice doesn't answer questions just rattles on like she is talking to herself. not a good reader

- pat,


Lovely reading

Sorry I was cut off, had a reading either Goldie today, very informative and knowledgeable with my situation, did not ask me any questions just went straight into the reading, accurate personality descriptions also, I will call you again. From Alana

- ,


Very good reader

Not sure about previous reviews I found goldie to be an excellent reader with lots of insight into my situation and really great connection five stars

- ,


Not very sympathetic

I found her not very sympathetic and her reading came across very negative ,,disappointed

- Ms B, Lancs


Bad Reader

Goldie didn't sound interested in what I had to say. I got a bad vibe from her when she started speaking. She didn't pick up on anything apart from one thing and I think that was just guesswork. She pulled out some cards and started reading the meanings of them, the reading could apply to anyone as it fits general situations such as career, family and friends. Very disappointed Made me feel more down after the reading and confused. this I also asked for a psychic reading not a astrological reading if I wanted my star sign to be analysed I would contact a professional astrologer

- Anonomus, Yorkshire


Did not answer my question

Not impressed I'm afraid. Just please answer the question. And I'm not sure the reading was even about me????

- Sara,


Obtained a lot of info about me non psychically by asking me three questions in a row. After which she was about to make her - supposedly- psychic prediction, without having provided me with a single shred of evidence to confirm she actually had a psychic link first. I hung up. I know I've said this before, however could u please please publish this time. First review or not and glowing or not glowing review, a review is still a review and a customer has a right to be heard.

- ,


No thank you

Sorry . Not a good reading at all I am more confused than I am now . I won't go to her again !

- Karen, U.K.


Very poor connection. Advised me not to ask questions then asked me plenty of questions. Very direct, none empathic.

- Sean, North West



Gave an astrological reading that basically interpreted astrology cards. Was ok but was delivered like a suspense movie. Then opinions were given that didn't really marry up with the cards but were based on my responses to the question she asked. There was no clairvoyance or psychic ability shown for my reading so I wouldn't use again. May be better for someone else

- OG, Ldn


Slow and unimpressive,

Three mins had passed before she started reading (after telling me how she works - asking my star sign and then shuffling the cards). The ‘reading' then started with her asking me three successive questions - [one immediately after the other] and before that she insisted on a topic for the reading (even though I asked for a general). So that's a lot of info she had gotten out of me non psychically before her ‘psychic' reading had even started. Felt I just had to save my minutes and put the phone down.

- ,


Felt like they were reading card meanings from a book

When I had a reading with Goldie, they did the thing where they give you the meaning of the card rather than interpret the cards. They gave me all the possible meanings of the cards it could be like this but also the opposite could be true. It literally felt like they were reading the meanings from a book. The reading did not help me to understand my situation because they weren't interpreting the cards - just giving me the card meanings. Waste of time.

- Lily, Australia


Slow and unimpressive

Three minutes into the call before she'd finished shuffling the cards. Then she started the ‘reading' by asking me three successive questions - one immediately after the other- without first giving me one single shred of evidence nor psychic info about myself and my situation to confirm she had a link. I felt I had no choice but to hang up- save my money and minutes and try a different reader (who - did get to the point straight away and immediately confirmed she had a link and identified the reasons for my call without me telling her anything).

- ,


She just gave me advice, frustrating

Goldie seemed to feel she personally new best, and just gave me lots of advice about what other people needed to do to resolve the situation. I pointed out I can't control other people and was curious about any outcomes, etc however she just kept coming back to giving advice.

- Lily, Australia



Not very empathetic - her manner seemed off...

- Chris, London