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So good and picked up on the situation straight away.

Sacha From Uk On 11/04/2022

Always On Point

I think I’ve been speaking to Peter for nearly 2 years. I can discuss absolutely anything I need to with him. He makes me laugh and offers practical insight. Talented, helpful and a rock in stormy weather, is how I’d describe him. I have no idea why I haven’t left a review sooner.

Althea From On 11/04/2022


I was amazed by the accuracy and the mount of details given about the people involved, he never asked questions he just said what he saw and i was absolutely blown away. The most genuine person i've spoken to, I will definitely be phoning Peter back.

Jan From Liverpool On 25/03/2022

To the point

I have spoken to Peter several times over the last few weeks and he has said the same about my ex, how I am feeling and the future each time. I hope his prediction for the future come true. Will keep you updated

J From Nottingham On 25/03/2022

Great readings

Have had a few great readings with Peter. Accurate description of POI and find him very helpful to talk to. He’s one of my favourite readers on here. Will update when predictions unfold.

R From N.ireland On 14/03/2022

Spot on xx

I have spoken with Peter a couple of times and he never fails to provide accurate explanations, details and descriptions of the circumstances and the people involved. His predictions and timing played out just as he said they would. He is a very genuine and lovely gentleman to speak with. I also really appreciate that he doesn’t try to force his opinion or advice on anything. I would definitely recommend him.

Ekka From Australia On 11/03/2022

Bang on

So right about POI so correct about our situation. Will be back once predictions are correct and will leave a follow up review.

Kayleigh From Scotland On 27/02/2022

Shame all you wanted to talk about was illness, perhaps you are ill telling other people they are and going on and on about it, that wasn't why I phoned, If you have Asperger syndrome, you have it for life – it is not an illness or disease and cannot be 'cured'. Often people feel that Asperger syndrome is a fundamental aspect of their identity.

From On 24/02/2022


Straight on the ball with my situation, gave me great insight to my problems that surround me at the moment and positive outlook on how I can move forward

Gillian From Belfast On 21/02/2022


Absolutely Brilliant. Peter is very detailed. He Warned me of a man whom i thought was going to be nice. He Actually saved me from being used. Peter is really good at going into thorough detail and explaining in breakdown form everything happening around you. i could have stayed on forever but ran out of time. Will be back on when predictions unfold......

Rose From london On 11/02/2022


Thankyou so much for great insight and being able to see the things I can’t see , brilliant reader

Gillian From Northern Ireland On 11/02/2022

Please post- A Very Very Strong Reader

Peter took no time and gave me validations after validations, no question asked. His reading was so so honest and mature! in 25 minutes he gave an in depth reading on my love life and career. He picked up the right energy and personality that my POI has. My career reading was also spot on! I certainly believe what he predicted will come true and I look forward to talking to him again. He is now my new favourite on this website. Definitely a strong psychic!

Anuradha From UK On 29/01/2022


Unbelievably brilliant and true to all the things he said. Very good Physic powers. I will await your predictions. But every thing you said was right but let’s see what remains to be seen at the end of March

Kamari From Kent On 15/01/2022

Super Intuitive and Smart !

Simply brilliant, wise and intuitive. TY Peter

CF From London On 08/01/2022

He is Awesome!

I have been speaking with Peter for months, he never fails to provide the most perfect explanations, and all of his predictions and timings come true! On top of that, he is a very lovely gentleman to speak with :) Thank you for everything Peter, Claire :) x

Claire From Wales, UK On 31/12/2021

Excellent Reader

After reading some of the reviews, I decided to try him because I felt I needed to hear uncomfortable hard truth about my POI.. I was blown away by the way he described him and what he was going through. He did this without asking questions. I’m waiting for predictions to unfold. I’ll definitely remember to come back and confirm.

Thula From Far South On 22/09/2021

Gifted and the real deal

Most likely Peter is one of the few readers that say it as it is. Definitively worth a reading and he delivers what he gets/sees in a kind way.

G From London On 21/09/2021

Amazing - the real deal!

He said did I want the truth or something beautiful. Like an idiot I said the truth and got it. though he did try to wrap it diplomatically. Had my suspicions but self doubts until later events showed him right on the money... Sometimes the truth is uncomfortable especially about a partners behaviour but it's better knowing it in advance than have it blindside you...  I got a lesson in trusting my own instincts so I'll be more open minded next time.

T From Manchester On 12/08/2021

Very Good

Peter did not ask endless questions. Straight to the point. Told me my boyfriend was athletic (he swims) and that he was 'on the Spectrum'. Interesting. Realistic and lovely predictions. Fingers crossed. Would definitely call again. Nice man. Clearly gifted with no 'pink stones/chakra balance' waffle. Gave significant tips.

Elizabeth From London On 27/07/2021


After reading the previous comment it does make sense ! I only got negative character on my POI who is now my partner with baby on the way! I’m quite glad it’s not just me he’s giving constant negative too when things don’t feel bad

H From On 19/07/2021

Good reading

picked up on my thoughts and what is going on around me, very good Ben, UK

From On 13/07/2021

Yes very down on men

Accepting to him all other men are dangerous and either sociopathic or narcissistic. He has nothing good to say about men, even the nice ones

LC From UK On 22/06/2021


Peter is an excellent reader with very good timing skills

From On 20/05/2021


Peter is a genuine psychic absolutely brilliant

From Ireland On 18/05/2021

Nice man

Thank you for a very good reading on the 16/05/21. I will be in touch soon

P From Suffolk On 17/05/2021

Why is this reader SO negative?

He connects with the negative energies first and then advices. During his reading he seemed confused of the messages he got on his cards and then only correct thing he could say was not to wait for my POI. lol This is because he could not pickup a connection. He only picked up the negative traits my POI has but could not pickup some major positive sides of him. no from me. I bet this won't be posted.

Anu From UK On 07/05/2021


** Please can you post this! ** Peter is such a massive support for me at the moment - Everytime I speak with him he is able to give me the clarity I very much need on my situation/s, this has been so helpful to me, I cant thank Peter enough, he has an amazing gift and I only wish I could have him as a friend so I could just pick up the phone and speak with him every day :) Thank you Peter, from the bottom of my heart! :) Claire x

Claire From Wales, UK On 29/04/2021

Great Reading

Thankyou peter in your wonderful guidance J Midlands

j From Midlands On 20/04/2021

Fantastic Reader

Thankyou peter giving me answers that have been waiting for years to be confirmed . Fantastic Reader Rosie

Rosie From Midlands On 09/04/2021

A natural psychic

A natural psychic. he gave clear insight into my situation with my ex helped me see my situation for what it is. No beating about the bush. Settled my mind and give me hope for the future.

Tom From Manchester On 11/03/2021

First time was okay but...

I had a reading a couple of weeks ago about a friend who I was weary of. Peter was pretty much accurate about him, but today I called again about a former love interest and he gave me the exact same description/information as the last time, even though the two men are not similar. Disappointing.

T From West Mids On 27/02/2021

Brilliant reader

Peter is straight to the point and does not waste any time! Enjoyed our conversation and wish I could of stayed longer on the phone!!! Thank you Peter for covering all areas x

Sophie From London On 01/02/2021


Very accurate in description of circumstances and people around me. I thoroughly enjoyed the reading and feel Peter connected from the beginning. I am most definitely appreciative and grateful. I feel more enlightened and ready for the year ahead! Thank you Peter! The best on here! M

M From U.K On 20/01/2021

Blown away. And spot on.

Weirdly, I had no expectations despite reading a lot of good reviews. He actually picked up on me liking someone and picked up on a love triangle. Also picked up small details about my currently bf and hit the nail on the head. The call was over 40 mins and I just wanted the conversation to keep going but ran out of minutes!!! Also you were RIGHT about the man who interviewed me during the evening.. He said the exact same line as my bf and in my head thought wow Peter said he would be a lot like my bf LOL. You gave me a lot of confidence and I think I nailed it. I THANK YOU deep in heart for telling me the truth (mostly about my self and the current situation) ill call back regarding the job interview and my plans with the bf. For now thank you again, for being honest and saying it how it is. Very interesting and intelligent. If I could give 1000 stars I would. God bless. I'll be calling end of the month. KIRSTY London

Kirsty London From UK On 26/11/2020


Spot on with the description of POI. we'll see about the predictions

A From uk On 22/10/2020


Spoken with Peter a few times, he is what you call a true psychic. He picks up On your situation so accurately that it leaves you surprised. He is one of the top readers.

Alex C From UK On 25/09/2020

Intelligent and on point.

Thank you Peter. A really good read of the cards which showed how things look to be unfolding. In two areas of life we were able to see some specific things emerging. In contrast to some conversations I’ve had Peter is intelligent, and understands people. I came away from our conversation feeling a bit more prepared for the coming months, empowered, and hopeful. Thank you.

Lisa From Midlands On 04/09/2020

Straight to the point and on point!

I was drawn to Peter even though there were only a few reviews. I am so glad I did! He wanted no information at all and immediately locked onto the situation I wanted clarity about. His descriptions were spot on, and he doesnt mess around! Tells it straight. If you want the absolute truth, give him a call. Good advice and timescales given. Looking forward to seeing if this all pans out as he said. I think it will as he tuned in right away to everything!

Kay From UK On 19/08/2020

An absolute Diamond Geezer!!!

After many years wondering how to deal with a certain problem, he pointed me in the right direction. Thank you sir!!!

From London On 09/08/2020

Good reader

Got my partner done to a t lol Thankyou

Rachael From Uk On 01/08/2020

Love job change 3 month

Had a long reading with peter was not the reader I was expecting. He told me x would be back in 6 weeks was not expecting it at all. Was wanting a job change but said not happening for three months . Was wanting change now. Will let you know if these thing come to fruition wanting to move but that not happening . Hoilday unexpected in September with x reading has blown me away . Will let you know if these thing happen . Thanks peter a bit doubtful but will wait and see

Fiona From West Yorkshire On 27/07/2020


Peter reading are very deep, Peter can extract more information that go’s deeper than any reading I’ve experienced...excellent thank you

J From Oz On 29/06/2020


After reading such great reviews I decided to have a reading with Peter and I was not disappointed. He picked up on my situation straightaway that he could not possibly have known. Peter gave me some excellent advice and I feel so much more positive after speaking with him.

Lynne From Kent On 29/05/2020

Very good

To the point and very good reader, thankyou xx

eve From northamptonshire On 25/05/2020

Fantastic reader

Peter was warm and funny. He was so spot on with his reading .. I’m amazed. He makes asking hard questions comfortable and if I need guidance in the future I won’t hesitate to call . I can’t recommend a better person for a reading. Thanks Peter

Tina From Australia On 23/05/2020

Back again for a second reading!!

I had my first reading with Peter a while ago when he had 0 reviews! I was so impressed by his reading I had to return and comment... #goingforward 6 months, I am back again and he is still just as great! Thank you Peter!

J From London On 16/05/2020

Spot on !

Peter described the person in question so well it’s exactly the situation I am facing and thank you so much for giving me light at the end of the tunnel...

Miss C From London On 14/05/2020

Good reading

Enjoyed my reading

Leighbless From London On 13/04/2020


Opposite to other readings, time will tell who’s right.

From On 09/04/2020


Had reading with Peter a few days ago and he was on point. Read into my situation with my ex and was 100% accurate. I remember listening and thinking I've heard all this before. It was after my reading that I recalled speaking to him weeks earlier and he told me the exact same thing but at a much deeper level this time around. I prefer psychics like him. Many change their predictions or readings. He sticks to it. I didn't even tell him my name or my ex partner's name. Peter, Thank You

CM From UK On 06/04/2020


Peter gave a detailed and professional reading for me. He encouraged me to ride the storm out over the next couple of months (Apr/May) and said things will pick up in June. I very much look forward to the better times coming. I will be strong in the mean time. Thanks again Peter. I will come back as and when things pan out.

Leighton From Brighton On 03/04/2020

Picked up on situation straight away. Even phoned back after phone got cut off and continued the call and reading. Thank you very much definitely worth it.

From On 02/04/2020

Really good

Really enjoyed my reading, I could relate to everything he was saying, so I'm hopeful about the predictions made. I'll try to come back and update.

Leigh From London On 31/03/2020

Calming insightful brilliant reading!

Bloody brilliant!!! Call this lovely man....has such a calming energy and really great depth and accuracy of reading with the cards! Sorry I got cut off....will call back after pay day! Thank you so much and Bless you xxxx

Adele From UK On 26/03/2020

Still a great reader

This is my second reading with Peter and I must say the man doesnt disappoint. Picked up on what was really going on in my head and what answers I was looking without prompt. Fingers crossed for the outcomes we talked about :)

Tori From Cambridge, UK On 18/03/2020

Fantastic reading

I’ve spoken to a few readers in the past, but this felt different. Peter uses the cards, but read them so clearly. He has a lovely calm way, is succinct, eloquent and was able to see where I was currently, what I was thinking and feeling balanced with what was really happening. Whilst he gently, and with humour told me that the worry I’d been having was in my head, he was able to reassure me that the reality was quite different. This was also borne out of validations which resonated with was I knew. I absolutely concur with others feedback - Peter is an excellent reader. Thank you Peter - This is the first time I’ve been able to look at my situation a little bit more sideways on.

L From Midlands On 07/03/2020

With in a minute of my reading, i felt connected to Peter and i was able to resonate with what he was saying. He was very calming and reassuring. I will let you know the outcome of his predictions in due course. Thank you Peter.

Annette From Essex On 02/03/2020

Honest and insightful

Peter picked up on lots of things happening in my life right now, he did not judge or give advice but did give a clear view of that could happen and gave a huge amount to think about. I will indeed be careful what I wish for x

Jane From Suffolk On 19/02/2020

Honest, accurate and truthful

Call Peter if you want the Whole Truth. He gave me a reading that wasn't joy, fluffy and happy endings but it WAS the Truth. It clarified a situation for me completely and removed my confusion. I intuitively felt it was the truth I'd been avoiding looking at...Peter is an extremely gifted reader with the courage to tell it like it is. He doesn't give false hope or build unrealistic expectations. I really recommend.

Liz From Cheshire On 02/02/2020

Says it as it is

Thank you Peter for your reading you were 100% spot on. This man tells you how it is good and bad no messing about. He deserves 5 stars as he’s a true genuine reader

Anna From Berks On 27/01/2020

Love life a shamble

Well to be honest was not happy with what the cards brought up but was said with care and kindness and will be back to review it in three months time . And see if I end up with the wishy water sign thank for the reading honest and true so if you can’t handle it don’t ring Peter I hope things will move on for me at a better rate then past

Fiona From West Yorkshire On 10/01/2020

Just now had a reading with Peter in which he picked up the situation and explained what is going on. He keeps the messages simple and concise. time is not wasted , so is money and at the same time you find the answers you are looking for

From On 08/01/2020

You said was gone and you where right

It was love but over now he gone thank you for the truth you are the only one that has .sharon thank you Peter for everything.

From On 15/12/2019

You right on the money

You told it was over and he what be back am grateful for the truth on ian he walk for good we where never meant to be together which could I new. Nut glad someone told how it was thanks peter sharon stoke on trent

From On 13/12/2019

Truly gifted

Brilliant reader, Peter gave a lot of insight without any information fed to him. Wish I had longer talk time. Would definitely recommend x

Caroline From Bristol On 13/12/2019

Thank you

Really enjoyed my reading with Peter a few weeks which doesn’t happen much on here! I specifically came back to leave a review and I’ve not done that before!! Peter was very concise and empowering, will definitely call him again. Maybe I’ll ask about romance next time.. haha

From On 04/12/2019


His reviews will surely be going up soon. Absolutely amazing, quality in-depth reading

From On 02/12/2019


Soory we get cut off. Brilliant frendily reader who tunned into what was happening around me, but also clarited I was on the right path. Will definitely call Peter again. Many thanks Anne-Marie

From On 27/11/2019

A gamble well worth it!!!

We all know picking a reader with 0 reviews is scary because we don't know what we're are going to get, but let me tell you Peter knows those cards inside out and the meanings behind them! A cross between cards and natural intuition, this calm, focused reader makes you feel at ease. In my reading I asked for a general one but he actually picked up straight away what was actually on my mind and the issues surrounding it hitting the nail on the head time and time again. A few predictions for the near future so we shall see where that takes us. Don't fear the new ones especially this one, Peter is great!!! (sorry we got cut off)

Tori From Cambridge, UK On 26/11/2019

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