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The bedt

Without Lisa’s gift I would not have been able to repair my life….her ability to read the truth of the situation for both myself and POI….amazing thank you

Thelma From Australia On 12/04/2022


I don't know how she does it. This lady has been absolutely spot on with timings for me and her predictions are unfolding one by one. It's scary! Phenomenal!

From On 11/04/2022


Real deal.

Chris From London On 04/04/2022

not for me

She didn't let me speak when I tried to the reader just carried on speaking louder l hung up

Imma From London On 04/04/2022


Thank you souch Lisa, you are absolutely amazing how you connected with me. Lisa is so worth speaking to. She tuned into so many areas of my life and so accurately. She deserves more than

Carrie From Kent On 29/03/2022

Pretty Fair

A good honest reading. Only gave what she saw without embroidering it. Just hope het timings are good.

P From Manchester On 29/03/2022

Very Good at what she does

I have had a number of readings with Lisa over a period of about a year. Various topics were discussed but from a general reading request every time, the same subject of love and a particular person I was separated from came up. Lisa predicted that this person wanted to come back into my life but was scared of rejection and stubborn. She said this person was sorry, would be in touch to express that and also her true feelings towards me. Despite a few delays in timings (which are hard to get accurately) things have transpired exactly as Lisa said within the last two weeks. Lisa is lovely to talk to, has strong ability and gifts and her prediction has obviously come through in a very complex situation. Thanks Lisa.

Bob From On 22/03/2022

5 days to hear from POI. Had on day 3 Abrupt meeting, Met him at a weeding Change In tactics in coming forward, he sure is doing things differently This Woman is Insanely accurate!

From On 21/03/2022

Predicted a number of things that have come to pass

From On 16/03/2022

Absolutely Amazing

Lisa is a truly gifted reader. Straight in, no questions asked & just told me what she saw. Thank you for sharing your gift with me

Vicki From Sydney, Australia On 24/02/2022

Blown away

Just had another reading from Lisa such amazing psychic knows her stuff can’t wait for it all to happen xx thanks Lisa

Debs From Scotland On 24/02/2022

Very good reader

Had at least 4 readings now since November. Lisa is consistent in her readings and very good at picking things up. Before Christmas I was very uncertain as to whether I would meet a man I had been chatting to for a few weeks. She predicted I would hear from him in a few days and would see him before Christmas. She was spot on. Have since returned for an update reading and has predicted contact in the next 3 weeks. I’ll update this review again. She’s also absolutely lovely to speak to! And there’s not too many people I genuinely think that about.

R From Uk On 28/01/2022

Kept going on and on about a past connection that I have no interest in but she was still going on about him, waste if Time

Marie From On 07/01/2022

Spot on

Lisa, when I can get my go too... reads the cards well but adds her psychic insights which as very accurate .Thanks Lisa, Happy New year to you...blessings XX

L From UK On 29/12/2021


Lisa is highly intuitive and very perceptive psychic, she got my person to a tee!!!! do not hesitate to give her a call.. i was blown away by her incite into my situation both personal and work related, outstanding!!!

christine From London On 20/12/2021


Just had 2nd reading with Lisa so spot on same as last reading and hit the nail on the head again give her a try you won’t regret it thanks Lisa definitely call again xc

Debs From Scotland On 07/12/2021


Lisa says things which were said word from word. She is absolutely brilliant a real true psychic who says it like if she was there when it happened. Hopefully her predictions will come to fruition. Love this lady she is so powerful

Kamari From Kent On 24/11/2021

Great reader!!

Lisa picked up my situation straight away! Just hoping everything Lisa has predicted comes true. I will keep you informed xxx

Sophie From London On 02/11/2021

Fantastic reader

Lisa pick up on my situation without me saying a word and she was spot on with everything that she picked up. I cannot wait for predictions to unfold.

F From England On 27/10/2021


Lisa is sincere and excellent reader. Give this lady a call her she is a brilliant reader no prompts no questions just pure channelling. Same predictions with other genuine readers, Dominique, Crystal Blu, Sadie and Muria Rose. Beautiful Soul

Satvir Kaur From On 18/10/2021


Fantastic reader, giving a lot of information with ease. Thank you so much Lisa. xx

Ann From Uk On 09/10/2021


Lisa is an amazing psychic she picked up on everything on my mind without me saying a word, she is also a lovely lady to speak to.

From On 10/08/2021

Deserves more reviews

she picks up on the situation very well and very quickly.

A From BUCKS On 10/08/2021

Still shocked!

I don’t know where to start…unbelievable! Incredible! Accuracy and detail is exact, even saying sentences that has been said! Honestly amazing!

Pisces From Australia On 09/08/2021

Very Good

Lisa is a very good reader. Really connects with your situation and gives lots of details 5 stars

Teresa From North London On 07/07/2021


Didn't ask me a thing apart from kind of reading req, went straight in an was connected immediately with situation the thoughts advised and predicted outcomes Wonderful an pleasant lady Thank you

Lin From Uk On 05/07/2021


thank you so much Lisa very good, we shall see, will be back x

Margaret From East Anglia On 30/06/2021

Fantastic reading

Lisa picked up a lot of things without me saying a word. Really good psychic, picked up things that most psychics don’t pick up until I tell them. She is going to be very busy soon. Sorry my minutes ran out. Thank you and looking forward for the predictions.

H From Australia On 28/06/2021


I spoke to Lisa and she picked up on me really fast and what was happening around me. She said he will get in touch and he did after just 70 hours as she picked up 7. You wont be disappointed. Thankyou so much

Dol From Australia On 10/06/2021

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I am a psychic and tarot card reader. I have 23 years experience. I offer a full, detailed, professional reading on your present and future. I specialize in love, relationships and family issues. Since my mid 20's, I have been able to predict things that will happen, leading to readings for friends and it has grown over the years to me reading professionally for the last ten years. I am calm by nature and have a non judgemental approach. PIN: 8506

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