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Strong and calm

Thanks Daisy, I have just had a reading at this silly hour in the morning, when I felt I vould bt ho on, you were fantastic, I'm sorry I ran out of minutes. I hope what you say transpires, and I will endeavour to follow your advice, thank you so much, it all makes sense just very painful. Thank you again xxx

N From Staffordshire On 22/04/2022

Spot on with reading

Daisy picked up on some key points which were happening at the present moment in my life, also Daisy mentioned some things which actually has happened from before, cracking reading. Would recommend.

Katherine From Bedfordhire On 20/04/2022

Nice lady

Seemed informative, but I just couldn't quite understand her because it sounded like she was practically eating her microphone or talking under eater with her mouth so close to it lmaooo otherwise she seemed detailed

. From Ha On 31/03/2022


Questions not answered directly. Too much diverting into I am not sure what. A bit disappointing and costly.

D From Midlands On 31/03/2022


I agree with the previous post. Daisy changed her readings/predictions each and every time. I had 3 readings over the course of a week and a half.

From On 26/02/2022

Spot on

Totally correct in everything she said. Advice good. Thank you.

Cyndy From Uk On 25/02/2022

Spot on

Having just had a reading with Daisy, I’m very surprised with the negative reviews. I didn’t have to ask any questions, she went straight into my reading and explained things throughout the call giving me clarity. An accurate and fantastic reading. Thank you Daisy.

Jackie From Norwich On 25/02/2022

Don’t waste your money

Had a 3 readings with Daisy She changes her tune at different times Lecture you on your life if u disagree gets annoyed with you which it very odd for a reader to do Answers in riddles and does not answer question.

From On 03/02/2022


She's kind and energetic. Left me feeling calm.

Kusa From London On 30/01/2022

The truth

She is honest, blunt. True

Kayl From Newcastle On 29/01/2022

So special

So sorry we got cut off today Daisy .. you have been such a Rick if support over these past years but as you can appreciate my frustration and emotional longing sometimes overwhelms .. I have always felt how your advice comes from the heart

Francina From London On 05/01/2022


The reader started with correct energy of my POI, she kept talking and talking not letting me have space to ask any question. And then I asked question and she kept saying "you need to have patience and have faith". Nice. But then I asked about my house move she told me the same- patience and have faith and sounded annoyed with me (even though I hardly spoke or asked any question). Its like when a reader starts to get good reviews they sometime forget we have feelings. I won't reach out to her anymore.

Ann From UK On 27/12/2021

Asks questions

Very, very frustrating. This reader kept asking ME questions. Questions after question. Then giving unsolicited advice... Totally confusing

Robert From Edinburgh On 26/12/2021

Lovely Reader

Thankyou so much for your spiritual guidance daisy my lovely Hazel 12 8 21 xxx

Hazel From Midlands On 12/08/2021


Thankyou once again daisy for your guidance Hazel xx

Hazel From Midlands On 14/07/2021

Check first

Please don’t tell keep telling me I have to go to church like it’s the norm . This was some very strange advice but luckily I’m not offended but check with someone’s religion before telling them to spend a weekend in a church very strange but thanks x

Han From On 26/06/2021

I had reading with you on Sunday 20th June it was lovely talking to you,was friendly and non judgemental. unfortunately I run of minutes I will ring again another time.Sonia

From On 22/06/2021

Daisy helped me in many ways always lifted me up every time i have a reading with her knowing whats happening around me it helps me more every day

androulla george From wembley london On 20/06/2021


Daisy once again you have given me hope and lifted my spirits. Wow your truly gifted, guys give this lady a try your won't be disappointed, she is amazingly accurate with everything spot

Mae From New Forest On 04/06/2021


Lots of detail but sadly nothing about my life... absolutely nothing chimed with me,

Tom From Manchester On 13/05/2021

100% satisfied

My darling u have given me so much hope thanks alot , luv u Daisy

Namhla From manchester UK On 11/05/2021

Spot on!!

Had Daisy this morning and many time before, all I can say Ur truly amazing. Lifted me and explained in details, just what I needed. Thank you so much K

Kay From Brum On 29/04/2021


i love having daisy i like the fact that she goes into the reading

androulla george From wembley london On 13/03/2021


Precise, gifted, aha moment reader. Just what I needed! Thank you

Dee From Australia On 20/02/2021

Thanks 100%

my darling Daisy thanks for such a wonder evening reading , very uplifting I feel so empowered

Phiwo From United Kingdom On 18/02/2021

Thank you!

I don’t often write reviews anymore but I feel that I would like to tonight. As a spiritualist medium myself, I have very high standards and I admit that I do get very sceptical sometimes with the readers that are on this site. ( I used to work as a reader on ‘Trusted psychics ’ myself a few years ago, so I know what to look for.) I would only ever normally have a reading done in a local spiritualist church but obviously none of them are open right now so I decided to try having a reading here instead tonight. 4 years ago today, my husband died and I desperately needed to find a way of contacting him. I chose ‘Daisy’ specifically because of her profile above. I have to tell you how pleased I am that I managed to speak to her as she didn’t ask a single question, just pick up not just my husband but also a major ongoing issue I am having with my family. She dead straight to the point and did not pull any punches which I really appreciate. She gave me some great advice especially as she connected with my husband whom it felt like I was having a conversation with him my gratitude just for that is Beyond words that I can describe I’m here that I can describe on here. She is very direct with how she does her readings so be prepared for that but I can’t fault her as that is the sort of thing that I like but I am aware that not everyone else will. I do highly recommend having a reading with Daisy but remember not to give away too much information so that she can connect with you properly and be influenced into anything that may distract her. Also, remember to be open minded because you cannot guarantee who may come through to give you a message, so then if she connects with somebody that you haven’t seen or spoke to in decades, then you will be okay.

Lynn From Stoke-on-Trent On 06/02/2021

Good but doesn’t let you speak.

Great reader as she picked up my situation very quickly and the two other people around but doesn’t let you ask any questions or overtalks you, which is a little rude.

T From London On 17/01/2021

Didn’t make sense

I’m afraid that as lovely as Daisy is, my reading did not resonate with me at all. Nothing sounded like my life and it was if she was reading for someone else. Was adamant I’m meeting a man. I’m gay so that’s not happening. She was still insistent it was a romantic relationship with a man and wouldn’t budge on that. I’m moving house and out of the area too apparently. That’s not happening either and there’s no way it would. Shame really as I read her reviews and was excited to get through to her. I guess she didn’t connect, it happens.

Sarah From UK On 03/01/2021


Thankyou daisy for the realism of this weeks journey and my test of resilience Hazel x

Hazel From Midlands On 19/11/2020

Not good

I wanted a reading not a lecture.

Maria From Perth On 13/11/2020

Personally, her reading has helped me somehow in a kind way even on painful topic and outcomes for me. I am not sure why as I have done readings before with other people but when I received her message it felt truthful for the first time.

L From On 01/11/2020

Be careful

Very good with spiritual guidance but please don’t believe her reading between the lines I had 2 readings in 2 days and both extremely extremely different from being married to not getting married . She picks up on things but more in a blurry manner. Lovely advice tho ! X

H From On 30/10/2020


Thankyou daisy for the information this morning xx

Hazel From Midlands On 18/10/2020

No reading just advice

I don't really need advice when I call for a reading. I know myself quite well and know what I have to do. I'm calling to know what's going to happen. She does not deliver this at all.

From On 17/10/2020

Thank you

Sorry, the call cut off. But thank you for the reading. You were very on point and everything you said resonated very well with me.

From On 17/10/2020

Thank you

Thank you for helping me understand what is going on with me. Only a genius can do that xxx

Someone From Somewhere On 13/10/2020


Thankyou daisy for your beautiful wisdom .Hazel xx

Hazel From Midlands On 28/09/2020

Incredible read!

Where to start...! Accurate! Clarity! Detailed! Very accurate! No mucking around. Straight into it. No spiritual counselling as mentioned by others. Just a perfect read from a psychic medium who picked up everything I needed to know. Have used Daisy before with amazing results. Thank you & sorry I ran out of credit. Will be back.

D p From Australia On 26/09/2020


Daisy, you were honest and truthful, we connected well, and though you gave me some hard truths, you also gave advice and hope on how to navigate forward. Thank you.

Rachel From UK On 25/09/2020

Spiritual coach

I feel like daisy is more of a spiritual coach than a psychic, very nice empowering woman but not psychic xx

From On 01/09/2020

Lovely Reader

Thankyou daisy a gifted reader xx

Hazel From Midlands On 31/08/2020

Daisy u have definitely cleared the air on my situation thanks for your detailed reading and also counselling me

Phiwo From England On 24/08/2020

Amazing reading very kind person and very guiding doesn’t sugar coat main thing. Keep up good work

Ree From Uk On 24/08/2020

A very very good reader. Extremely helpful and humble human... spot on but very guiding too. Has healing abilities very very good!

Ree From Uk On 17/08/2020

Love listening to daisy so so passionate and calming. Very patient too.. but a spot on reader and tells u the truth. But guides you too. A lovely human with so much kindness pls keep helping ppl because u are amazing. X

Ree From Uk On 16/08/2020

Daisy is amazing at reading!!!! Very honest and detailed in it all. But she has sooo much peace and guidance to offer with all the patience in the world. Reassuring and positive but only based on the facts of her reading. Not false hope. It’s actually very calming to listen. A wonderful human being with so much to offer. Lovely lady and good readings xx

Ree From Uk On 16/08/2020

Absolutely Lovely

Yet again this lady has given me a smashing reading full of positive accuracy. Thank you Daisy, you are a star

Carrie From Kent On 01/08/2020


Thankyou daisy yesterday tue 28th july Your guidance will give me insight . A way forward into a positive future leaving negative influence behind . xxx Hazel

Hazel From Midlands On 29/07/2020

Uve given me so much hope for the future thanks alot , now things are alot clearer

From Manchester On 16/07/2020


Thankyou daisy not long for much awaited changes that are so near hazel x

Hazel From Midlands On 09/07/2020

Love reading and career

I love Daisy she is such a kind hearted compassionate reader an angel she is good at what she dose she don’t tell you what you what you here r sugar coat things Daisy has predicted some things to me abc they have happen thanks for everything Daisy

Maria From Uk On 06/07/2020

House Problems

Thank you so much. Daisy was accurate which offered reassurance. Daisy has helped me to not overthink things. Hold the faith and trust that the outcome will be the right one. Sorry, I ran out of time put in the wrong digit for more time and it cut me off. Shame.... I will come back.

From On 05/07/2020

Love Reading and work

Daisy thank you for always giving me hope and clam your An Angel I love chatting with and you have been pretty spot on with everything daisy and your some if your predictions have unfolded give Daisy a call you won't regret she is really good and so nice to talk to her voice is so peaceful and clam

Marie From uk On 04/07/2020

Simply Amazing

Daisy Is the BEST psychic reader I have ever had!!!! Definitely my NEW reader for life!!! I can't thank you enough Daisy!!! absoulety love you!!!!

suzy From Clinton Twp, Michigan On 20/06/2020

Ten Stars

I have been speaking to Daisy for a couple of months on and off. He guidance and knowledge is incredible. Things have not yet totally come to fruition but it is a long process and each step she has been accurate beyond belief. She picks up on the situation every single time so accurately its scary but such a wonderful person to talk to. Thank you so much Daisy, you are fantastic.

Andy From Australia On 20/06/2020


is gifted and picks up on situation but is clouded in a lot of spiritual waffling and opinions. if you don’t mind paying for time, daisy’s your gal

ann From uk On 16/06/2020


Love I love freedom I'm in a soul man connection

Erica Stewart From TX On 16/06/2020


Thankyou for your true guidance today

Hazel From Midlands On 09/06/2020


daisy you are a shining star and fabulous lady thoroughly enjoyed talking to you and have taken your advise given, once again many thanks

A From west midlands On 29/05/2020

too much of spititual counselling

Sge is gifted no doubt but spend more time counselling than telling you what she sees..... This is what I paid for, also found her a bit judgmental about POI, I think we are all on a journey here and have all lessons to learn. I speak to psychics to get infomation I don't have access to and then make my mind not to be given lectures about spirituality Sorry but you have a great gift that you could share in a better way, I believe... Thank you for your genuine reading, with blessings and light hope this will be posted

From On 25/05/2020

Fast and brilliant

Well done Daisy! She is the real deal... fast, accurate and brilliant with her observtions. She just gets straight to the point. Ring her!!! Thank you so much xxx

eve From northamptonshire On 09/05/2020

Very kind lady.

Great reading from Daisy who tapped into a tricky scenario between me and an ex/soul mate. Hope things come to pass as explained.

From On 04/05/2020

Love Reading

omg Daisy is Amazing my go to reader on her along with two other ones her prediction always cone true with me so far she told mehe would text me when I was on the phone to he text me avd other things she has perdicted have happen ans she so nice to talk her voice is so claming

Maria From uk On 04/05/2020


Thankyou for yesterday daisy giving me important information

Hazel From Midlands On 23/04/2020

Thank you

It was a pleasure getting a reading with Daisy, she's kind but very honest, she tells you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. Sorry we got cut off. Thank you Daisy for your insight & guidance, you're very much appreciated.

Flora From UK On 22/04/2020

Didn’t happen

Hi Prediction was we going to meet etc and he will propose waited few months before lock down and nothing came to pass

Carol From Scotland On 20/04/2020

Thank you

Unfortunately I ran out of minutes and our conversation was cut short, however Daisy was a fantastic reader and gave me so much encouragement and confidence for my future while my life was at a bit of a standstill. Such a lovely person to talk to and everything resonated so well with me. Thank you!!

Emma From UK On 19/04/2020

First class reader

First class reader, highly recommended! Didn’t get time to thank you on the phone so THANK YOU

Tina From Wales On 19/04/2020

Amazing, if there’s anyone who can get to the core of something it’s Daisy! She unearths the truth behind a situation and what is really happening. Thank you so much - I have learnt a lot through this short space of time.

Anon From On 18/04/2020


Daisy read my situation without much questions and helped me understand my love life, troubled past relationship and provided very good perspectives. She also painted a good picture of me without asking for information. She accurately described the traits of my former partner and also, provided insights on some confusion and questions that I had. Very helpful advice, gentle, kind and non-judgmental. Thank you Daisy :)

Lady From London On 13/04/2020

Great Reading

Thankyou daisy yesterday you gave me direction moving forward into the future my energy feels up lifted xxx

Hazel From Midlands On 11/04/2020


She is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mingle with many psychics. Diasy is the real deal.

Debbie From Gold Coast On 04/04/2020

Straight to the point

Was really impressed, Daisy picked up straight away what my issues were without any questions or prompts. She gave a great down to earth reading with solid advice. One of the best I have ever used. Highly recommended

Sue From Nottinghamshire On 04/04/2020


Thankyou for the insight daisy she has a gentle energy

Hazel From Midlands On 03/04/2020

Negative reviews are never printed!!

This reader has been completely wrong twice and both times my reviews were not out up, it seems some readers get preference with admin over who gets their negative reviews put up

From South east On 01/04/2020


Daisy is the most Beautiful Reader of all and deserves to go much Higher than the Telephone lines as She can Provide So Much Help and Support to All Of Those Who Need Her.!xx Much love Daisy and Goodluck on Your Journey Sweet.xx Many Blessings Karla.xx

karla From birmingham On 31/03/2020


Thankyou so much again for the true insight daisy into my situation . Energy is moving at a faster pace ready for my true journey to evolve . Lovely gentle lady xxx

Hazel From Midlands On 24/03/2020


Good in talking and psychological advice but none of the many predictions materialized after many months after two sounded too good to be true

From On 14/03/2020


Wow, this lady is amazing, I felt in my gut what she was saying was the truth, as she had picked up loads of things without me telling her. Thank you Daisy

From On 14/03/2020

Just common sense

Her reading is mostly common sense, suggesting focus on yourself. I suggest it to my friends for free, because it is win/win advice, focus on yourself!!!

Lee From Mansfield On 12/03/2020

10 Stars or more

Hi Daisy, thank you so much for my reading today...the only one who picked up on everything...WOW amazing!

From On 10/03/2020

Stunning reader!

Daisy gets off to a flying start! She gets to the heart of the matter soon after and then explains why things are as they are. She's remarkable and truly gifted. God bless you Daisy x

Ronnie From BERKSHIRE On 06/03/2020

Love Reading

Hi daisy been trying to get hold of you you are such a amazing reading my go to reader in my hard times In my live life no matter what you always find a positive and a solution to every thing I hope I will get to speak with you this night been trying to get hold of your so popular it's hard to get hold of you you have got everying spot on so far about my current love life I pray get hold of you this night fingers cross daisy thanks for all your help here 5 stars plus Marie uk

Marie From uk On 26/02/2020


Thankyou once again daisy for guidance and the realisation that the future is hopeful as i go through a transition hazel xx

Hazel From Midlands On 25/02/2020

A kind and gentle soul. Picked up correctly on quite a few things I needed guidance with and was a pleasure to talk to. Many thanks Daisy

Cazzy From Woking On 24/02/2020


I had a reading yesterday with daisy she is amazing so precise with her work a gentle voice . She picked up something in my life that not many psychic mediums have before she is very gifted Thankyou Daisy

Hazel From Midlands On 21/02/2020

Daisy, u were great!

thank u for our readin together. u were amazing and gave me aso many answers. thank you Daisy, i will call you again.

Catherine From On 21/02/2020

Love reading

Just had an amazing reading with daisy! Such a talented lady. So sorry my signal was lost. You are amazing and truly gifted

Chloe From Kent On 21/02/2020

Great reader

Gives good & advice and picks up the situation. Unfortunately a bit to spiritual st times. Needs to be more tangible & grounded. Repetitive info & advice which becomes frustrating & unhelpful especially if you’re paying by the minute

JJ From England On 19/02/2020

Love Reading

hi daisy I spoken with you a few times and you are so accurate and spit on my love life not seen you on here for a while now please come back I miss your vibrant positivity you have been my go to reader in ruff times I pray I get to speak with you in the near future God bless i hope your ok She is,the best 5stars plus

Maria From uk On 07/02/2020

Thankyou Daisy! Very good reader detailed into situations and character Understands very well

Sue From Australia On 27/12/2019


Daisy is truly gifted a lovely lady

Hazel From Nottm On 14/12/2019


Thankyou so much daisy for the wonderful guidance and forsight you are an amazing and gifted lady Hazel xx

Hazel From Midlands On 08/12/2019


Daisy is so accurate ,she was spot on about everything about my situation Im still in shock

Phiwo From Manchester On 08/12/2019

Out of this world!!

Genuine and a very Spiritual Intuitive psychic!! Everyone must try! Very consistent each time as well.

A From England On 06/12/2019

Love Reading

daisy you are amazing you readings give me clarity and hope you are so good thankyou so much you are so spit on I highly recommend daisy you won't be dissapointed very good and tells you staright not what you whst to hear God bless you daisy hope to speak with you soon

Marie From UK Midlands On 28/11/2019

Beautiful lady.. but

When a reading becomes all advice and repeat, it's tome to move on, nice lady though

Taurus From On 25/11/2019

Career progress

Daisy what can I say now? You even give names and locations . Prediction happened again and again. Thanks so much for your guidance and support.

Rit From ESSEX On 25/11/2019

Lovely Reader

Lovely lady gentle voice , she gave me insight in my future that's lifts my vibration Thankyou Daisy xx

Hazel From Nottm On 21/11/2019


Daisy is one of a kind. Truly unique. I’ve been speaking to her about a delicate situation for some time and she’s been spot on every time. She sensitive, caring and an amazing psychic. You will not be disappointed if you call her. She’s a very gentle, calming and re-assuring soul. She’s given me so much strength and insight into my situation and never judged me. Thanks Daisy we love you xxx

From London On 15/11/2019

One of the best!

One of the best readings I've ever had, she's so patient & compassionate. Most important of all she's accurate in describing the inner most hidden emotions, traits and energies of parties involved, She is a genuine psychic who's really tuned in. After speaking with her I had a lot more clarity and this is also due to the fact that she doesn't sugarcoat anything, she tells it as it is yet is empathetic and non judgemental while doing it. I honestly recommend her.

Lora From Uk On 15/11/2019

Excellent reader

Picked up on my situation with no.prompting...very accurate and insightful...recommended

J From UK On 05/11/2019

Super and great

She is brilliant, gave a great reading.. very mature and solid thanks

Pranav From Midlands On 31/10/2019

Prediction 100%

Daisy is trusted Psychic PREDICTION Queen, All her predictions always happen just the way she describes it. A big thank you .

Rit From london On 29/10/2019

She just knows!

Remember that old TV show, "This is your Life?"Past, Present and Future, it's all there. Absolutely stunned me with her ability to piece it all together in such a way that you'll find yourself thinking, " i get it now!" Thank you Daisy and thank you for insights and revelations x

Ronnie From BERKSHIRE On 26/10/2019

Wise and Kind

Thank you Daisy, sorry we got cut off at the end. You were so spot on and so kind and understanding. Such a wonderful lady.

Jen From UK On 23/10/2019

Divine psychic !!!

I had a reading today with Daisy she is so amazing ... has described a very complex situation without me saying anything just by tuning, gave me very good insight and advice unlike with some readers who just give very superficial advice in a judgmental way which I don't like, I felt really embracing everything she said to me. really divine !!! Thank you so much for bringing so much clarity hope, trust and most importantly reminding me to let go. I felt the universe was speaking to me through you ! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift with us xxxx Blessings and love xxx

From On 17/10/2019


I’m impressed. I told her nothing, she told me why I was calling and went into great intricate detail about the why and the who, and delivered the information with kindness and compassion. She could see the twin flame connection and spoke with me about the complexities. I told her nothing. After 15 minutes of her telling me everything, I opened up and told her a little more. I will be calling her again. Very on point

Lisa From Aus On 16/10/2019


Thank you for today’s reading. Felt calm and received structure on how to handle my situation. Lovely last and Daisy connected straight away no questions asked from me. I’m now praying and meditating for my better future

G From Coventry On 11/10/2019

Wonderful Reader

Have been using Daisy for some time and have to say she’s brilliant. She has a very gentle approach and never judges. She’s very spiritual and kind. Her readings always resonate with me. Not always at the time but the predictions do unfold although my situation is quite complicated so many delays. You won’t be disappointed if you give Daisy a ring. She’s lovely and very good. Thanks Daisy.

Inamorata From London On 10/10/2019

Welcome back Daisy

Welcome back Daisy was worried where you were. By far the most in tune reader. Picks up on everything and all that was said before is manifesting. Thanks xx

Rachel From London On 06/10/2019


OMG She is at it again. I feel like giving her more stars cos predictions happened again EXACTLY THE WAY SHE SAID IT WOULD. A big thank you . LOVE AND LIGHT

Rit From ESSEX On 18/09/2019


Definitely 5 stars. Doesn’t not need info from you

From On 20/08/2019

business reading

ALL SHE PREDICTED CAME THROUGH. When I say all I mean everything she said. Non left out. Thanks so much even though I did not believe you then.

rita From london On 07/08/2019


Daisy I think you are absolutely an amazing reader, your insight was spot on, thank you so much, I will definitely call you again. Big hugs to you from Scotland xxxx

From Scotland On 05/08/2019

Such a great woman, no nonsense and very knowledgeable. Great reading and will definitely come back. Thank you for being very honest with me. Amida xx

From On 04/08/2019


Accurate to the tee!!!!You will not be disappointed. Amida, Uk

From On 31/07/2019

10 out of 10

Brilliant reader and spot on with everything. Thank you

From On 16/07/2019

Fantastic, Compassionate, Reader

I would highly recommend Daisy, she was able to connect with me and my situation quite well... She offered lots of guidance and was able to tell me what to expect happening in the near future too...Many Thanks Daisy I will be back for another reading...

Emma From Australia On 13/07/2019

A Fantastic Reader

She is brilliant, gave great advice, lots of solid stuff very sweet and genuine Thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 07/07/2019

Great Review

She is brilliant, great advice, loves the way she speaks and goes about reading thanks

PRANAV From midlands On 05/07/2019

Love so real

Just excellent wasn't sure on one thinf

Love From England On 02/07/2019

Love so real

Just excellent wasn't sure on one thinf

Love From England On 02/07/2019

Amazing reading , would definitely recommend Daisy , reading was very Accurate ! thank you :)

From On 30/06/2019


I have just come off of the phone and I wanted to say that Daisy is amazing at what she does. She helped me in the most amazing way and I wish to thank you for your advice Daisy, your a star!

From On 08/06/2019


Fantastic reading. Very accurate and consise reader. Helping me deal with a difficult situation.

From On 01/06/2019


Thank you so very much for the reading today. You tapped in to the man I am hoping to see in my life as well as the ex and I appreciate your guidance on both Thank you. Great accuracy and tuning in.

Libran From Aus On 01/06/2019

Wow Real Psychic!

OMG you’re an Angel!! I was very confused at first but now feel at ease. Thank You for your advice and will keep in touch when predictions unfold. I’m so excited and happy and still can’t believe that two men both love me and want to be with me! You’re right one of them is my twinflame and we’ll be together in the end! Lovely lady so compassionate, gifted, and accurate! After so many years of no contact he’ll be back! Thank you for telling me their real characters and the obstacles around us! Amazing! Ring her you won’t be disappointed! Will ring back definitely! Best Wishes God Bless

Isabel From London On 28/05/2019


Thank you for your listening ear and thorough reading and spirtual-led advice.

Female From On 18/05/2019

Tuned in

Tunes in very quickly to pick up enormous detail relating to the POI. Gave me much assurance about the future. Will be very popular!

M From Oz On 14/05/2019


Great person to chat to very intuitive

James From Midlands On 13/05/2019


Thank you daisy for your reading you were accurate and very kind you picked up things that you could not have possibly known absolutely brilliant

Kim From Australia On 12/05/2019

Superb! Sorry got cut off

She is brilliant, gave very mature and detailed reading Very Gifted and talented Thanks a lot

PRANAV From Midlands On 11/04/2019


Thank you so much, spot on and went straight to my problems

From On 06/04/2019

Thank you Daisy

Daisy is lovely. She helped me a lot. She is a genuine psychic and I had proof. Well worth giving her a chance.

frances From Australia On 06/04/2019


Truely genius & compassionate

N From London On 29/03/2019


Extremely good reader, very kind, insightful and real talent and gifted

N From London On 29/03/2019


I am a regular on this site and have spoken to most of the top readers and found Daisy extremely helpful and honest. I hope and wish everything she said unfoldes for me like the way she mentioned. I can tell she is going to be very popular on this site very soon, as I found her top mark and I hardly give reviews

Blessings From Berkshire On 29/03/2019


I am a regular on this site and have spoken to most of the top readers and found Daisy extremely helpful and honest. I hope and wish everything she said unfoldes for me like the way she mentioned. I can tell she is going to be very popular on this site very soon, as I found her top mark and I hardly give reviews

Blessings From Berkshire On 29/03/2019

Rare gem

In depth, detailed reading, compassionate and wise lady! Spiritual AND realistic advice. Thank you Daisy xxx

Eva From London On 23/03/2019

Kindred Soul

You are a genuine soul You have been spot on and have really helped me. I am so grateful to you, your honesty and spiritual being I will be contacting you again God's Blessings

Pat From Eleanor heights Sydney australia On 22/03/2019


I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much daisy for my reading. It was detailed and spot on. I truly loved the honesty and calmness in your voice. You have made my worry vanish and surprised me a lot. Thank you my darling don’t stop sharing your ability. Many kisses . Thanks from the bottom of my heart. R.

From On 22/03/2019

Insightful Reading

Having spoken to this gifted and insightful lady today, she was able to give in-depth information on the areas of concern, whilst having a very calming approach to her delivery.

Barr From London On 20/03/2019


Thankyou Daisy for the lovely reading and our lovely chat this morning. You have given me so much hope with what you told me this morning. Thankyou so much for telling me what I needed to know. I really hope this comes to pass. I will be the first person to come back and merit your predictions. You’re a lovely lady. Really good reading. Please give this lady a try. You won’t be disappointed. Lots of love Daisy!! X

From On 15/03/2019

Which Reader will You Speak to Today?

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Psychic Reader Neil


PIN: 2480

Reviews: 200

Hello I am Neil an experienced Tarot and Psychic reader with over 17 years worth of experience. I specialize in love, relationships, family matters and career issues. I will try my up most to answer all of your questions in a friendly and non judgemental way. PIN: 2480

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Psychic Reader Carris


PIN: 6947

Reviews: 27

Hi I'm Carris a psychic medium here to assist you connect to loved ones in the Spirit world. I have had over 20 years experience and can assist you on many levels for insight and understanding please ring me BLESSED BE PIN NUMBER 6947

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Psychic Reader Charlotte


PIN: 8039

Reviews: 26

I have 30 years experience of reading the tarot. I am clairsentient, connecting with spirit through my guides. I am non judgemental, compassionate and intuitive. l can assist with love, relationships, career, family matters and general insight. I aim to give clarity on what is the best way to move forward, and give clarity when answering your questions in depth. I love the energy that comes through the tarot, showing the best outcomes in situations. PIN: 8039

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Psychic Reader Candie


PIN: 7010

Reviews: 0

I am a natural born psychic; I do tarot card readings and at times can also get visions and pick up on names. I also get visions in my dreams of what’s coming in life. I’ve been doing readings for 10 years now. I can offer customers my absolute best insight possible, and I will try to assist my client in any way possible through the readings. PIN: 7010

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Psychic Reader J Feral

J Feral

PIN: 9790

Reviews: 1

I'm a clairsentient and sensitive empath with a grasp on metaphysics, the psyche and symbolism. I have been very close to the Runes for about 6 years and started with the Thoth tarot deck about 5 years ago. PIN: 9790

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Psychic Reader Liz


PIN: 9277

Reviews: 49

Hello, my name is Liz. I am an experienced Psychic, Clairvoyant, Tarot card and Angel card reader. I have 30 years experience and I specialise in love and relationships. I can truly see whats going on with these issues of the Heart, and will give you the answers using my spiritual gifts. I look forward to assisting you to find what you are looking for. PIN: 9277

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Psychic Reader Amber


PIN: 8506

Reviews: 31

I am a psychic and tarot card reader. I have 23 years experience. I offer a full, detailed, professional reading on your present and future. I specialize in love, relationships and family issues. Since my mid 20's, I have been able to predict things that will happen, leading to readings for friends and it has grown over the years to me reading professionally for the last ten years. I am calm by nature and have a non judgemental approach. PIN: 8506

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Busy For 22 Minutes
Psychic Reader Daisy


PIN: 5876

Reviews: 144

I am your spiritual psychic medium today. I am so happy to share with you that I have been blessed with my gift for quite sometime. This has been passed down from the matriarch of the family, my grandmother. I cherish my gift and carry with so much honour. My readings are in-depth and as a tool I use tarot cards alongside my natural psychic abilities. My readings can bring clarity, confirmation of what you already know and unexpected insights. PIN: 5876

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