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Was ok

From On 12/02/2022


Definitely a genuine psychic. Used cards but not one to read out the cards and meanings. A fluent reading which was pertinent to my concerns. Excellent psychic, thank you.

Heather From Australia On 20/01/2022


Very good indepth reader. Understanding and real . In touch with reader. Like her style. Caring x

Max From Kent On 30/12/2021

Amazing !

Wow , thank you so much Maureen sorry my pin ran out of credit tonight, you have made me see everything in such a better light and prepared me for it :) what a lovely lady!! Will definitely be calling again in the future xx

Rosie From Leeds On 27/11/2021


thanks for the reading , i knew some of it you made things more clear many thanks

Andy From 204 On 09/11/2021

Very good

Picked up on a lot of specific situations. Would recommend x

M Alyce From Australia On 28/10/2021

Always spot on ,Maureen doesn't tell lies she says exactly what you know about your life,thanks alot for the uplifting reading

Namhla From England On 23/10/2021

God send and accurate

Thank you Maureen I felt so much better after speaking to you thank yoi

Sheila from on22/9/21 From London On 22/09/2021

The real deal

All I have to say is Maureen is real and knows whats happening. So accurate! I know what Maureen said is coming true, because she explained it so precisely. Thanks Maureen!!! I feel so much better to have clarity!

Mish From London U.K On 14/08/2021


Thank you for the clear guidance which was given in a short time. All my questions were answered.

Holly From Australia On 18/05/2021

My queen

Its so hard to get hold of her once she gets online that explains that she is outstanding,Maureen I will always be grateful to you, your re assuring and comforting readings have helped and gave me strength to walk away from a relationship that wasn't doing me any good as u gave me the hint of better things that ate in store for me and u were so consistent even when I call next time and not give any details about myself , thanks alot

Kate From manchester UK On 14/05/2021


Had a lovely reading with Maureen today absolutely amazing. She picked up on my situation straight away and was such a lovely lady to speak to and very accurate. Please post my review she deserves it so much . Thank you Maureen really look forward to speaking to you soon. Lisa

Lisa From Birmingham On 27/04/2021

U are so amazing darling thanks alot and u were so accurate about my situation,in line with other top readers on this platform

phiwo From England On 19/04/2021

Fabulous as always

Maureen just blows me away whenever I call her whether it’s a specific question or a general question she always picks up on my POI on every reading she’s always consistent. I ask questions that I already know the answer to and she answers it so that’s how I know she’s the real deal. Some of her predictions haven’t come to pass yet but there’s still time for it to happen so will update you soon.

Dolly From Essex On 26/03/2021


this reader read the whole situation . My ex needed to make a decision I didn’t mention this I just said we broke up going through a lot .since I walked away and she NAILED IT. she said she’s at a difficult decision, showing healing coming. I was feeling guilty but this just showed I walked away before I got Ill. She was completely blind. This is the best reading. It made a lot of sense she was outstanding will come back to here

Raquel From USA On 26/03/2021

Phenomenal Reader

Maureen is an angel godmother. Not only she predicted my future but all made me feel stronger and more empowered. I got off the phone feeling in control of my problems. I can't thank her enough. Thank you Maureen, I'll call you again soon for more.

Anuradha From UK On 25/03/2021

The best ever !!

Maureen has been my rock through extremely difficult times I love her to pieces thank you so much ...please post she deserves all the positivity x

Ashantie From On 15/03/2021


Maureen is such a lovely lady. I have had a few readings with her since last year and she has never changed her predictions regarding my situation and its outcome. 10 stars

Teresa From Hertfordshire On 13/03/2021

Sorry we got cut off. Picked up on the situation straight away. Great insight into my past insecurities, followed by helpful straight forward advice. Thank you

From North East England On 23/02/2021


Thanks Maureen. You have given me hope xx

Tara From sussex On 17/02/2021


Maureen, thank you so very much for your lovely reading today. I am so glad I was able to speak to you. You were so right about me having the answer to my own problems and how to sort them. What an amazing lady to speak to.... very accurate and spot on with her readings.

Carrie From Kent On 06/02/2021

Accurate and lovely

fantastic! really knows her stuff, gets your situation right away. Also a lovely person. Many thanks. xxxxx

yvonne From northamptonshire On 04/02/2021

Fairy Godmother

Maureen is the best on here, she tells you the truth and her guidance is amazing call her you won't regret. I absolutely love her xx

From On 19/01/2021


I found Maureen is such a lovely ,kind and patient reader. I love her style and they way she delivers her predictions. She has given me the same predictions as some others readings I have had so fingers crossed they come true. Thanks Maureen xx

Rene From On 19/01/2021

Very accurate

Was very good new my concerns but legal reasons couldn’t determine the outcome apart from seeing my future as happy. I would of gave 5 stars if not for this glitch thank you it’s gave me hope very accurate indeed with everything

Tanya From Lincolshire On 09/01/2021


I've been getting readings from Maureen for awhile now, on a very complicated relationship issue. She's clear, concise and very accurate. She always provides loads of detail and does not sugar coat anything. Being a reader myself I am very particular and she ticks all of the boxes for me. Thanks so much Maureen, your my rock. Love and light Kelly xx

Kelly From Scotland On 17/12/2020

wow wow

Maureen is amazing, spot on everytime with loads of detail 5 stars

Teresa From North LONDON On 01/12/2020

Always Amazing!!!

I've had several readings with Maurren and she has always ben accurate, clear and concise. She does not sugar coat ANYTHING!! But, she has such a beautiful soul and is compassionate and non judgmental. Being a reader myself, I am very particular about my readers and Maureen is one of the best. Thanks so much Maureen for everything. Love and Light Kelly xx

Kelly From Scotland On 28/11/2020

Thank you

I hope this review gets posted. Lauren is phenomenal, not only does she have a true genuine gift , but she’s also lovely and so understanding. Sorry for getting frustrated, it wasn’t at you it was at the situation, but you helped me to calm down. Your brought a smile on my face for a moment so thank you. I hope the good times come in soon like you say it will Love & light ✨✨✨

C From West Midlands On 20/11/2020

Manchester UK

10 stars from me to you lovely Maureen , u know your stuff too well and I hail u for that

Phiwo From On 17/09/2020

The best

Maureen is the best reader ever knows her cards very well thank you I can’t wait until it happens. Makes me feel so much better my fairy god mother xx

Naz From Uk On 08/09/2020

The best

Best reader love her so accurate knows everything and what ppl are thinking thanks for always helping me in such a hard situation love u xxx my fairy god mother

Naz From Bedfordshire On 03/09/2020

The best

Best reader knows her cards very good my main reader knows what’s going on and what’s to occur. Obviously timing isn’t spot on for everyone but she knows the overall picture and if it’s coming soon. Love u thanks for always being there my fairy god mother xxxx

Naz From United kingdom On 29/08/2020

Fav reader

Always have readings with her always right knows her cards well consistent makes me feel better she needs more reviews ...literally my top reader love u Maureen xxx

Naz From Uk On 25/08/2020


I really rate Maureen. I've had at least 3 readings with her and not explained that we've spoken before or who I am or what she said the last time, and she has always been consistent with what she says. I find her comforting and reassuring and ALWAYS feel better after speaking to her. Sorry my pin ran out again. I'm surprised at the lack of reviews coz I think she is very very good and i will always leave her a positive one! X x x x

Joanna From Uk On 21/08/2020


Thank you for such a detailed and informative reading, I will be back to update you soon xx

From London On 14/08/2020


I spoke to maureen for the first time last night and I swear this woman is a god send. I got off the phone feeling in control of my problems. I felt completely reassured. Loved my reading & couldnt help but extend it. I thankyou so much and will be calling again. Also I recommend this lovely lady to anyone and everyone. Lots of love

Natasha From Scotland On 12/08/2020

I spoke to maureen for the first time last night and I swear this woman is a god send. I got off the phone feeling in control of my problems. I felt completely reassured. Loved my reading & couldnt help but extend it. I thankyou so much and will be calling again. Also I recommend this lovely lady to anyone and everyone. Lots of love

Natasha From On 12/08/2020

Thank you

This lady sees everything ! I did not need to say nothing : she picked it up and delivered . Looking forward to prediction . Thank you and bless you xxxx

From On 08/08/2020

Really good

From On 08/08/2020


This lady is wonderful! I've spoken to her before and she was 100% consistent. She deserve 100 more positive reviews. She COMPLETELY understood the situation. Feeling much better after speaking with her. Thank you so so much and sorry my pin ran out! 1 of the best readers in here for sure! X x

Joanna From Uk On 09/07/2020


Maureeen thank you so much, I love how you read , it was spot on with everything. I will call you again. Big hugs from Scotland xxx

From On 04/07/2020

Bless you !

I’m the lady who repeatedly said how good you are so I hope you see this. You are amazing at what you do and you should know that! Thank you so much and I hope I get to speak to you soon xx

Sue From London On 29/06/2020


Thankyou so much for your time such good insight was spot on with everything in regards to my current situation she knows her stuff you will not be disappointed it was so lovely talking to you bless you.

From On 18/06/2020

Prediction Came true

Maureen is such a lovely lady, she tells you the real deal and everything so far she said has happened..give her a call and thank me later...

Ealing From London On 18/06/2020


This lady knows her cards very spiritual spot on just waiting for predictions to come through which I believe will as other top readers have said thank u for being there always love u xx

Naz From On 06/06/2020

Spot on!

Really spot on reading. This lovely lady totally understood the situation and was correct in everything she picked up on. 95% of psychics I've spoken to have said the exact same thing. Very reassuring and powerful reading. Thank you so much. My pin ran out so sorry I suddenly cut off. X x x x x

Joanna From Sussex On 20/05/2020


Very good psychic.

Chris From London On 05/05/2020

Such deep perception

I love having readings with Maureen, she is able to understand people's characters and gives such detail about relationships. Her predictions on contact have happened and the advice she gives is practical, there's no wishy washy fairytale stuff. No pauses in the information she gives and she doesn't need time to "tune in". You'll get a lot for your minutes.

A From Brum On 11/04/2020


Excellent reader! I did need to asking any questions! Maureen knew how a was feeling and what’s going on in my life! I have no ideal why she doesn’t have many reviews! Thanks again highly recommended!

From On 08/04/2020


Wonderful readers knows her stuff and cards her readings are the same for u gives good information from spirit in line with other top readers on this site . Thank u Maureen your my regular xxx

Naz From Uk On 06/04/2020

I've had many readings and you've always been consistent. Which really amazes me cause some change their readings and it leaves me wondering if it was the same psychic. You'll always be my go to psychic as you are always spot on.Thank you

From UK On 25/03/2020


I like Maureen, she is wise lady and to the point. But predictions didnt come true last month and this month I heard opposite opinion and advice for the same man. So a bit confused what to do. Still like Maureen a lot.

From On 24/03/2020


Thank you Maureen first for Saturday read sorry I kept losing you. I am holding on to hom finally contact me and that my hell is nearly over. Maureen is a understanding reader picks up on situation immediately highly recommended. I pray your right and hope to speak soon bless you x

Kim From Bradford On 16/02/2020


Thank you Maureen for a reading that was very clear! You saw everything that had happened and told it how it was. You have an amazing gift. I’ll be back again xx

Lisa From Australia On 14/02/2020

Very good

Thank you

From On 02/02/2020


This woman should have more reviews - she's a top reader. Call her before she is difficult to get through to...

Chris From London On 29/01/2020

Maureen Maureen you are great!!

Spoke to this lady on a few occasions. Her readings are consistent and very accurate. She is an extremely special lady who is brilliant at what she does. She should have more reviews. She is in line with the best readers on here. Maureen I want to thank you again and again for your honesty and the caring nature. You say it how it is with no sugar coating, but deliver it with so much compassion and without judging anyone. Absolutely amazing. This is my go to girl. Beautiful soul and she cares. Xx cheers Mo xx brilliant xx

Tara From Sussex On 17/01/2020


I thought she was brilliant...told it like it is x

shell From Wales On 05/01/2020

On point

Spoke to her last week, correct on everything.

From South London On 20/12/2019

Too vague

My own intuition makes me think she’s genuine , but she’s just too vague. If I pay for a reading I want to know and have specific info feed back to me for me to know what’s being said and what situation and who within the situation is being referred to. I don’t want to be filling in the gaps, thinking and saying well it might mean this or might mean that.

From On 10/12/2019


Maureen is kind and gave me reassurance. Her reading was accurate with no prompting. She is the real deal. Thank you for everything. God bless x

Nai From London On 10/08/2019

Three and a half to four star

Picked up on quite detailed info that related specifically to me. And I like how she was honest and didn't try to fob me of/ make stuff up during the times when she was not picking up on anything. A good three and half star to four reading. Not the best reader on here but certainly by no means the worse and defiantly genuine and when asked for a general reading she was able to pick up on some reasonably spot on and detailed info without being given any topic or feed any info. Not the best reader on here but certainly not the worse. If I needed a reading and my top two readers weren't available I would certainly consider contacting Maureen again. And she may have the potential to be some callers first go to reader?

Gates From Swindon On 17/06/2019

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I have over twenty years experience as a Tarot card reader,both over the phone and on a face to face level. When you contact me for a reading you can be assured that I will find all the aspects of the situation that is going on around you.I can focus on past influences,the dilemma that is challenging you at the present,and a way forward that provides a long lasting positive final outcome. PIN: 1387

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I use my intuition and support from my guides and the universe to assist me in reading the cards and assisting you with answering any questions you have. I specialise in giving tarot card readings for general and specific areas of your life. I first became aware over 20 years ago. I felt a connection with people; the insight grew stronger over the years. I have been offering readings for people since. PIN: 8455

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I have 30 years experience of reading the tarot. I am clairsentient, connecting with spirit through my guides. I am non judgemental, compassionate and intuitive. l can assist with love, relationships, career, family matters and general insight. I aim to give clarity on what is the best way to move forward, and give clarity when answering your questions in depth. I love the energy that comes through the tarot, showing the best outcomes in situations. PIN: 8039

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Hello, my name is Amanda, my grandmother was a physic and would also read tea leaves. I realized at the age of 8 that I had inherited her physic ability when dreams and visualizations of events would come true a few days later. I have 20 years of tarot card reading experience and specialise in love, relationship, and employment issues. I’m nonjudgemental, I have empathy and a kind heart, I will use all of my skills and physic ability to answer any question. PIN: 1831

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