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Kia is brilliant, very accurrate and a lovely person. Thank you so much. Liz x

liz From ireland On 28/02/2022

Please be on messenger

Please stay on messenger so I can get hold of you!!!

From On 24/02/2022

Beautiful ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Shes worth every penny. Kia is a genuine soul very sweet, very fast and very talented. i Actually enjoyed myself and throwed Question after question all of that were answered in honesty.

Lucinda From Bosnia On 16/02/2022

She was alright seemed like she wasn't sure of what she was saying

From On 16/02/2022

So hard to get hold of!

Wish I could get a reading. I either miss you on the phones or someone else gets in quicker on messenger! Must speak volumes of how good you are!!

From On 11/02/2022

Great to hear your voice !

It’s been so long since we have spoken Kia and it was brilliant to speak to you today. You are as amazing as ever and I can’t wait to speak to you again very soon! Thank you as always x

Gx From M/cr On 08/02/2022

Greatest star on earth

Giulie From Australia On 10/01/2022

Unbelievable!! Shocked!

Word for word Kia got my situation. She’s one of the best or is the best!! So accurate

Charlotte From London On 27/12/2021

Why doesn't she have more reviews?

Straight into the reading without any stalling. Great insight. Same predictions as other good psychics on here.

A From Brum On 17/12/2021

My go to reader x

so glad you're back and that I found you. Astounding, informative and just all round lovely as always.

Tx From On 14/11/2021

Very accurate

Thank you dear for the accurate reading with the two mens you read for me so happy I came through to you I will update hopefully if I can get through to you in sometime lots of love and light to you

Katerina From Wales On 13/11/2021

Very Good

I have speaking to Kia for more than a year now and she has never waivered on her predictions for my long drawn out difficult situation. She gives me hope when I am exhausted. Amazing reader and lovely person. 10 stars

Teresa From North London On 08/10/2021


So sorry we got cut off, thoroughly enjoyed talking to you. Very accurate on all areas of my life and all this without asking questions. Thank you very much xx

Carrie From Kent On 19/07/2021

My go to !!!!!!

Thank u kia, words can't express how much u help me understand with your reading and your calmness speak for you.

Kay From Midlands On 17/07/2021

Astonishingly accurate

Positive, down to earth and easy to speak to. Throughout the call Kia was clear, calm, concise and accurate. My time with Kia was time well spent and I cannot recomend her highly enough.

WB From Bedfordshire On 01/06/2021


Just had reading with Kia... very good picked up on situation straight away such a lovely lady knows her stuff will def call back thanks Kia... plz give her a call xxx

Aa From England On 20/05/2021


Thank you Kia for your reading yesterday morning and this evening, you were a delight to speak with my lovely. I did try and get you after you logged off and then logged on again this evening but someone else was quicker with their fingers!!! I will try and get you again tomorrow to finish off my reading God Bless and thank you again xx

Sul From Birmingham On 20/04/2021


Thank you again for such a lovely reading and for remembering me. I really appreciate speaking to you

Carrie From On 20/04/2021

Spot on!!

Omg so needed to speak to u. Spot on. Stright to point with the reading . she gave 12 month back info. She was a pleasure to talk. Thank u k

Kay From Brum On 15/04/2021

One in a million

She is the best, shes unique, kind, she knows her card, and she just adorable. Kia is a real physic. Deserves more reviews

Max From London On 08/04/2021


Had a reading with lovely Kia ! Who picked up on a current situation which actually unfolded that night ! So the reading suddenly became extremely clear ! She was spot on very accurate and her validations came to pass ! Thank you xxx

Hannah From Midlands On 26/03/2021

She’s back !!

Oh I’m so so pleased your back ! I lost my friend for a while there ! Always spot on accurate and such a good listener ! X x x

Hannah From On 22/03/2021


Always an accurate reading. Very calm, patient and helpful. :)

Sharon From Uk On 19/03/2021


Not sure why Kia doesn’t have more reviews. I had a reading with her this evening and found her to be excellent from start to finish. Tuned in immediately to my complex situation and gave some great insight. She didn’t ask questions, didn’t fish for any information and was confident in her reading. She was also absolutely lovely. Many many thanks Kia

Sarah From UK On 16/03/2021

Very Very Good

Kia is the real deal. True psychic spot on regarding my current situation loads of details and validations. 10 stars

Teresa From North London On 03/03/2021


Thank you do much Kia .... Had such a lovely reading with Kia today, something I really needed after having a frustrating year...she picked up on a connection with a POI. Explained how he's been feeling and what his intentions are. You were also very accurate around other areas of my life. I really enjoyed talking to you, you managed to put a smile on my face thank you

Carrie From Kent On 25/02/2021


From On 20/02/2021


Thank you Kia that all sounds about right to me, You don't ask questions just get on with it, and that's how it should be xx

Margaret From east anglia On 13/02/2021


She is the best, she can see things immediately which makes me talked to her everyday, kia is a great

Msx From London i On 09/12/2020

clear reading

reading was understandable and made sense... sorry the call was dropped for some reason

caylin From clayton On 20/11/2020


Thank you Kia - Kia was able to read my situation perfectly and describe the feelings and behaviours around me, was a very good in depth reading around my relationship as well as career - I highly recommend Kia - And the bonus is, she is a very lovely lady to chat with :) Thank you Kia, Claire xx

Claire From Wales, UK On 16/11/2020


This lady knows her stuff. Spot on, no questions asked just straight into the reading. 5 stars all the way

Teresa From Hertfordshire On 07/11/2020


Had a reading today with Kia. Lovely lady to talk to she picked up on the situation straight away. Would recommend you won't be disappointed. Will keep you updated of progress x

Sam From North East On 02/11/2020

I honestly don't get how this reader is constantly busy. Sometimes even for hours on end, with no reviews?!

Jaskiran From London On 27/10/2020

This is second time I've put this review up so can you please post it.... Kia is such an amazing reader, I've spoken to her alot and she's such a lovely compassionate person... I'm waiting for the things to happen that she said and will then change from 4 stars to 5. She's only reader I'll go to now as every other reader I've spoken to has always changed their outcomes etc where as my situation has always remained the same when Kia does my readings. I really hope the stuff happens.... ❤❤

Carrie From On 21/10/2020


Ive had 5 or 6 readings with kia and NOTHING HAS COME TRUE. I dont understand why shes always busy. No reviews says it all

Geraldine From Dorset On 16/10/2020

Kia is a very intuitive and picked up on what I wanted to know without me asking. She is caring and a great listener. Julie from Australia

Julie From Australia On 16/10/2020

I've spoken to Kia a few times. Her readings have been consistent. And she's only one i want to speak too. Im giving her 5 stars for how lovely she truly is but I've only left 4 as im waiting to see if what she said really does happen. (Which I hope) time frames haven't been right at the moment. But hopefully they will at some point.... you're definitely the best reader on here Kia xxx

Carrie From UK On 03/10/2020

Good Connection

Had a reading today. Still waiting for things to unfold. Liked how she was able to pick up what has been happening around me naturally without any prompting from me. Answered all my questions with ease. Call her today you ll not be disappointed Based on this I have faith in the reading and I am now waiting for things to unfold.

From On 21/09/2020

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