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22 reviews

Alison - 7594

I can offer a clear insight into many situations, I specialise in love and relationships, career and finance, family matters and all matters of the heart. I am very down to earth and will not sugar coat a reading but will always give insight with warmth and compassion. I have a great sense of humour. PIN: 7594

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Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I am an experienced Tarot card reader, working together with my spirit guide for over 13 years to offer insight and clarity with the aim of inspiring and empowering my clients to move forward positively along their chosen life path. My varied life and work experiences have helped me to work with a non-judgemental and compassionate approach. I am passionate about assisting people through challenging times.

When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I have had the gift from childhood and have developed this as an adult. My abilities strengthened after the passing of my father in 2009. He is my guide and can always clearly deliver the information.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I am a highly intuitive empath who is non-judgemental and has faced many of life’s challenges. I am a great communicator and believe in giving 100% attention to every client during their reading.

Recent Reviews Of Alison


Excellent reader

Picks up well easy to talk to excellent reader

- Tania, Hertfordshire



could not get a sentence out speaks over u likes the sound of her voice please post !!

- emma, uk


Moved away from readings

This lady used to be so good but last few readings she doesn't seem to bother

- Jay, Leicester


Spot on

Alison was able to quickly pick up on my situation without prompts. Very detailed and accurate reading, and only some stuff that I would know she picked up on. Amazing, calm and down to earth lovely lady. Great reader, give her a try. One of the best readers on this site.

- Lesley, South Yorkshire


Amazing reading

Alison deserves a rating of 5 stars and not 4.3 stars . She was accurate and honest though she took some time to start her reading. I would love to talk to her again

- Varshini, Bradford



Really fast at confirming my suspicions only wish she was live more.fab reader.

- Sherrie, Derby


- Ana, Uk



She was the only person whose prediction happened on the particular day. Im now waiting for the rest of her predictions to happen. Definitely will speak to her again❤️

- Monika, London



Excellent reader, this lady tells the truth and has helped with my situation.Don't expect her to just tell you what you want to hear.

- Sunny, West Midlands



Asks a lot of questions and gives you a lot of advice and therapy !!

- Mar, Uk


Unsure now

Please post for fairness. I wish I had the same experience as last time, however it wasn't. It sounded like someone different. My first call was so upbeat with reading as other readers, thus time it was negative and very exhausting.

- Kath, Uk



Absolutely brilliant and accurate reader thank you

- Jay, Leicester


Strong connection

Alison made predictions on the 5th and 16th Dec and so far 3 out of 6 have come true I hope the other 3 also come true! She is wonderful and a great reader!, God bless you Alison

- NKJ, London


Wish you were available more often

My new go to reader hits the nail on the head for me every time. Should logon more often.

- Joyce, Yorkshire



Really calmed me down and gave a clear reading.

- ,


deserves more reviews

very understanding and not judgemental, picks up on the situation

- ,



I use this website quite a lot. I had a 6 minutes of reading and in this short time she gave me a very important and unusual reason why my POI likes me for. She wouldn't be able to know it if she wasn't a strong psychic. I look forward to talking to her for longer time very soon. Thanks for answering all my questions in such short time. Amazing!

- Anuradha, UK



Alison is a phenomenal reader!! Picked up on my recent payrise, that I'm studying. Alison also accurately picked up on my POI. Gave predictions which I hope will come to fruition. I would certainly come back to Alison for another reading in future. Also got contact in the timeframe she'd said too. Give her a try - honestly better than most on here. Will be a top reader on this site for sure.

- R, NI


Quick, detailed, would call again

Alison wasn't my first choice but I'm glad I got her. She quickly picked up alot about the POI including details about his drinking and depression and the demise of our relationship. I would give her a try. Thank you :)

- Georgina, Australia


a lot of questions.

- ,


- Chris, London


Straight to the point

Alison was straight to the point, understood my difficult situation and reassured me about what I thought and was feeling.

- Hardeep, Birmingham