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Very gifted lady

Tasha is such a gifted and genuinely caring lady .

Emma From London On 17/08/2019

Just love this chic!

Always so on point Tasha, thank you xxx

From Japan On 21/07/2019

She is great!

A very accurate, intelligent and caring reading from Tasha. She is fab, call her! Thank you xxxx

eve From northamptonshire On 18/07/2019

Woow... woow..

Outstanding..!!! It’s as if Tasha has spoken to my ex and have heard our conversations. She gave me so much information on what has been going on... I’m waiting for predictions to unfold. She made the same predictions as some of the top readers here (Sadie 3432, Julia 6622, Linda 5360, Lillia).. Thank you..❤️

Marry K From London On 08/07/2019

Thanks again x

Awesome as always x

From On 01/07/2019

Thank you

Thank you for another fabulous reading. This lady is amazing!

From On 28/06/2019


She is superb and really talented extremely gifted and gives a good solid reading thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 27/06/2019

Thank you

Your one of the good one top reader Tasha! Like your ways of reading .and best your to the point.no get way from you like it lol nice lady give here a try

Sharon From Stoke on Trent On 30/05/2019

5 stars

Thank you Tash, what a refreshing reading! You are a rock star psychic and so on point with details. Will update about your predictions when they unfold. Really appreciated the reassurance, but more than that, your patience with me as I shot 100 questions your way! Very professional & lovely reader, highly recommended!

N From Devon On 20/05/2019


Great reading and gave precise visual details about the person was phoning about and there personality spot on and looks like a great outcome. Some readers beat around the bush, are slow and ask to many questions or waffle about anything, but Tasha is straight into it and wastes no time. She makes you feel positive about the future.

Liam From London On 18/05/2019


Agree with previous reviews will wait to see if prediction comes true in areas discussed. Will certainly make contact again.

P From Midlands On 13/05/2019


Very mellow and causal - but don't let her manner deceive you. She is precise and perceptive. Just... excellent.

Paul From Machester On 10/05/2019

Love Reading

Hi Tasha so far two of your predictions have happened already fingers cross the rest shall follow thanks Tasha I feel like iam talking to a friend you have been my rock through this tuff time I've been going through lately like An Angel give here call you won't be disappointed she explains situation so well like she is exactly there and can see what's going on totally mind blowing I shall speak with you soon Tasha thanks God bless you Marie uk x

Marie From England On 08/05/2019

Good and kind reader

Lovely lady, excellent reader. Helped with some insight to several ongoing situations x

Melanie From UK On 28/04/2019

First reading with this lovely lady it on't be the last!

Thank you for reassuring, cannot wait for all your predictions to happen. :)

Miss Palmer From East Midlands, UK On 27/04/2019

Great person

I come to rely on this amazing woman she is awesome

James From Milton Keynes On 21/04/2019


Tash is fabulous Authentic, straight to point? Intuitive basically the entire. I wished we lived closer as I eould really love to be able to give her a hug. She feels like a beautiful friend. Blessings to you Tash

Gerrie From Australia On 13/04/2019

Top reader

Tasha is brilliant. Quickly connects and reveals the situation.

Guy From Lobdon On 09/04/2019

Love Reading

Tasha thankyou so much for your reading the other day you really put my mind at rest sorry I ran out of minutes I'm just waiting now for predictions to happen I pray so he will still come in May you are lovely lady thankyou god bless I highly recommend Tasha she read the situation really well like she was there I shall speak with you soon Marie uk

From On 06/04/2019


Tasha delved into the unique characteristics and behaviour of a very very very complicated man, validation after validation just flowed. The situation she read about was horrendous for me and she knew ever detail of it as though she had been a fly on the wall - I was amazed and extended my time with her because everything she stated was so incredibly correct. This lady is a truly gifted genuine reader. Thank you x

anon From Uk On 30/03/2019


Thank you for a great reading. You were spot on with everything

From On 29/03/2019

Five stars... great!

Tasha is fantastic...... very quick, clear and accurate. And empathetic, a good listener too. Do ring her, she is the real deal and very special. Thank you xx

eve From northamptonshire On 29/03/2019

Prediction happened

Had a reading with Tasha 2 wks ago and her prediction is starting to unfold. She told me that my situation will get better starting last week which was true!My home situation is a lot better and happier. Waiting for the big prediction to happen. Thank you Tasha!

C From London On 26/03/2019

Spot on !!

Brilliant picked up on everything give her a go thank you. I hope your predictions happen.

Glen From Ireland On 21/03/2019


Thank you Tasha for your uplifting reading.

Sue From Derby On 19/03/2019

Thank you so much . Very pleased with the reading . Sorry I got cut off . Keep doing what your doing . Your great xxx

Julia From Burton on trent On 18/03/2019


Had a reading with Tasha and she picked up on everything and was very professional she also gave good predictions. Give her a go !

Glen From Ireland On 17/03/2019



DIANA From SOUTHPORT On 16/03/2019

Very good indeed

Thank you for taping in so well. I'll be waiting for the phone call next week.

Libran From Aus On 16/03/2019

Accurate and relaxed

Had a lovely reading with Tasha. Immediate connection and very reassuringly

Caroline From Gration On 15/03/2019


You really helped me Tasha, thank you. L From Spain

From On 09/03/2019


Just had amazing reading from Tasha spot on lovely lady talk too thanks xxx

From Scotland On 07/03/2019


Such a beautiful energy Tasha possesses! Thank you so much lovely lady, I’ll definitely keep you updated about the Leo in the time of Aries. xx

From On 24/02/2019

Very good indeed

Great connection - read the situation really well, and gave helpful insight in what s to come. Many thanks.

Libran From Aus On 17/02/2019


Incredible lady x

annie From london On 15/02/2019

amazing positve reading

Thank for your guidance and advise will keep you posted on the business, very uplifting.

Sam From London On 09/02/2019

Clear and precise!

Tasha's reading was clear and precise, she answers all your questions in-depth. Thank you so so much!

L From Australia On 08/02/2019


Great reading with Tasha, spot on with situations going on in my life. Would have to agree with the over review, puts more effort into her reading than some of the long time readers. Will keep you update on your predictions...thanks J

From Australia On 05/02/2019

Very Good

Give her a try. Definitely tuned in to my situation. Said May will be a significant month for things getting better for me. I will update when predictions happen. Thank you Tasha great reading. X

Tara From On 03/02/2019

very accurate

I have been having the craziest week of my life making BIG decisions about relocating and a new job. I didn't say a word and Tasha picked up on it all through her cards, I came off the phone feeling so much better. There is no way she could have known what I have been going through! she is so thorough and amazing!! Give the newbies a try, I have noticed they put in a lot more effort to make a connection! xxx

S From On 03/02/2019

Very positive

Very positive reading, got my situation, genuine and authentic and honestic and is a gifted reader i would recommend

Maria From London On 01/02/2019

Psychic Reader Wendy
WendyPIN : 1830 Call : 1902 256 955
(Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles pay extra)
Using the Tarot to give me insight from universal wisdom, I can assist my callers to work out the the best path for their future and even better it if they explore different perspectives. As well as reading tarot for the last twenty years, I am a qualified Life Coach and Reiki master and I know there is a good way forward, the tarot is a good tool to bringing positive advice to my callers. PIN: 1830
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Psychic Reader Ceridwen
CeridwenPIN : 3030 Call : 1902 256 955
(Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles pay extra)
My bloodline runs all the way back to the earliest days of the Tarot cards. So it seemed inevitable that I would start to read them when I was very young. I have been reading professionally since the turn of the century. I also use Angel cards and sometimes the runes as well. I give caring,compassionate, advice in readings that are non judgemental and confidential. I can advise you on problems concerning love,work,general finances,home and family. PIN: 3030
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Psychic Reader Rose
RosePIN : 2903 Call : 1902 256 955
(Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles pay extra)
Hi my name is Rose, I've been a psychic reader for more than 20 years, I also have had experiences with the passed over since I was a child mainly with relatives. I live in Manchester but I am originally from London, I use Greek tarot cards and a spiritual guide to guide me within readings. Call me for answers today PIN: 2903
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Psychic Reader Ray
RayPIN : 5222 Call : 1902 256 955
(Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles pay extra)
I've always been a spiritual person, even as a small child. I started reading tarot cards 21 years ago after I inherited them from a very intuitive medium. I have been with the cards ever since. I can offer callers a place where they will feel valued, respected and understood. A place where they can seek insight and personalised readings. PIN: 5222
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Psychic Reader Victoria
VictoriaPIN : 5200 Call : 1902 256 955
(Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles pay extra)
For over 30 years, my spiritual abilities have been concentrated in Tarot and Psy Card readings. I use my intuition to understand the spread of Tarot Cards to give spiritual clarity by conveying what is going to happen in the future with regards to a particular person, place or event. Please call me for a professional Tarot card reading today. PIN: 5200
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Psychic Reader Micheal
MichealPIN : 7186 Call : 1902 256 955
(Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles pay extra)
I've been working ten years as a spiritual medium, I sense and feel the presence of the spirit world. I work with the spiritual side of things by this I mean your loved ones who are in spirit, they walk beside you each and every day. I became more aware of the spiritual side of life when I was a young boy. And we grow and learn every day our journey of learning never stops. Sometimes I hear spirit as well as see them on occasions. PIN: 7186
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Busy For 10 Minutes
Psychic Reader Paige
PaigePIN : 2484 Call : 1902 256 955
(Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles pay extra)
Hello, I am Paige and I am of Irish decent. I have been Clairvoyant since very young & often tell people things that I could not have known. I can hear voices, see angels and when I connect to people I feel their aura which helps me to connect with their spirit. Please call me today for a Clairvoyant spirit reading with me. PIN: 2484
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Busy For 21 Minutes
Psychic Reader Lucy
LucyPIN : 8061 Call : 1902 256 955
(Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles pay extra)
Hi I mainly use the Tarot cards and crystals to give you a fulfilling reading. I have been offering readings for over 30 years and I specialize with problems of the heart. I am a member of the psychic university and practice my abilities daily. I work as a medium and can assist you in contacting your loved ones. I also offer guidance with career issues. PIN NUMBER 8061
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Busy For 3 Minutes
Psychic Reader Heather
HeatherPIN : 5502 Call : 1902 256 955
(Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles pay extra)
I am a Tarot and Angel card reader with over 30 years experience providing good insight from the various cards I read. My spirit guides and Angel guides help me with my readings. I use a crystal pendulum to get yes or no answers to direct questions. My readings are always friendly and enjoyable. I specialize in love relationships and careers. And also can do more general readings. PIN: 5502
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Busy For 6 Minutes
Psychic Reader Amanda
AmandaPIN : 1831 Call : 1902 256 955
(Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles pay extra)
Hello, my name is Amanda, my grandmother was a physic and would also read tea leaves. I realized at the age of 8 that I had inherited her physic ability when dreams and visualizations of events would come true a few days later. I have 20 years of tarot card reading experience and specialise in love, relationship, and employment issues. I’m nonjudgemental, I have empathy and a kind heart, I will use all of my skills and physic ability to answer any question. PIN: 1831
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Busy For 1 Minute
Psychic Reader Misty
MistyPIN : 9149 Call : 1902 256 955
(Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles pay extra)
I am a tarot and psychic reader with over 25 years’ worth of experience reading for many people. I can help with love and relationships, career and family issues. I can also do general readings and readings on specific things important to you. I first became aware of my abilities as a young child and could sense things with my natural foresight. I have lived in four countries and so this has given me a greater understanding of people from many walks of life. PIN: 9149
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Busy For 26 Minutes
Psychic Reader Eva
EvaPIN : 1913 Call : 1902 256 955
(Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles pay extra)
Hello, I am Eva a compassionate Psychic Tarot reader. I am here to assist you when you are feeling down or when you are searching for answers to your questions. I am a passionate and professional reader with many years worth of experience. I do not judge and I can assist with love, relationships, family, career and many other areas also. PIN: 1913
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Busy For 5 Minutes
Psychic Reader Heather
HeatherPIN : 1677 Call : 1902 256 955
(Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles pay extra)
I am an accomplished Tarot card reader with over 30 years experience. I have psychic ability and I have spirit and Angelic guidance. I've also studied and practised palmistry, crystal therapies, dowsing, Angel cards and aura cleansing. I can assist with love, work and money issues or anything else you need advice with. PIN: 1677
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Busy For 15 Minutes
Psychic Reader Psychic Katie
Psychic KatiePIN : 3107 Call : 1902 256 955
(Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles pay extra)
I have many years experience in tarot card reading. I am naturally a very intuitive person and I connect using voice vibration. I also have the ability to connect with spirits and how to interpret the messages I receive from them. I meditate frequently to keep my abilities on top form. PIN: 3107
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Busy For 25 Minutes
Psychic Reader Sasha
SashaPIN : 4107 Call : 1902 256 955
(Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles pay extra)
I am a Tarot empath with 20 years of experience. I am here to assist people to find their true inner wisdom. I want to assist you with love, career and relationships. I come from a family of psychics and their beautiful gifts have been passed onto me. I know use my gifts to read for people from all over the world. Let's find your true light and let's answer your questions today. PIN: 4107
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Busy For 19 Minutes
Psychic Reader Angela Mystry
Angela MystryPIN : 5438 Call : 1902 256 955
(Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles pay extra)
My very spiritual grandma gave me my first set of tarot cards when I was 15 yrs old and I'm now over 60 so I'm a very experienced Reader. I'm confident that I can read a person's true self via the cards. I usually ask just one or two questions in order to connect with you completely and I can offer a reading, looking at the influences of the recent past upon your future. I am also happy to answer specific queries about love and emotion. PIN: 5438
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Busy For 6 Minutes
Psychic Reader Samantha
SamanthaPIN : 1347 Call : 1902 256 955
(Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles pay extra)
You know that never ending dark tunnel, the bottom of the pit when you feel as if you have no way out and nobody there to assist you? We all know the one I am talking about - I will guide you to find the light at the end of that tunnel with my natural psychic abilities. PIN NUMBER 1347
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Busy For 18 Minutes
Psychic Reader Susan
SusanPIN : 2685 Call : 1902 256 955
(Calls cost $1.98 per minute including GST. Mobiles pay extra)
I was born a natural clairvoyant, but it took a while for me to understand the messages I was receiving for others. I've worked as a professional psychic since my early twenties for clients all around the world, so I have over 25 years of specialist experience in this work and will always do my best to answer any specific questions you may have. I specialise in love and relationship readings and can provide a telephone forecast for you. PIN: 2685
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