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I have had several readings before with other readers, collin connected with me wasted no time straight into the reading. Gave advice, hopefully his reading will come to pass. Sorry Collin you were closing the reading I did not cut you off reached by phone limit. Will call you again. I would advise you to try him.

Steph From Shropshire On 19/02/2022


Pretty spot on, just hope for the out come

From On 02/02/2022

Prediction come to light

Sn From London On 11/12/2021


Colin is such a lovely kind hearted man! Doesn’t sugar coat tells you exactly what he sees! I have all faith and trust his predictions are going to pass! Lovely lovely man, thank you so much will be back to let you know how things turn out ! X

Rosie From Leeds On 10/12/2021

Very insightful and accurate

Colin is a very gifted person. He was able to tune in and accurately see my situation. He gave me confidence and enforced my faith in what I hope and believe will come to be and in myself for the positive road I have ahead of me. Thank you Colin

Neil From London On 29/11/2021


This was my first time speaking to Colin, he picked up my situation straight away, a situation that was very testing, by the end of the call, i felt there was hope, thanks Colin your a shining star!!

christine From London On 05/11/2021


I had a reading with Colin and I was truly surprised by how tuned in he was, it was far more than just card interpretation- I could tell he had a psychic insight too as he said a few things that made me think that. He is such sincere person and I just love his shiny sparkly warm caring energy. The predictions are yet to come but I have no doubt they will manifest

Monika From Lomdon On 24/10/2021

Just incredible

I've had 2 readings with Colin both months apart around the same subject and both times exactly the same cards have come out. What an absolute pleasure it is to talk to him. He's is such a caring and wonderful human being and I hope your predictions come true! Speak to you soon Colin! You're an absolute gem!

From On 01/09/2021

Perfect reading

Everything that Colin told me was true, and he also confirmed my own thoughts. If you want an honest reading call Colin. Thank you!

Simone From Uk On 01/08/2021


Thankyou colin a lovely man

Hazel From England On 01/08/2021

Best reader!

Colin is my go to reader. Everything he has predicted had happened. He has never failed me, he definitely has a gift. He is also very supportive and understanding and just like a father figure to me....

MARIE From London On 30/07/2021

Colin is FAB

Colin is authentic and works hard to interpret the cards and how they relate to your situation/question. I have had many readings with Colin, and he always has a lovely energy.

Carolyn From East Anglia On 29/07/2021

Genuine and honest in his reading 10

He was definitely spot on with my reading today, very nice man and genuine definitely and very caring soul to.

From West Midlands On 08/07/2021

Absolutely spot on.

Had two readings of coming first one he told me I would come into money wishing 6 months and I did got an inheritance. I really hope his second one comes true too. He knew my situation spot on. Awesome.

Darren From Rotherham On 30/06/2021

Fantastic Reader

What a lovely soul Coin is. He read with confidence and calmness, and clarity. The way he intubated the cards was very relevant to my current situation. Will definitely be calling Colin for an update. Thank you

Anne-Marie From Wales On 20/06/2021

Fantastic reader

I talked with you in November 2020. Your prediction happened in January 2021 as you described. I talked with you in March and June 2021. I will update you about your last predictions. Thank you so much, Colin.

S From Australia On 14/06/2021

Wonderful reader

I can't rate this true Gent highly enough! Thank you for a long and patient call with me last night. You tackled a complex situation with grace and kindness, and your psychic insights were impeccable. You put my mind and heart at ease, which was no small feat! Bless and thank you again. Lx

L From Devon On 31/05/2021


Wow!!! Wow !!! Brilliant reader! Couldn’t ask for a better reader

Louise From Wales On 29/05/2021

Amazing reader

Collin is one of the best readers here, he is calm and confident not wasting your time asking question just get on with reading, Collin was spot on on current situations which it makes me feel and believe what's coming in near future Thank you very much my Friend

Fata From London On 22/05/2021


I had a real eye opening reading from Colin today. He gives detailed information in a gentle and compassionate way. I am now looking forward to my future. Thank you Colin.

Ann From Scotland On 21/05/2021

Thank you

You gave me hope that wish will be fulfilled Colin though I am 53. Miracles do happen. You connected very well. Your reading was honest and you were kind . Thank you

Varshini From Blackpool On 10/05/2021


The connection with Colin was amazing right from the start. I knew straught away that he was genuine as he picked up on the difficulties in my relationship accurately and went on to clarify the how we came to be where we are without any prompting. Given his incredible insight into things no one else could possible know I am 100% recommending Colin as the real deal - absolutely fantastic.

c From Scotland On 09/05/2021

Another thoughtful sincere reading

Colin is very skillful in reading the cards and picking up situations and feelings. Colin is my go to reader.

Summerday From Suffolk On 07/05/2021

Absolutely Wonderful!

I couldn't recommend Colin highly enough. What a wonderfully positive person to talk to! I was feeling extremely low before my reading with Colin and he really lifted my spirits with his kind nature and the ability to get right into my situation and offering a great insight. I now have renewed faith that things will work out as they should! Thanks again Colin, you were amazing!

Aileen From UK On 29/04/2021

So so good

Colin was amazing. He got everything spot on. Predicted a few things for May June time so we will have to wait and see. He is brilliant thanks again

Tara From Uk On 22/04/2021

Please post

Have reviewed Colin before and not seen it posted. Colin an insightful reader, he has both integrity and empathy. I have had a number of readings with Colin now and they are always consistent. Colin does not waffle and keep you online.

Carolyn From UK On 20/04/2021

Lovely man great reader

Colin is honest in his work and has a lovely manner of reading. He covered the important things without me asking anything. He is deffo one of the good ones. Thanks Colin, from a fellow reader. X

From Scotland On 31/03/2021

Genuine Reader

I have had 3 readings with Colin now and they were all consistent. He reads from the heart with care and empathy. One of the top readers in my opinion.

Summersun From East Anglia On 27/03/2021

Thank you so much!

Dear Colin Thank you for your reading today 25/3/2021. You connected immediately to my situation and you were spot on. My apologies, I ran out of minutes. I will definitely call back in the future. Would highly recommend him.

Sia From Australia On 25/03/2021


Colin thankyou to a lovely man

Hazel From Midlands On 24/03/2021

Calm and accurate

Have had two readings with Colin now. He picks up quickly and accurately. Will definitely be having another reading with Colin,he is warm and authentic.

Summerday From Suffolk On 18/03/2021

10 Stars!

The way Colin started reading for me he started with a truth of my life and a connection I have with my POI which I did not mention to him at all and instantly I knew Colin is genuine. I then believed every single word that he said and his reading was so systematic, it flowed beautifully. I use a lot of psychic websites and chat with a lot of people but I had the most beautiful reading in a long time with Colin. Will definitely recommend and surely reach out to him. Thank Colin! xoxo

Anuradha From England On 04/03/2021

Fantastic reading

He was spot on: gave me the clarity I needed, really positive and friendly man to speak to. Will defiantly call back soon. Thank you

Vanessa From London On 25/02/2021

Great reader nice guy and spot on with wat he picked up. Good connection

Sara From West Midlands On 24/02/2021

Excellent reading,

I have spoken to Colin twice now - he is very intuitive, sincere, practical, and insightful. He is also a tremendously caring soul - he speaks from his heart and I imagine he doesn't suffer fools gladly. He will be direct if he feels something needs addressing and won't beat about the bush with social niceties - he is very straightforward, and he is very helpful. Thank you, Colin. I will call again and speak to you. Namaste

Sandie From England On 20/02/2021

Very reassuring

I am Very new to this form of communications. Colin was very clear in his explanation and helped me to understand some very difficult thoughts. Thank you very much. You gave me some clarity I very much required

Chris From UK. Up North. On 20/02/2021

Lovely genuine chap

Really trustworthy and clearly very honest

Leigh From London On 28/01/2021

Really lovely

Leigh From London On 28/01/2021

confirmed my gut feeling

This reading was spot on, has given me confirmation of what i feel the universe is bringing me. Great reader, will call again

Kathleen From Western Australia On 24/01/2021


thankyou for my reading. my reading was great. Colin picked up,me looking for a new job and a complete fresh start, he even told me about my pet, he was very honest and very positive, and we connected well,was spot on for my situation. thankyou very much

julie From midlands On 08/01/2021

Sorry Not for Me

Asked leading questions, and seemed to rely on a conversation to be able to give information.Sorry not for me

Optimist From Ldn On 29/12/2020

the most honest reader. if he cant read it he wont make it up. he picked up everything. very positive thanks you

a From bucks On 13/12/2020

Connected well

I spoke to Colin for the first time today and i was very impressed with the reading and the card interpretation. We connected well and in the sense the readings were spot on with my situation. Definitely give him a go. you wont be disappointed

Garima From Australia On 30/11/2020

Great reading

It was so nice talking to you tonight. Very clear, kind and understanding. I'll let you know regarding the Progress according to the timeline provided. Take care. Please give him a call x

Raman From London On 17/11/2020

Stressful time

A true friend, listens, and honestly, tells it, as he reads, compassionate, understanding, whatever, life sends, readings, are good and accurate, even, gets football scores, right! Thanks Colin, . Belinda

Belinda From Scotland On 31/10/2020

Very sweet

A very sweet and empathetic man

From On 29/10/2020

Thank you

Thank you for your kindness I would highly recommend Colin kind, insightful, positive and spot on with my situation. X

Rachel From Kent On 16/10/2020

Fab Reading

What a beautiful reading I had with Colin, very accurate in all he told me ,He said my partner would be offered a job within 3 days ore weeks well today he was offered that job and he starts on Monday thank you so much Colin xx

Lorraine From NORTH YORKSHIRE On 16/10/2020


Colin’s reading has a calming effect on me. Really enjoyed it. Thank you.

W From Sydney On 15/10/2020


Thank you Colin for the wonderful reading. You gave me so much information in such a short time and this, in a calm and gentle way. It was lovely speaking to you. I will call you back again.

Ann From Scotland On 11/09/2020

Insightful and a life coach

I was having some doubts in my feelings toward a potential person, and colin's readings were spot on and has helped me find my path forward - he was definitely like a life coach to help me steer and find peace where i needed. I will continue to manifest positivity and create any possibility i want. Thank you Colin!

Han From Melbourne On 06/09/2020


Fantastic reading. Colin was such a compassionate, empathic And great listener. Felt so positive after my reading with Colin. He picked up on my situation and gave a very informative reading. Thank you so much. Will definitely be calling agAin.

J From Uk On 04/09/2020

The best , correct, no chit chat or stories just the truth.

Colin was spot on with absolutely everything. He was correct about every aspect of my life, wether it was work, love or Anything else. The past, present and future. I recommend him to everyone. Also very polite, professional but at the same time ins and caring. Thank you Colin.

Lily From London On 03/09/2020


I can’t believe you described the guy I met twice. I prayed your prediction come true end of September thank you so much

Ash From Cheshire On 02/09/2020


Colin, You are fantastic the way you described the guy I am currently dating. All I can say is wow hope all predictions come very soon Ash

Ash From Cheshire On 01/09/2020

Amazing person

Colin your always amazing. I love how you read. Such positive and gentle energy. You are a good reader thank you for telling me what you get and not what I want to hear I so appreciate that . Your predictions always come through. Big hugs Nadia xxx

Nadia From On 28/08/2020

Very very good..

As the title says very good.. thank you Colin

JW From Uk On 26/08/2020

Fantastic reader

Thank you so much Colin for another amazing reading. All predictions come into fruition and all validations was 100 percent spot on. I love how you read and explained everything. You take care and speak to you soon. Big hugs from Scotland xxxx

From Scotland On 01/08/2020

See comment below Let's see

See my comment below called Let's see. The man in question did return, before end of June as predicted. The mnq in question said we're on the same wavelength! Colin said that we're similar. Colin has been fantastic in picking the issues up and provided reassurance, we had only met the once when I called him

From On 24/07/2020


Great predictions and I cannot wait for all of them to come true. I will definitely speak to you again by end of August or anytime I see anything from now on. Thank you for the reassurance and for all the great comfort. It was lovely speaking to you and will call you soon !

Nazia From England On 14/07/2020


Colin was accurate and confirmed so much about my thoughts and feelings. He was sensitive too and his gentle manor gave me great confidence because everything he said was so true.

Lorraine From On 08/07/2020

Really good

Thank you Colin for such a lovely and positive reading with so much details. Absolutely love your vibe and the way you read. Thank you. Thank you.

From On 09/06/2020

Great reading

Colin was straight to the point and uplifting. Sounded pleasant and truthful, would highly recommend.

Emma From Scotland On 07/06/2020


such a nice guy was very spot on,he said what he got not what i wanted to hear,i would recomend thank you xx

pauline From On 29/05/2020

Let's see...

Colin predicted I will hear from a man I met only once, we will meet again at the end of June. He said this relationship will develop as we are similar. I'll let you know if prediction comes true.

From On 29/05/2020

He is fantastic

I love Colin he is a very gifted person and so caring, he really works hard to help you.. people don’t understand how draining this job is it like giving spiritual blood. All Colin predictions comes through. Thank you Colin. Stay well big hugs xxx

From Scotland On 21/05/2020

Brilliant physic

Must say he picked up on 3 things I was looking for answers on and this is the second time I have called him and he said exactly the same things which was great! He was spot on with my situation and I’m hoping his predications come to pass. I certainly think he’s great and I will be calling him again for sure.

Maise From London On 19/05/2020

Colin you are amazing

I love Colin , he is a very gifted soul. I love how he explained everything in details and very accurate, one of his predictions happened how he described. Colin thank you for sharing your gift and being so kind . Biggest hugs N xxx

From Scotland On 30/04/2020


Omg admin why are you not posting my reviews!!! How is there only good reviews for him this doesn't make any sense. I saw no evidence of physic ability whatsoever, completely general which could apply to everyone and anyone......... changes in finance, feeling in limbo probably due to the virus, a person coming into your life not where from etc etc etc. Don't waste your minutes or time!

K From Aust On 21/04/2020

Wow Wow Wow

He is bloody brilliant!!!!!!! I am gobsmacked....sorry we got cut off. So glad I got put through to you. Thank you for the messages from spirit.

From On 12/04/2020


Had a great reading with Colin he tuned into my relationship perfectly and knew exactly what was going on. Gave hopeful predictions for the coming months which I will update! Thank you Colin x

From On 06/04/2020

Lovely man and great reading

Lovely man and a really good reading, fab tanks so much Colin!

Jodie From On 05/04/2020

The best

By far one of my favourite readers tunes in well with his guides and cards on the situation and gives same predictions as other top readers I love to have a chat with him too he’s friendly and tells u the truth no sugar coating . Colin ur a star and I really love u as a friend will be calling u soon again xx Naz

Naz From United Kingdom On 02/04/2020

Amazing person

Thank you Colin you are spot on with your validations. I love how you read. I will call again. Love and big hugs Scotland xxx

From On 19/03/2020


This is my second review for Colin. When I spoke to him he gave me a few near future predictions, and some longer term. Well the first prediction has came true! He predicted that I’ll get a new job early March. 5 days into March and I’ve been offered the most perfect job for me! I’ll update when next predictions come through. I knew at the time of the reading he was the real deal. Very kind and genuine. Thank you!!

N From UK On 05/03/2020


Amazing reading.. Nice man

From On 03/03/2020

Very good

Colin hit on every major area with accurate descriptions. Very good and a nice chap

Simone From Channel Islands On 18/02/2020

Astonishing Insights

truly gifted, no fishing for answers or info. Genuine gift and a lovely chap too.

Chi From London On 09/02/2020

Very good

Such a lovely man, reading was spot on. Had a message from his guides that he told me, so I know it was real. Will defo be back once predictions start unfolding. Very warm energy about him too!

N From UK On 06/02/2020

Very good

Such a lovely man, reading was spot on. Had a message from his guides that he told me, so I know it was real. Will defo be back once predictions start unfolding. Very warm energy about him too!

N From UK On 06/02/2020

Really good

Colin really knew so much about me,hes great ,really gifted ,super good ,you wont be disappointed.. 5 stars for colin

Maddie From Oxford On 18/01/2020


An excellent sympathetic reader absolutely phenomenal knew everything a truly gifted tarot reader can't recommend highly enough

Mark From Lincoln On 09/01/2020

So happy.

Great. Lovely soul and understanding. Accurate. He will be busy very soon

From On 06/01/2020


This gentleman has got a pure gift and does not take advantage of anyone...I.e automatically assuming it’s relationship based reading! In fact that was the last thing we touched on he work very very well with cards and is very person centred and has a calm relaxing voice also. He’s a very accurate reader with much to give you will be astonished and that’s coming from a true psychic give feedback he must be good lol....hope you all get as much as I did from your time speaking with Colin

Natasha From Cardiff On 27/12/2019


Spoke to Colin about my love life and future plans all was very positive he had a very good energy about him and was very understanding and not judgemental in the slightest look forward to updating him in 5/6 months time thank you!

Laroyah From Birmingham On 15/12/2019


Very accurate easy to talk to compassionate and caring

Shirley From Liverpool area On 30/10/2019

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