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Very accurate

Rosalia is a fantastic psychic reader. She is fast and spot on and was able to see very clearly. Simply the best

Heather From Australia On 26/02/2022

Excellent reader!! Would recommend!!

Rosalia, accurately described the dynamics between myself and my coworkers without any prompting whatsoever. She is one of the best readers!!! Just my opinion.

From North-West London On 15/02/2022

Amazing as always

This is my third time writing this review and it is still not being put up for my reading on 1st Sept 2021. Rosalia is the best reader on here. She always picks up my situation and key names. I've been reading with her for over 2 years now and so glad she is back. They way she was able to pick up from our last conversation in March was amazing. Thank you so much Queen Rosalia for always giving me clear insight. Definitely a gem to this site. I recommend her 1000+ times.

Emmanuella From UK On 07/09/2021


She did a LOT of guess work that did not resonated with me at all and tried to do counselling which was not required. She told me stories about my POI and his family situation which later I found out was ALL madeup stories. Sad! I trusted in her. Please post this review.

A From UK On 18/05/2021

Good connection

Thank you Rosalia sorry we got cut off. Problem with the phone and area tried to call back but your line busy. Thank you

C From Kent On 23/04/2021

Best reader

Thank you Rosalia! You are the best reader of spiritual energy I’ve come across. It most definitely means a lot to me that you picked up on everything that was important to me. You are amazing. Thank you xxx Mich xx

Mish From U.K. On 14/04/2021


First reading was great after that the readings stopped making sense then came 50/50 chances no predictions have come to light.

From On 27/02/2021

so gifted

A sister and a friend that I've not seen thats how I feel when m talking with u ,Rosalia thank you for what u do dear u helped me in a way that u wouldn't understand even if I tell u . GUYS this lady sees beyond and she is very gifted thumbs up to u my gal

Phiwo From England On 23/02/2021

Blown away

Rosalia had blown me away with her accurate reading. She told me the first letters of the person I was asking about. She is amazing and do nice to talk to. Waiting for the predictions to come true

I From Uk On 19/02/2021


She spoke of things only known by my parents and they confirmed that she was right. She is gifted that’s for sure. I am so grateful for the readings ,the laughter and advice. Unfortunately The main reason why I called in 2019 was to know if this guy would contact me. It turns out that the opposite is true. He isn’t going to be in touch. Rosalia readings were always positive but I guess life does happen. People change. I’ll be ok.

S From Birmingham On 06/02/2021


Amazing!!! What can I say?! You explained the situation without even knowing it and the best thing is that you explained it better then how I saw the situation. Can’t wait to have more readings with you! Xxx

Sophie From London On 31/01/2021

Post my review !!

Rosalia does pick up the situation but does Over exaggerate it.. none of her predictions have come to pass actually the opposite has happened. Sorry I have to say it like it is! Won’t be speaking to her anymore.

B From Leicester On 24/01/2021


Rosalia is really good at picking up the situation and at validating but her future predictions are totally off. I have spoken to rosalia on and off for a year now and nothing she predicted has come true. Yes she doesn’t like giving timings but what she sees is for to happen that year and nothing happened. Nice person though.

UK From Anon On 12/01/2021

so gifted and I believe in u 100% cause most of what u said few months back about my family its unfolding just as u said it thank you so much for your patience and for being there for me during the tough 2020 u gave me so much hope when I was really down and hopeless luv u

Phiwo From manchester On 02/01/2021


Had a few readings, can be really good but then conflicting. Last reading was so general it could be told to anyone. Felt like I wasted my minutes. Sorry

C From On 23/12/2020

Lovely but general

Rosalia is lovely and very warm but based on reviews I expected so much from my reading, however, all I got was that there seemed to be no problem with the POI and everything would be just fine, no details or much insight was given. A month on, nothing happened so I don't know what to think..

From On 22/12/2020


It’s been a year since I started talking to Rosalia, I can safely say that she is good at what she does. She spoke about a lot of things some of which I did not know but only known by my family. I had to ask them and they said she was correct. See, now that’s a real gift. Please give her a call. Thank you, Rosalia. I will do as you have suggested. S From Birmingham

From On 12/12/2020


Outstanding- I really enjoyed speaking with this lady and I could sit on the phone for hours and hours and hours and hours and it’s like talking to your best friend. Unfortunately I have not been able to get through via phone but I look forward to the time when you’re free again and we can catch up I have so much good news what you said is true I am so happy.

London chef From London in it On 01/12/2020

Love her

Rosalia is so busy lately but I got through eventually today by luck. Rosalia picked up everything by just a name - reluctant to post this as she'll get even busier! but she deserves this review. Just so spot on, honest, accurate and uplifting - all round lovely lady with a genuine gift. Thank you

From England On 30/11/2020

It’s soooo hard to get hold of you.

From On 22/11/2020

Please come on messenger again can never get hold to u via phone

From On 17/11/2020


Rosalia, i pray you’ll see this. I feel like I just made a new friend today, and I am in awe with the accuracy. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for the giggles and great conversation. I already can’t WAIT to talk to you again. You’re simply the best, sis. I am so grateful for your direct and intuitive spirit, whilst allowing me/you to be so relatable. Thank you for EVERYTHING, and I’ll keep you up to date!!!

JENNY From California On 07/11/2020

Great reader ashame ur not in messenger anymore as never bake to get through on phone service x

From On 31/10/2020


Oh my! Speechless! Absolutely speechless. Rosalia tunes in very quickly. No stalling, straight to the point with so much detail, clarity and one hundred percent accuracy. No time wasted. Incredible! I only gave names. Well worth having a read!

Pisces From Australia On 27/10/2020

Rare Gem

When your predictions happen I always feel like texting u forgetting that I don't even have your contacts , thank you can never be enough my darling for calming my anxiety luv u always

Phiwo From Manchester UK On 20/09/2020

Insightful and quick

Very lovely and accurate about the current- awaiting prediction. (The D song)

Raj From Midlands On 10/09/2020

Simply Brilliant

I have no word, she is brilliant what an amazing talent she has. She was spot on. She reassured me and gave me clarity. Thanks

Mekedes From Uk On 07/09/2020

Extremely accurate

Sorry ran out of minutes then when I tried to connect again u were already bussy thanks my darling ,by just talking to u heals me ,thank you so much u've helped me in dealing with most stressful situations in 2020 and what youve told me about my family is scarily unfolding as sad as it is just the way u told me,

Phiwo From Manchester On 27/08/2020

Absolutely amazing

Amazing Spot on Lovely lady I will be back x

Johanna From Essex On 26/08/2020

Powerful! Just Poweful! Period!!

Rosalia is the REAL DEAL! I'm so grateful I got put through to her, she's extremely intuitive, a natural psychic. Thank you Rosalia for such a wonderful reading.

Flora From Uk On 24/08/2020

Amazing amazing reading. Can’t believe how accurate. I even started thinking we had previously spoken it waA that accurate. Definitely a gift! Great work

ReEhila From UK On 20/08/2020

This lady is amazing at picking up things amazingly awesome. I felt slightly confused by things but not from what she said just my whole perspective but can’t believe how amazing you are! Prefect reading!

Ree From Uk On 20/08/2020

Please answer the wuestion

I asked a specific question which she Did not/could not answer. If you are unable to answer for me it is better to say so not come up with random information I did not ask for. No connection for me

Sur From UK On 19/08/2020

Another woderful reading what a gifted psychic

I had many reading with Rosalia,she knows a lot without you giving information she helped a lot with my spiritual love connection explaining everything happening in the background, very important information that she can only access with her wonderful gift. She is very kind soul, caring compassionate and very very spiritual Much blessings and love A

From On 12/08/2020


So quick and detailed by name only. Exceptional!!

Lorraine From On 11/08/2020

My counselor

Thanks always for the insightful readings , u are so so gifted and u know that . Luv always from Phiwo xxx

Phiwo From Manchester On 29/07/2020


Thank you so much Rosalia for the wonderful reading. There are no words to express my gratitude

Ann From scotland On 27/07/2020

A rare Gem

So hard to get hold of u luv that shows u are a diamond a rare gem ,Things that u told me are unfolding u were correct Rosalia and thanks for giving me clarity about wayforward

Phiwo From Manchester On 27/07/2020

Beautiful lady

Amazing... the wisest of women and so insightful... hit the nail spot on and helped me confirm my thoughts clearly... recommend her to everyone just such a beautiful person ❤️❤️❤️

Josie From Uk On 25/07/2020


A lovely soul and one of the best psychics on this site, she is insightful, patient and very caring and compassionate. Five stars will never be enough for this gifted lady.

Pat From UK On 21/07/2020


So detailed and accurate info, gives great clarity to the situation Thanks

From On 15/07/2020

The best ever

Its your Phiwo, thanks sweetheart I find healing by just hearing your voice , u are truly gifted and m blessed to have known u Rosalia and thanks alot for always helping me out of confusion state

Phiwo From Manchester On 14/07/2020


Lovely lady and she tried her best but unfortunately her prediction didnt come to fruition after 5 months have passed. Very disappointing.

Chris From UK On 11/07/2020


She is simply amazing, I thoroughly recommend x M LDN

From On 04/07/2020

Amazing as always

Rosalia is an earth angel ❤️ I have so much respect for her, she is amazing at what she does, she knows everything without you even saying anything. She has predicted so many things for me that have unfolded just like she said they would and I’m excited for all the other things to happen. Thank you my darling and lots of love to you from your weekly lisa xxx

From On 03/07/2020

What a wonderful woman

Thank you so much for your patience, kindness and insight Rosalia. You told the truth and described the motivations and feelings of the people involved in my situation very well. Some things coming to light that are quite possible. I am interested to see what unfolds. xxx

From UK On 20/06/2020

Greate reader , constant and very informative Thanks alot Rosalia cant wait for predictions to come through

Phiwo From On 16/06/2020

Incredible and Talented

She is super sweet and kind, intelligent and sharp. thanks a lot

PRANAV From Midlands On 14/06/2020

I don't know how to review Rosalia. I think she's good although I still need time to confirm her predictions. The only thing is that she don't do timeframes.

From On 12/06/2020

Absolutely Brilliant ♥

Can't recommend Rosalia enough! She reads your life and your mind effortlessly. You need to figure out what to do, which direction to take or simply you wonder about someone and need some clearance then call her!!! Extremely grateful Londoner!

Thalia From London On 31/05/2020

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐The best⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Rosalia is simply amazing. Every reading I have with her she gives me the same information but adds more. I'm so thankful for your gift. I wish I could give you more than 5 stars but thank you for everything.

Emmanuella From UK On 29/05/2020


She is amazinnng!!! Described the person involved so accurately. Does not sugar coat. Says it as it is. Thankyou!!!

From On 20/05/2020

Told me very valuable information !

You helped me understand him so much by telling me all he went though!!!!amazed how much you are connected to the spirit world. You have helped me a lot throught this relationship cannot thank you enough !!!!!! Much blessings and love xxxx

From On 20/05/2020

Excellent intuition

Very good at working out the intention of others and personality. Made me laugh

J From Midland On 20/05/2020

My go-to reader :-)

Had several readings with Rosalia, such a giefted beautiful soul, she sees it all and explains he unseen. You have brought lot of light to my relationship !!! Blessings and love A

From On 17/05/2020


I am so grateful for the accurate reading, and inspiring advise. It confirms alot for me too. Some of ths predictions are imminent and on way. Thank you so much

From On 16/05/2020

Aunty Rosalia

Just wanted to say you are incredible as always...I’ve struggled to get back in touch with you as the lines are busyyyyy but just know I have so much love for you. Thank you for all the in depth honest reading you give all the time. You are a gift to us all. Your Princess, A

From On 16/05/2020

Amazing as always

I didn't get to say thank you Rosalia before the phone cut but as always you are amazing. You are really a gifted psychic and I thank you for the message you gave to me today. You gave me an answer to the question I had in mind without me asking for it which I am truly grateful for. I hope the next time I speak you I can give you some good news. Take care of yourself and stay blessed

Emmanuella From UK On 12/05/2020

Simply the best

What a lovely lady. I have been having readings on this site now for some considerable amount of years and yes I have had readings from some very good readers. However for me Rosalia is by far the best. She was able to tell me what I've been through, what I'm going through now and what is to come. Past, Present and Future! The information flowed and the best part all what was said was 100% true there was no guess work what so ever. She was able to tell me the reasons why... and for the very first time in my life I finally can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I absolutely love this lady. Please give her a call you will not be disappointed.

Miquel From UK On 04/05/2020

Simply the best

I have been having readings on this site for 8 years now.... and during this time yes I have spoken to many good readers.. Rosalia for me is the best. She was able to tell me what I've been through, how ive been treated and what I'm going through now and what is to happen. Past, present and future! The best of all the information flowed I didnt have to say a word. She was able to give me explanations as to why things happened and what things meant. I absolutely love this lady. I can finally say there is a light at the end of the tunnel!! Everything she said was true to my life. Thanks Rosalia.

Miquel From UK On 03/05/2020

Amazing reader, true psychic

Had several readings with Rosalia, she connects so quickly and very much gifted. She is the only reader who was able to explain why predictions given by many readers are delayed with the full spiritual big picture. Gave me lot of insight,understanding of the situation which is very healing. Rosalia is very empowering and gifted psychic and beautiful soul Much blessings and love xxxx

From On 03/05/2020


Rosalia is wonderful, I feel she is genuine and knows- felt good connection and I’m so glad I spoke to her....

S From Midlands On 25/04/2020

Lovely lady

Really connected to my situation well. Said I would have contact in a few days - it happened the next day!

From On 24/04/2020

Love her

I love her. Her reading just flows information flows.

Chanelle From Uk On 24/04/2020


What this lady told me in 15 min was impressive regards my situation. Very accurate.

Yonne From Birmingham On 19/04/2020

Absolutely Astounding

Rosalia is amazing . So insightful and a true psychic . I just did not want to get off the phone. The best of the best .

From On 14/04/2020

Just love her

Rosalia is my weekly go to, she just knows everything without saying a word which is how it should be.. love you lady from your weekly lisa xxx

From On 09/04/2020


I like the fact that Rosalie is an intuitive reader, she picks up on energies and things without using cards. Some Tarot readings can be become generic when they use cards, but I found her nice, insightful, overall straight to the point (no time wasting).

Reviewer From UK On 05/04/2020

Lovely lady

Really lovely to talk to she has such a kind and calming voice. Connection was good straight away, picked up on my situation. She was really reassuring and made me feel a lot better. Thank you x

From On 04/04/2020

Great Reading

Lovely lady who wasted no time getting straight into the reading with just my name and date of birth. Spot on descriptions without asking any questions and without sugar coating. I recommend and wouldn’t hesitate to call her again, one of my few favourites on this site, great reading thank you so much.

Mel From London On 02/04/2020


Amazing as always love this woman

Sam From Uk On 25/02/2020

My go to lady whenever I need to talk to someone, she sees beyond where I can not see what a talented psychic thanks alot Rosalia

From On 23/02/2020

very good straight forward psychic, TRUE PSYCHIC

Thank you Rosalia, another amazing reading, lot of validations and very consistent. Very kind and caring soul Much blessings and love

From On 22/02/2020


Unbelievable so accurate thank you xx

From On 22/02/2020

A lovely lady

Omg! Rosalia is truly amazing! She is so nice and calm, i was having a panic attack and i spoke to her and without saying anything she knew what i wanted to know. She picked it up straight away. She is honest and kind, and she knows what she is doing! Call her now and have a reading!!!! I strongly recommend it :)

Coco From London On 17/02/2020

Love Rosalia Amazing reader! On point, dont waste your time! I strongly recommend you speak to about anything!!!

From On 17/02/2020

Natural born psychic

Had so many readings with u you and u keep saying exactly the same thing ,thanks alot for the informative reading Rosalia u are definitely the bedt on this plartform

Phiwo From Manchester On 15/02/2020

Another brilliant reader on hereeeeee. Absolute star

From On 11/02/2020

Genuine Psychic

Your reading is so uplifting with a lot of information, u know alot about me as if we met before , my family setting and my past woow ,after I had a reading with u I cant seem to get certisfied with any othet psychic on this site they are too vague and with a lot of guessing and wasting time with shuffling cards ,gal u are my number 1

Nosiphiwo From Manchester On 09/02/2020


Rosalia the reading was incredible, I felt alot better after talking with you , u were so accurately I was so shocked the way that u described my family setting my past and present, other psychics that I try when I cant get hold of you their readings dont really make sense as they are nothing compare to you

Phiwo From Manchester On 08/02/2020

Freakin Oracle

She was the best psychic ever! Thank you Rosalia x

Anon From On 08/02/2020


Give her a try you won't be disappointed she is the real deal

N From London On 30/01/2020

Great medium

She knew all about my past and my current situation- her predictions unfold one by one professionally and personally. Thank you for your guidance and clarity - I recommend you 5 stars

Leyla From London On 30/01/2020

Please come on line I need to speak to you x

S From Hampshire On 16/01/2020

Can’t believe it, she is really good and she will be very busy soon.

From On 19/12/2019


So I wrote a review and captioned it as from your Ghanaian Princess which wasn’t posted and I wrote another saying this lady picked up from the fact I had royal blood and it wasn’t posted. It should be understood that throughout my phone call with her there were things that were mentioned that no other reader has ever mentioned and pin pointed. She told me what I needed to hear and not what I wanted to hear. Genuine psychic and great reader!!!!

From On 19/12/2019

Superb reader!!!!!! Deserves more than 100stars

From On 18/12/2019

Great psychic. I left a review before which hasn’t been posted. Makes me feel that reviews are selected??? They shouldn’t be and my review had nothing bad in it. She is amazing so if she gets reviews....put them up!!! Accuracy is mind blowing!!!

From On 16/12/2019

Simply the best!

Rosalia is my number one reader. I have had calls with a lot of readers on here who are good, but she tops them all. This is my third call with her and the information she provides always expands. She is able to gradually explain things when connected. A lot of things she says resonates with my situation. She even says things the way people she describes to me would say it. She is the only person on this site that gets names from my country. I would definitely recommend her for the trillionth time

Emmanuella From UK On 12/12/2019

Thankyou beautiful Rosalia. A great soul

From Australia On 07/12/2019

Very good reading

Thanku for a wonderful and informative reading, this lady is brilliant and she will be getting very busy , good luck and thanks again

Anonymous From Wales On 30/11/2019


Absolutely spot on ! Lovely lovely woman aswell ! Described characters to a t ! You couldn’t guess ! Thank you for a lovely reading I was extremely worried when I first called and left the call having a nice giggle ! Thank you god bless xxx

H From On 29/10/2019


She wasted no time getting to the point, was very accurate, honest and uplifting.. felt so much better after her reading.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Saskia From Essex On 20/10/2019

Another great reading :-)

She is so incredibly accurate and consistent, picks up on the situation very quickly and she is a very kind and uplifting soul Blessings and light xxxx

From On 20/10/2019


She gets straight to the point. Best psychic by far. Definitely call her you won’t be disappointed.

Beautiful From London On 16/10/2019


Absolutely brilliant reader, definitely one of the best on this site. Would fully recommend having a reading with her as once the reading gets going she picks up on things that no one else could know. Was a pleasure speaking to Rosalia and hope to speak to her again soon. Thank you for your time lovely xx

From England On 13/10/2019


She’s a beautiful woman. I felt so positive after speaking with Rosalia. All she asked is for my name and date of birth and she got straight on it. I strongly believe in her predictions. New review will come soon.

From On 12/10/2019

Beautiful lady !

Thank you sweetheart u are so gifted!! Love & light

From On 07/10/2019

Amazing lady!

I am so sorry we got cut off. I will ring again. This lady is the real deal, and she is also very kind. She knew so much. She is going to be so busy.

J From UK On 05/10/2019

The best on this site!!!

Welcome back Rosalia

Emmanuella From UK On 03/10/2019

Incredible!!! Must try her reading

Seriously words cannot describe how I feel after my call with Rosalia. She is incredible. She was able to pick up my past, present and future but provided so much detail through connecting with my aura and seeing clearly my family surroundings. Their day to day activities. I was simply amazed. She picked up one of my siblings name and locations nearby. I have so much notes written down that I'm still in shock while writing this. Advise was provided which I will definitely be following. If you see this Rosalia, thank you so much. I feel truly blessed with the insight you provided and even more motivated in life. You put the sparkle back

Emmanuella From UK On 03/08/2019

Real Psychic!

I asked for a relationship reading and all she asked is our name and DOB and boom! All the info was constantly flowing accurately 100%! Try her and u wont waste ur money! Thank u so much Rosalia!

Cynthia From London On 27/07/2019


She was so helpful made my heart feel at ease... thank you x

Sam From Uk On 24/07/2019

very good straight forward true psychic. THE GREAT DEAL !!!!

call her she will amaze you !!!! she saw everything clearly and was very accurate and gave me details that she couldn't know without been a true gifted psychic. Rosalia is very kind and nice to talk to as well :-) Thank you for your uplifting reading and predictions will be back soon with more comments when things unfold With blessings and light xxx

From On 23/07/2019

So accurate

This is my first review after a few years and hundreds of readings. Rosalia was unbelievably accurate and descriptive it was literally like she could see situations like she was there. Refreshingly so. Usually I’m a bit cynical and think it could be guessing but not tonight. She spoke at length about the people in my life as if she knew them and was spot on. A great help and kind.

Sandra From London On 30/06/2019

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