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Gets a lot of info, speaks quickly. Good

From On 04/03/2022

Fantastic reader

I spoke with Charlotte early November and asked about someone I had dated from august. She gave me a dose of reality and told me he was not coming back. She was right, he is not coming back. She then described how I would meet someone, who was part of my community and who didn’t want gossip. I was astonished when just over a month later I met a man who exactly told me he didn’t want gossip. Initially, when Charlotte told me this I rolled my eyes and thought no chance of me meeting anyone any time soon. She has since read for me twice and her predictions are coming to pass. She is wonderful and no sugar coating at all! I would highly highly recommend her and once you speak to her you will just adore her as I do. She is a lovely person and one of the best on this sight.

R From N.ireland On 05/01/2022

I Agree With the Other Review

She talks over you and doesn't listen. Her reading was completely negative and off.

From On 05/01/2022



aNNA From DORSET On 30/07/2021

Thanks Charlotte. Lots of information

Giulie From Australia On 12/07/2021

Not sure....

Charlotte was very nice, and seemed to get the situation. Gave some insights, but it was a very bad line unfortunately! I do hope that she is right about the outcome, no sugar coating which is great, I will just have to wait and be patient.

Kharis From Bucks On 28/06/2021

Surprisingly good...

Charlotte picked up on my situation immediately. Accurately told me my house was in Ireland, near water (did not tell her). Gave me crucial ideas about how to turn a situation around with my boyfriend's family and gave me hope for the future by telling me certain things about my house and what I could do. Great reading. Will call again for updates. Did not ask pointless questions but straight-in. Liked the fact that she is obviously a Spiritualist Medium, also.

Elizabeth From Ireland On 22/06/2021


Doesn’t listen to you. Talks over the top and answers another question than what has been asked. Please post this!

From On 05/04/2021

Not Good

Talked over the top of me and didn't listen.

Mandy From Australia On 28/12/2020


What a psychic. She is made me her feel comfortable and id fantastic

From On 21/10/2020

excellent connection

Connected immediately with Charlotte, hit the nail on the spot with issues regarding my family. Gave good strategies how to pace myself! Felt it was like connecting to an old friend. Carried out advice, as a result things are much easier. Will call back with updates., now dealing with management stage not crisis stage!

Jenny From Wales On 17/09/2020

fantastic reading

Charlotte gave fantastic reading, very,sensiative to my situation and advised the best way to communicate with my brother who is involved with an evil religious cult. having a degree in religious studies, and a member o f her family involved in the same cult,she was able to give me insights that were very helpful.l carried out her advice, differnet approach, has turned the whole stuation around 100%, thanks again love lsabelle

From On 11/07/2020

Fast Service

Charlotte needs more reviews!! She's pretty good

From On 27/06/2020


Charlotte was amazing , she inspired me to take a dog grooming course. and imagine giving out business cards. i had been thinking about something daughter and l could share, but had never dreamed about dog grooming. it's been an amazing experience, made new friends, both humans and doggy. We started dog sitting. and delivered dog food and supplies during cvirus Charlotte you really turn our life's around 100%. Thank you for your positve energy and insight.

From Jenny Yorkshire On 15/06/2020

Will wait and see

Thanks for the reading unsure about the guy you described to me as you said quirky from a past life . And see when new job appears in few months will update you if and when this happened

Fiona From West Yorkshire i On 24/02/2020

Connected well

Thank you for the reading. You definently connected with me and I will be calling you back. I ran out of time unfortunately. Do call her She is great xx

From Australia ❤ On 10/10/2019

Fantastic reader

Thank you very much Charlotte for your reading and guidance, your always so lovely to talk to. I spoken to you as well on another site I told you about. Big hugs from Scotland xxx

From Scotland On 01/10/2019


charlottte was really amazing, Told me I would be offered a job randomly, and that I would have to make up my mind very quickly, The job would be varied, and I would be travelling abroad to Spain, and to grab the chance. I was on a yoga weekend when I was offered a job in Spain at an alternative Holistic centre to start immediately. I've been in Spain for two months, and its fantastic.. I would not have had the confidence to apply for the job, so it was amazing I was offered such an exciting opportunity.

SUE From KENT On 31/08/2019


Everything came true, when I was at my lowest and thought it was never going to happen. Situation turned around and I got the house just as Charlotte told me.

From On 11/06/2019

Beautiful reading

Thank you so much Charlotte. I appreciate your insights and will stay positive to manifest for all positive outcomes.

From On 06/06/2019


HAD AMAZING READING WITH CHARLOTTE, SHE TOLD ME there WOULD BE A DELAY IN BUYING OU we WOULD FEEL LIKE GIVING UP AND SEARCHING ELSEWHERE TO HANg on., even though we were very frustrated. with the endless excuses.. .. . well she was right, and finally moved in, she had been deciding to move abroad, that was the delay, and she kindly threw in all kitchen utilities, carpets curtains, lovely furniture, freezer full of gourmet cuisine , pot plants wines, lights, as a way of thanking us for our patience.... the long delays..

elizabeth From EDINBURGH On 06/04/2019

Charlotte was accurate on literally everything ! She was so good! She also gave me advice that I will take x thank you Charlotte ! X

Nat From Mel On 28/03/2019

Fast at picking up my situation.

Asked for a general reading, she started reading about a recent breakup I have gone through even giving the exact time of when it happened and also giving me his star sign too!! I didnt have to tell her anything. Gave me a dose of reality. Will give you an update of predictions. Thanks for the chat You caught me off guard!!

Sara From Australia On 27/01/2019

Good connection & Understanding

I really felt that charlotte connected with me and understood what i was thinking and feeling, excellent readings each time.

Nikki From Wellingborough On 21/01/2019

Very Intuitive

I found that this lady was very intune with my thoughts and feelings more so than i realised

Dan From East Midlands On 07/01/2019

Very pleasant

Thank you Charlotte, instant connection. Wish I had more minutes, very pleasant woman indeed x

Jackie From On 02/01/2019

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