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Everything she said was spot on and she was quick wow

Shell From Wales On 29/06/2021


Thank you for your spot-on readings a wonderful lady highly recommended

Rosie From Australia On 20/06/2021

Easy to talk to and awesome listener.

Sorry we got cut off. I enjoyed the reading, it felt as if I was talking to a friend, that's how warm Susan's energy is. I got my questions answered, gentle in her approach yet no sugarcoating.

Flora From On 31/05/2021


Asked for a general love reading and she was unnecessarily difficult about correcting me that a love reading and general reading are separate readings. When I explained I wanted a general reading but only in the love life area, she still tried to correct me. I’ve spoken to other readers who understand what I want and even if technically the term I’ve used isn’t correct, not sure how it is helpful to fixate on semantics which eats into people’s money rather than just providing a reading.

D From London On 22/02/2021


Absolutely fantastic and accurate reading. Sending Love and Light

Jackie From SA On 18/01/2021


Wonderful reading with Susan. She connected wonderfully and straight away picked up everything. Lovely to speak to and feel really blessed. Thank you, thank you, thank you .

Tony From Dorset On 11/01/2021


fantastic and a lovely lady

Teresa From North LONDON On 13/10/2020

not good

Pls publish totally mot connected with my situation and rambled on

From On 21/09/2020


Spot on Fantastic reader lovely lady My life line x

Johanna From Essex On 26/08/2020

Second Reading

Called Susan a second time for a top up reading, and again she delivered impeccably, this reader is one of Id say only a handful of readers that I trust, she is authentic and will not tell you what she does not see, Susan is a real credit to this site and every penny spent with her is worth it, Thanks again Susan x Melissa

From On 03/08/2020


So sorry my minutes went so abruptly at the end. Thank you for a very helpful and insightful reading. It was lovely to talk to you again and thank you for your patience. Xx

Mandy From Cheshire On 07/07/2020

5⭐️ Simply the best...

I left a review previously but doesn’t seem to have been posted, Susan is authentic and right up there with the best, she is definitely one of my go to as I’m quiet fussy about who I spend money on! This lady is amazing and I thoroughly recommend 100%, Thank you x

M From LDN On 04/07/2020


Outstanding did not ask questions gave me insight and told me what I needed to know will wait with bated breath for prediction to come to light

Yvonne From Fife On 18/01/2020

Caring and honest

Honest review, gave good clear advise.

From On 16/01/2020


Nice lady but everything she said about my ex ended up been completely the opposite. He ended up been a liar and cheat. How could she have got it so wrong...very disappointing.

Mcc From UK On 06/01/2020


Had reading other day spit on just amazing thank you xx

From On 11/12/2019


Thank you so much for my reading today, which was full of detail and predictions, without any waffle and delivered in a most precise and caring way... A reading with Susan is a must!

M From Uk On 31/10/2019

Genuine and lovely reader

Thanks Susan for the update. Appreciate the chance to talk to you and listen to your wise words. Sorry ran out of time - but had covered the important ground and am well prepared for the new life. Thank you.

Libran From OZ On 29/10/2019

Beautiful Reader

wow, quick and to the point - the best humbug, no pussy footing, very calm and clear - Thank you Susan you made my day, many blessings

From On 09/10/2019


Hi Susan I spoke to you today about contact and you said it would be imminent, well I write this review with a smile on my face because you were right. Thank you for your support and encouragement, I'm really looking forward to the other predictions unfolding and looking forward to speaking to you again, Nadine x

Nadine From On 24/09/2019

Great reader , Highly recommended !

Thank you so much Susan for your reading today sorry we were cut off . This is another great reading always very spot on, consistent and giving very good and sensible advice for my situation. Susan doesn't waste time she picks up the situation on the psychic level and gives you amazing answers. You won't be disappointed with her :-) Sending you lot of blessings and light

From On 14/08/2019

Beautiful Soul

Thank you Susan for an incredible clarity on things. I needed to hear it for my peace of mind! You gave me it! I am so grateful and thankful for your insights!

Dolly From Somewhere On 05/08/2019

Thank you

Thank you for my reading Sue. It was not particularly what I wanted to hear, but I really appreciated your honesty. Definitely call you again.

Jacqui From On 30/07/2019

very good straight forward reader

Thank you Sue for your amazing guidance and reading. Sue was very spot on clear and concise she didn't waste my time and was very nice to talk to.Call her you will not be disappointed Blessings and light xxx

From On 25/06/2019

Genuine reader

Thank you for your good "delving" and wise guidance. Much appreciated.

Libran From Aus On 08/04/2019

Genuine, caring and well connected

Thank you so much for the short, sweet and well connected reading. You gave me the points without me having to ask the questions - and it was exactly what I was wanting confirmation about. Your time scales end Jan/early Feb and then again April are in keeping with others, so look good. Many thanks

Libran From Aus On 02/01/2019

So lovely

Susan has been amazing to talk to and very patient with me. Her predictions have all been right and she has explained things to me thoroughly. Really enjoy talking to Susan x

V From On 28/12/2018


Appreciate your insight thanks...

L From desk On 12/12/2018

2 ex’s 1 new man !

Thank you so much Susan! You was lovely warm and kind to speak too. Made me feel so much better and positive. Sorry my mins had ran out but I will definitely call you back soon with updates. Thank you god bless you xxxx

Ana From London On 27/11/2018

Genuine, caring and well connected

Thanks for yet again - a lovely chat and update. Good to know things are actually moving forward. Thank you...

Lyn From o/s On 22/11/2018

Good connection

Many thanks for answering my questions clearly and honestly. Appreciated the guidance and helpful interpretations. Great read.

Lyn From o/s On 06/08/2018

Going by the reviews for Susan i just want 2 say thank u. It was a very open honest reading that i appreciate. Im not wasting my time but i will wait til next march 2019 to tell u how its like . Thanks.

From On 27/06/2018

Lovely insight :)

Picked up on my situation and I ran out of time but Susan is very good -nd questions no cards

From On 22/05/2018


Clear, concise, accurate and to the point. No wasting time. What a refreshing reader...correct star sign of new man, gave me three letters of his name. Just altogether amazing. Many thanks - loved the reading.

Meryl From UK On 10/05/2018

Lovely reading with Susan. She puts your mind at ease and definitely gives you hope.

From On 13/03/2018

Fabulous reader

Loved chatting to Susan. Very willing to answer all my questions and did so with competence and hopefully predictions do eventuate.. Many thanks

Lynda From Perth On 06/03/2018

Very concise and apt

She is apt and gets to the bottom of the issue without been given much information. Honest and straightforward reading. I’m keen to see what happens in my love life and will update soon.

Anushka From Australia On 05/03/2018

You are a Gorgeous Woman. An amazing gift you have. You are kind caring gentle and genuine. Thank you greatly.

Giulietta From Australia On 17/02/2018

A true psychic

This lovely lady picked up on the people involved in my situation instantly and was honest and helpful. Her advice was given gently but firmly and I will take it, because she was so concise. Not everything she told me was easy to hear, but she tells the truth as it’s shown to her and that was all I wanted. A very positive experience. Highly recommended. Than you very much Susan

Sonya From Oxon On 18/01/2018

Wonderful reader

I had a reading with Sue this morning. I don't often write reviews but I have to say I was more than pleased with my reading. Sue was straightforward and honest, didn't try to pull the wool over my eyes and was truthful when she was unable to see into a legal issue. All my other issues were dealt with upfront, no messing about. Would thoroughly recommend!

Winnie From On 11/12/2017

Truely gifted

I have spoken to Sue on many occassion and always find her honest and compassionate. Her readings are In depth and accurate. She has brought another person into my readings and has given me information about them and timescales. Her advice based on this was regrettably spot on. I cannot thank Sue enough and look forward to speaking to her soon as the rest of my story unfolds. Much love to you Sue xx

Annette From UK On 14/10/2017

Nice lady but

She is a nice sounding lady but her readings are confusing. A nice person to talk to but not for a reading.

Anon From UK On 10/08/2017

Enjoyed and good

Sorry we got cut of Susan! You helped me A lot I think would like to speak to u again, trying to get through.. very lovley lady felt a connection deffinatley need to speak to you again xx

Em L From Wirral On 19/07/2017

Got a few things wrong..

Sorry not for me she got a few things wrong...

L From UK On 18/07/2017


Sorry we got cut off Sue... Your prediction was spot on after 9 months of silence i thought it was all over & hearbroken Sue reassured me this relationship was not over he will be back and stronger. This has happened Sue !! As you said it would. Thank you for you love and everythingxxxxx

Anon From Windsor On 19/06/2017

Sorry not for me

I have had three reading's from Sue all different and none of them have been correct.

Alistair From Wales On 07/06/2017



denise From SCOTLAND On 25/05/2017

not sure...

when I told her her prediction hadnt come true she said I was being negative. Can be abrupt, a little mean, rude..

anon From anon On 23/05/2017

Thank you

Didn't get to say thanks before we got cut off...K

Karen From On 18/05/2017


I could not agree more with the last two reviews posted. I too have had several readings with Sue and cannot thank her enough for her patience and understanding. All is now unravelling as Sue predicted, and in the way she predicted. I highly recommend her. Thank you Sue x

Annette From UK On 19/04/2017

Excellent psychic

Susan is a lovely person with a gentle and calming voice. I have had several readings with her and she has been consistent and accurate each time-I gave her no information and she picked things up accurately. She gave me a global view of the situation and helped me to understand it. She is kind, gentle, non-judgemental and has integrity. I totally recommend a reading with Susan. Thank you Susan for helping me.

Karen From On 14/04/2017

The real deal! She is honest and straight forward

This lady is a genuine psychic. If you are looking for truths you will not be disappointed. Everything she told me is in unfolding. She does not read for the sake of it. She likes to help with making decisions that will benefit you. God bless you Susan. Xxxx

? From London On 21/03/2017

Thank you

Sue is a kind, caring and compassionate lady. Sue takes her work extremely seriously, is extremely gifted, and has been consistent throughout my many readings, going into much detail. She has picked up the past, present and her future predictions are beginning to unravel. I am so grateful for her guidance and compassion and will continue to seek this. I would recommend that you have a reading with this lovely lady.

Annette From UK On 19/03/2017

gave the same reading even for a different relationship

this woman gave the same reading even for a different guy. kept saying there's a 3rd party or ex hanging around for all the guys i asked about.....beware....

G From UK On 06/03/2017

Found Susan to be a very gentle, calm, honest reader. Delivered accurate information and put my mind at ease x

Jackie From Scotland On 28/02/2017

Honest Review- good reader!

I want to give a honest review so other people can make up their mind if they want to use this reader or not, I use this service a lot, and I hate it when this service only post good reviews which is very misleading!. In the past I have wasted my money. I had my reading with Susan and found her to very good,nicely spoken, good rappore, easy to speak to, non-judgmental. Comes across as a really nice lady. I would highly recommend her, initially she did asked me for my star sign and his star sign, at this point I thought she was going start reading from a script, but no such thing, she was very good, picked up lots of things not cold reading at all. The only negative, it was a short reading felt as though we run out of things to say,as you could not elaborate too much, she did answer some questions, but that was a weakness. I definitely would like to use this lady again, very nice to talk to! Look forward to her prediction coming true I will update :)

Bright pink star From On 08/02/2017

Tells it like it is

I have had readings from other readers and felt something did not ring true. However Susan I know is being honest which I greatly value (in a past reading she told me that the person I was asking about would not return and they haven't). The last two readings, a different question, have been consistent (again other readers have gives different readings for the same issue). Real life is not always a bowl of cherries so a good reading should reflect this. I would gladly recommended Susan for an honest reading which has great integrity. Thank you Susan, love and peace.

Phil From Wiltshire On 26/01/2017


honest gentle reader bless you will let yo know what happens debxx

debbie From essex On 12/01/2017

At peace, in this twin flame drama.

Thank you for the reading.You are did a wonderful job on a difficult subject. What you said has actually given me the most peace I have had in a very long time. I do hope I can get back to you as November approaches

Phil From W SUSSEX On 27/09/2016


Susan is a lovely lady. Very patient, kind and accurate. I have been talking to her for a couple of years and she is always gentle and supportive. Her readings are spot on and honest. Thank you

Mandy From Cheshire On 14/09/2016

Wonderful lady

Sorry to be cut off Susan thank you for your honest and intuitive reading . Your sensitive and open and truthful and amazing insight has helped me greatly and I will carry your words with me for a long time . God Bless x

Helena From Uk On 12/09/2016

One of the best

She is amazing and spot on and picks up things straight away. I've spoken to Sue a few times now. She knew about my ex and picked up in his energy straight away. She is also very honest. I look forward to her predictions.

Donna From Australia On 08/09/2016

Accurate every time - Predictions come true

I have has a few readings with Susan but fail to write a review. It's a shame to see such an amazing reader with hardly any reviews. As soon as you get through to her, Susan's calming voice relaxes you. She is so very gentle, patient and respectful of her clients. She does not waste a single minute and is extremely accurate in her readings. She has made major predictions in the past which have also came true .

Nina From UK On 16/08/2016

She's the only one I felt that connected to Susan even told me the industry I worked in! Without me saying much other than my name she said other things that pretty much shocked me she will only tell you the truth whether it's good or bad in your way. Excellent reading wish there was more like her and not people pretending to be mediums !

S From London On 24/05/2016



KATIANNA From Texas (TX) On 19/04/2016

Great lady

Susan, Hank you so much for your insightful reading. I am so sorry we were disconnected. Will call again. Blessings

Dinatella From Australia On 17/03/2016


Susan was such a nice lady.didn't have to tell her anything she picked up right away on my problem what a great readying thank you will definitely call her again. Phyllis US

Phyllis From United states On 11/03/2016


Oh I couldn't believe the call dropped out!! Thankyou thankyou thankyou so much Sue - you're incredible! So reassuring!! So positive!! I'm so excited about my future with my soulmate, my twin flame :) I'll keep in touch xx

Deb From Alice Springs Australia On 15/02/2016

What a lady!

One of the most humble readers I have spoken to. Very accurate and caring. Extreamly honest and if you're ready to hear the truth without any sugar coating then talk to Sue. Amazing psychic is an understatement to say the least. Connects straight away and no time wasting here. Straight to the point in a very caring way and like I said an amazing, grateful and humbling reader! Love and light to you xxx

Julie From On 05/01/2016


Susan is a lovely genuine reader, she gets right to the heart of the problem! A lovely calm voice, explains things in great detail. One of my favourite readers on here. We have spoken a lot lately about a specific ongoing situation, and I would just like to say Susan, you said he would call me today, within an hour of getting off the phone to you, he called! You were spot on! Will hopefully speak to you again soon! If you want the real deal, speak to Susan, she is one of the best readers I have found, and you won't be disappointed! 07/11/15

Sandra From Dorset On 07/11/2015

One of the best Trusted Psychics

Thank you 100%!!!! I love my readings with Susan.They are always thoughtful, informative and calming. I am so looking forward to speaking to you again.

Michelle A From Birmingham On 30/11/-0001

Superb reading

My friend highly recommended this service and suggested I should call because of my problems. I have to admit, this wasn't my thing, but because its such a cheap service, I thought what could I lose - I am so glad I did. Susan was superb, she seemed to connect with me like we were old friends catching up over a cup of tea. Her wisdom seemed to rub off on me and with her help, I got to the route of my problems effortlessly. My problems haven't totally gone, but I now have the inner strength to tackle them head on. Thank you Susan, keep up the good work and I shall be recommending you myself.

B. Sellars From Yorkshire On 30/11/-0001

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Hi my name is NICK, my pin number is 5800. I have been reading Tarot for 31 years. When I lay out your cards I can see the picture that gives me insight in order to have solutions on the Question you need Answers for. I use Tarot cards and my intuitive gift to assist you take the next steps forward solving issues to the questions you have. I use my empathy and in a non judgemental way give insight to your Questions. PIN: 5800

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I am an intuitive tarot reader with 7 years of experience. I began reading tarot after another reader mentioned that tarot would be the right fit for me. I receive extra messages outside of my tarot and oracle cards from spirit. With my counselling background, I can offer you extra tools to work on self-care if it is needed. I can read about relationships, career and general messages if you do not have an issue in mind. I also offer weekly, monthly and yearly readings. PIN: 8281

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I am a Tarot and Angel card reader with over 30 years experience providing good insight from the various cards I read. My spirit guides and Angel guides help me with my readings. I use a crystal pendulum to get yes or no answers to direct questions. My readings are always friendly and enjoyable. I specialize in love relationships and careers. And also can do more general readings. PIN: 5502

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I’m an intuitive Tarot reader and have been reading for over 10 years. I have a wealth of life-experience; both good and bad, as a partner, parent, family man and as a career professional and mentor. I’ve experienced the full gambit of events that life can throw at a person and as such I’ve been both burnished by adversity and strengthened by love to be a better, confident, more caring and spiritual person. PIN: 5594

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