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Very good

His reviews are on point. Zak is quick to tune in, polite and accurate. I was reading his reviews thinking that it was too good to be true. It's all true. Thanks Zak. Your gift has been helpful to me.

Macy From Leeds On 01/03/2022

Thank you

Looking forward for my prediction to come through lovely speaking to you Zak god bless.

Lorna From London On 15/02/2022

An amazing reader

Zak knows his stuff. He knows you and he knows what ever question you ask. He is also positive and gives fair and honest words but with care and love. I honestly believe he was meant to do this and was born to do this! Thank you Zak. Michelle I hope they publish this xx Your one of a kind. Xx

Mich From London On 08/02/2022


All i said was can u give me a reading on a specific person .He knew this person ,s thoughts and gave me clarity on a merky situation I dud not give him any information he gave it all to me . He doesnt waste your money or time and is genuine unlike some of the others who sit and think for 15 mins . Thanks zac

Melissa From WA On 25/01/2022

Thank you

Hi Zak, the minutes ran out so quick and I didn't get to say thank you for being there and also your a fantastic reader, I am so sorry to get very emotional. You should be 10 stars not 5.

Amreeta From Sydney On 16/10/2021

Spot On

Was spot on with my request. Confirmed my thoughts and feelings were on the right path.

Helen From Australia On 01/10/2021

100% satisfied

Zak tunes in straight to the issue at hand without asking any questions very good in what he does and has very strong psychic abilities

Phiwo From manchester UK On 16/03/2021

His reading

Zac is 100percent on my complicated problem.Very direct and he didn't waste my time on on rubbish straight to the point. I know this lovely person is the real deal for l did have a bad experience once by a so called psychic money wise. I would have no trouble recommending Zac and l am GLAD that by accident l found him Sandra AUSTRALIA

SANDRA From Queensland Australia On 21/02/2021

5 ⭐️

Zac is a genuine reader who will tell you all you need to know, with lots of detail. I have had a couple amazing readings and I am definitely coming back to him. 5 star ⭐️ reader I’m writing a review again as last one was not posted up.

Donna From London On 27/01/2021

Really good

Very Detailed and straight away connection. No constant question which was refreshing. Tuned in very well. Defo be calling Zak again

Lara From Scotland On 13/01/2021

Very good

Helpful and accurate

Jai From West Midlands On 13/01/2021

Absolutely spot on

Zak is brilliant straight in to my situation no questions asked absolutely brillant

Gill From Ireland On 17/12/2020

he's good

to the point, no questions was v specific for me.

c From London On 12/12/2020

Fast and accurate

Didn’t tell him anything and he went straight to the reason I called. Took exactly 3 minutes for him to tell me what I needed to know. No messing, no fishing for information. Very good and very accurate

From On 11/12/2020

More counselling than a reading

Too generic, kept going off topic. Not for me.

Jk From Wmids On 02/12/2020

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Psychic Reader Lilyfire


PIN: 1080

Reviews: 26

I am able to do tarot and astrology. I use guides of Angels and Gods and Goddesses. I am a clairvoyant. Read aura. I was born with these gifts of psychic abilities I offer you compassion and empathy. I am non judgemental. I offer positive vibes and blessings. I specialise in love and relationships, from partner to family, friend or work. I also deal with luck. I use my psychic abilities to find the right tools to assist you with your journey. PIN: 1080

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Psychic Reader Kathy


PIN: 8455

Reviews: 0

I use my intuition and support from my guides and the universe to assist me in reading the cards and assisting you with answering any questions you have. I specialise in giving tarot card readings for general and specific areas of your life. I first became aware over 20 years ago. I felt a connection with people; the insight grew stronger over the years. I have been offering readings for people since. PIN: 8455

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Psychic Reader Charlotte


PIN: 8039

Reviews: 26

I have 30 years experience of reading the tarot. I am clairsentient, connecting with spirit through my guides. I am non judgemental, compassionate and intuitive. l can assist with love, relationships, career, family matters and general insight. I aim to give clarity on what is the best way to move forward, and give clarity when answering your questions in depth. I love the energy that comes through the tarot, showing the best outcomes in situations. PIN: 8039

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Psychic Reader Heather


PIN: 5502

Reviews: 92

I am a Tarot and Angel card reader with over 30 years experience providing good insight from the various cards I read. My spirit guides and Angel guides help me with my readings. I use a crystal pendulum to get yes or no answers to direct questions. My readings are always friendly and enjoyable. I specialize in love relationships and careers. And also can do more general readings. PIN: 5502

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Psychic Reader Mandal


PIN: 3101

Reviews: 13

I am a compassionate and experienced psychic tarot reader with the ability to see into the past and future. I am here to listen and assist when you are feeling down. I am an intuitive, insightful and I'm extremely passionate about providing you with a professional and calming reading. I specialise in love, relationships, spiritual healing energy control, and family issues. I can conduct general readings and answer to all your questions. PIN: 3101

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Psychic Reader Luna


PIN: 8732

Reviews: 1

I am an intuitive tarot card reader. Since being bought a box of Rider Waite Tarot Cards as a gift several years ago, the tarot has helped me on my own process of healing. Now I wish to share what I have learnt in order to assist others on their souls’ journey. PIN: 8732

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Psychic Reader Crystal Blu

Crystal Blu

PIN: 5444

Reviews: 34

I come from a long line of mediums and tarot card readers. Since I was an early teenager I have had visions and seeing spirit. I learnt the art of tarot reading in my late teens and I was doing readings for family and friends, and friends of friends. In my mid twenties my reading was put on hold due to family and work and lots of life lessons. Twenty years later I am guided by my spirit guides to start to read again. PIN: 5444

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Psychic Reader Marlowe


PIN: 1801

Reviews: 28

Hi my name is Marlowe and I am a psychic tarot reader with over 15 years experience. I use the cards to make a psychic link with your spirit guides and give you advice and clear readings that may assist you with your life dilemmas. I am a non judgemental reader with lots of spiritual advice to give. Call me on PIN: 1801

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