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A very insightful and helpful reading, thank you!

This was my first time contacting a psychic  and was curious to learn more and try a reading. I was quickly impressed! Auric quite accurately understood my situation and my position at the moment, providing advice that helped me see a way forward and reassured me. She had a gentle and pleasant approach and a lot of the reading resonated with me. I am new to psychic readings but would consider them again in the future. It was lovely talking to you Auric, thank you for your understanding and insight. Take care and all the best.

Sophia From Redbridge, London On 22/07/2021

Gentle, super accurate and insightful

I am so sorry we got cut off. Your energy and insights are amazing and your accuracy mind blowing. Thank you so much for this uplifting and honest reading. May God bless you

Steph From London - UK On 23/06/2021

calm and to the point

Thank you Auric for putting me in a place of comfort and reminding me to go with my own strength and intuition. Accurate descriptions of people in my life and events. Look forward to the near future. Much love

Joy From Australia On 20/05/2021


What an amazing lady! You were 100% with your reading and I can’t wait to use you again ❤️ Love and Light

Taryn From Australia On 12/05/2021

Absolutely Lovely

She is highly in-tune and highly connected. Absolutely loved the reading. Highly recommend !

From On 04/04/2021

Predictions come out!!

Wow s year ago I had a reading and all predictions come out!!! This women is the real deal!!! Very detailed! Come bank on like more Auric I need another reading!

Jane From Kent On 24/03/2021

Thank you

Thank you so much Auric. I am sorry we got cut off. Hope to talk to you again soon.

Marie From US On 10/03/2021

She's okay

I think Auric is good with pleasant situations she doesn't tell you much about future

Sonia From London On 17/02/2021


As always an absolute pleasure to speak with this wonderful lady. So accurate and a beautiful reading. Sending much love to you Auric

Jackie From SA On 17/02/2021

5 plus stars

So gifted - and has such a caring professional and beautiful manner Highly highly recommend !!

F From Australia On 17/02/2021


Fantastic reading and so intuitive. Love this lady she is so friendly and so to the point. Very accurate. Sending lots of love

Jackie From SA On 16/02/2021

Lovely lady

Hi Auric we had a reading earlier but I couldnt top up again. I found Auric really sweet soft spoken and put myeat ease, no doubt of her psychic ability - very accurate with current situation few realistic predictions made - hope to catch you again soon

Shell From England On 27/11/2020


Very gentle lady , tuned in straight away ,with good connection

From On 27/11/2020

Lovely Reader

Lovely lady

Lovely From London On 30/10/2020

Amazing reader

I've had a few readings with auric uncannily accurate and insightful about my situation. Shd is always busy online so l have to wait for an update.

From On 01/10/2020

As always spot on

Such lovely accurate insightful and warm readings with Auric.Auric is one of the best on here . She gives positive and warm readings ,easy to talk to and she lostens and give helpful information on the dituation. She is always spot on with her predictions and for me they come true as she has told me. Give Auric a call i guarantee you wont be disappointed. Love and light

K From London On 19/09/2020

Not sure

Auric is really sweet but her readings seem to change about the same questions asked. Also I have been reading with her since April and unfortunately no predictions have come to pass.

From On 09/09/2020

Lovely lady

Sorry my pin ran out. I found Auric very kind and warm to talk to. She picked up on the situation and her feelings were in line with virtually every reader I've spoken to. I really hope her prediction comes true. It's my life wish. Would call again. Thank you. X x x

Joanna From Uk On 30/08/2020


such a great reading, no hesitating and the delivery was exceptional!! Waited so long to speak with her and was definitely worth the wait. Thank u so much

Lorraine From On 29/08/2020


Auric is a true psychic she always tunes into my situation perfectly my partner is very difficult to read and can be quite spontaneous but she always manages to pinpoint the days even the times of when I may get contact or see him next so, I’m always prepared for when he’s going to visit Lol There has been lots of improvements from him as she predicted and I’m looking forward to seeing how the rest of this year goes x

JJ From Uk On 13/08/2020

Truly a gem

She is truly a gem . She understood everything without me saying a word . Real psychic , very compassionate and talented .

From On 09/08/2020


My best friend has a couple of readings with Auric and told me I had to give her a try. So I did and I'm really, really pleased with the reading. I didnt need to tell her anything, she just knew. She is a lovely soul and funny as well. Dont miss a chance getting a reading from Auric...she's amazing. Thanks so much Auric, I'm sorry we got cut off before I could say thank you. Kelly xx

Kelly From Scotland On 04/08/2020


She is so sweet kind and talented . Most of all she gave me what sounded like, a sincere spirit lead hope. She sees that my POI will come forward and described the restaurant where it will happen ( which is amazing ...). I count on it to come true

From On 18/07/2020

Highly recommended

Loveliest lady I have ever spoken to , what a great compassionate soul. Need to talk to you again. The world could do with more Aurics

Cyn From West Midlands On 15/07/2020

You Saved Me

Auric is sharp intelligent and has more to offer on this line other then her psychic ability i am just glad that i got to speak to a lovely person who not only gave me an interesting reading but also gave me general advice which i did not think about

Esmerelda From Australia On 06/06/2020


Excellent, genuine reader.

Chris From London On 15/05/2020

Wonderful, Peaceful Reading

I really lovely reading from Auric - sorry we just got cut off as I was saying goodbye. She is a brilliant, empathetic, gentle knowledgeable psychic who connects unbelievable well, with compassion and clarity. Her talk left me feeling a sense of peace within myself as well as knowledge for the complex situations around me being discussed. The easiest and brightest soul to connect with~ there is a calm fluidity to talking to Auric & she will speak things as they are, with deep understanding and healing. Thank you for your words, energy and insight tonight and I will definitely ring at another point in time. Take care and blessings X x x

Olivia From Scotland / Berlin On 13/05/2020

Thank you! You were amazing.

Thank you for the lovely reading and for delivering it with such peace. I felt you connected exactly with my experience without having to say anything. You made my day!!!

Louise From London On 26/04/2020

Very sweet nice abs reassuring. I had 3 readings with Auric. The first two was consistent, third one was different. So not sure

From On 26/04/2020

Really good

The reading was very positive, was left feeling uplifted.

Leighbless From London On 13/04/2020

Absolutely Wonderful

I found this reader to be very interesting very nice lady easy to talk to to explain things really well well and also explains how and what you should do in a situation which is helpful because making a prediction is one thing but sometimes what to do when it's actually happening is another thing so she is able to direct you and guide you in the right direction which is why I found her reading interesting I hope and Pray her predictions to unfold so I could come back and write another review you on here thanks you've been wonderful

Rosie From Watford On 13/04/2020

Simply Amazing

I always enjoy my readings with Auric. She is able to tune into my situations and the information she gives always resonate. I asked her to look at two POI today and she was able to describe their actions and choices accurately. Thanks for my reading Auric

Emmanuella From UK On 05/04/2020


This lady has never failed to get into tune with the situation and provides full accuracy when doing so. You will not be disappointed.

Jessica From On 22/03/2020

Spot on

Auric is a very talented reader with love and healing. Auric have done many readings for me and as always she is spot on picking up on my situation. I love my readings with auric because she makes you feel comfortable and her guidance is 100% genuine. Have a reading with Auric and i guarantee you will keep calling. Auric you are a lifesaver. Thanks for our many readings and help Love and light ❤ K

K From London On 01/03/2020

On the fence

Not sure what to think ..... I asked my question and she there was a 50% chance of it happening. Talk about hedging her bets lol . My reviews never get posted so I’m sure this one won’t either

K From Aust On 01/03/2020


She is superb, connects really well, every time.. has great skills thanks a lot

PRANAV From Midlands On 23/02/2020

Sensational Reader

she is brilliant, very kind and energetic, and empathetic and talented... very good reader talented and skilled

PRANAV From Midlands On 13/02/2020

Gorgeous Lady !

she is brilliant reader, does superbly well and has great skills and talents very empathetic and kind thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 12/02/2020

Fantastic reading

I have many readings with auric and she have always bring positivity to my situation. Her predictions have been correct. A reading with auric brings clarity comfort healing positive energy and love . I wiould recommend auric a million times. Thanks auric for all your help give ayric a call you will not be disappointed. Auric is a star

K From London On 07/02/2020

A light in the darkness

Insightful reading today with Auric... Felt we had made a real connection and she gave me clarity and great hopes for the future.

Peter From Cumbria On 02/02/2020

Experience, genuine and lovely reader

What an absolutely lovely reading - loved your validations (which have been given by others) and really appreciated hearing the 10/10 - very reassuring indeed. I had better prep for the two weeks!!! Thank s a million!

Libran From Aus On 24/01/2020

Gorgeous Lady !

She is superb, excellent and genuine kind and skilled talented and sweet thanks a lot

PRANAV From Midlands On 20/01/2020

Gorgeous Lady !

She is brilliant, superb reader, excellent very sweet and talented kind and skilled thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 19/01/2020

Incredible connection

I truly can not that you enough for your insight. I could of spoken with you all night. For armed is for warned. I feel blessed from god. Thank you so so much xxx

Jennifer Paterson From Eastbourne On 17/01/2020

Amazingly accurate!

This lady has been amazingly accurate with her predictions for me. Auric is a lovely lady to talk to, she's very consistent and honest with what she sees. Highly recommend a reading with Auric! L&L xx

Rhianne From UK On 17/01/2020

Thank you!!!

Apologies for the call ending, once again thank you so much Auric for a inspirational and healing reading. Your insight touched on issues that I had not realised, you helped me to unfold and overcome then. Great Job. Love & Light! x

Neet From uk On 27/12/2019


thank you auric for the various AMAZING readings. with explosite validation. very gifted lady. if you have any question watsoever she will give you a great clarity for way forward. from the lady who worries you all the time about DONKY DONKY

From On 22/12/2019

First class

aurics reading was spot on ,the reading so resonated absolute and clarity, she is so wonderful and with so much positive energy , I felt so uplifted after the reading thank you Auric I will be back xx

Sandy From Shropshire On 07/12/2019


Spot on and so friendly. Thank you.x

Julie From Sidcup On 01/10/2019

Very good

Very good reading

Anon From Midlands On 01/10/2019

Very good: Accurate and helpful

Auric is very kind and gentle but does not waste time. Predictions yet to see, but Auric was extraordinarily accurate about a particular person in my life, so I feel I can trust the accuracy of the other things she told me about. She is helpful about self-employment questions as well, since spirit can convey certain technical things through her. I would certainly call Auric again.

Jayjay From London On 25/09/2019


Auric was amazing, she saw everything exactly as it was and was able to provide me with the answers I needed. Thank you so much Auric

From On 14/09/2019


Had a wonderful insightful reading with Auric. Auric confirmed some previous predictions given by other psychics, plus her own predictions, which I look forward to seeing manifest. Will be in touch again soon.

Mags From West Midlands On 11/09/2019


Auric was just an amazing reader.... she picked up everything so well around my situation....her reading are for up to 18 months so just have to wait and she what happens!

Annonomas From East Midlands On 07/09/2019


I shall call this lady again as she had lots of insight into my very complex life. Auric was warm and told me lots of things she couldn't have possibly known or guessed. I highly recommend this psychic.

Diana From UK On 07/09/2019

Very good

From On 05/09/2019

Down to Earth

Just had my first reading with Auric, only intended to speak for 10 mins, but instead went on for 1hr. I found her very genuine, non judgemental and reliable with everything she told me. A very friendly and easy going lady, with deep, thoughtful insights and advice. I would speak to her again and would definitely recommend her. She's very good.

Cyerran From Leeds On 03/09/2019

OMG this woman is amazing so accurate before I had even started she told me what was going on In my life I was speechless You really need to speak to her just absolutely amazing Thankyou so much and he did get in touch and we’ve spoken and working through our problems just like You said

Anna From Berkshire On 03/09/2019

Excellent reader with deep insights and gives an honest straight forward reading. I highly recommend her Thank you Auric

Vanessa From Surrey On 03/09/2019

Lovely reading Cleared my mind

Had to give 5 stars I have just had a reading with Auric and by the end of the call it was like a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I look forward to the next few weeks with new hope. I will call again - thank you

Mrs Dunster From North Wales On 01/09/2019

Very informative reading

Wow - thank you so much for the amazing reading with something coming through I had not even known about possibly being a big part of my future. Thank you for answering all my questions and for the guidance shared. Well connected..

Libran From Aus On 01/09/2019


She is an amazing beautiful lady. Sooo accurate in all her readings. She explains everything in details and all her predictions come true. Love talking to her. So kind and loving and quick in giving answers. Wow

Kamari From Bromley On 27/08/2019


Thank you Auric for the incredible reading. I feel empowered and am looking forward to an exciting future. Thank you for all the answers to my questions and the guidance from the angels and spirit guides around you. You are an exceptional person and I stay grateful for the spiritual healing you sent me. I highly recommend you and will call again soon. Ann xxx

Ann From France On 19/08/2019

Incredible!!! Must try her reading

I called Auric as I was stressing out over a decision I had to make and she was able to provide me with answers. I have a strong belief in reading and know that what she mentioned will occur :)

Emmanuella From UK On 15/08/2019


I had a very non judgemental and beautiful reading today. Auric is quietly measuring. Absolutely picks up auras and energy immediately. Not harsh. Very gentle in her approach. Thank you

Anom From On 08/08/2019

Amazing Lady

Thank you very much. I am sincere sorry I couldn't thank you as my minutes ran out after topping up for the second time on the call. You relate to me so well. I'm looking forward to your predictions unfolding. Thank you once again.

Rupal From England On 04/08/2019

Very accurate and friendly chat. Would highly recommend Auric .

Sharyn From G.B On 28/07/2019


Auric was so gentle with a soothing voice, very quick to connect with a real kindness and peace about her. Picked up on things very well, full of insight. Reading flowed, will be back. Thank you ❤️

Lisa From On 25/07/2019


What a lovely gentle, clear reader. completely non-judgemental, and very positive. Thank you Auric

Lesley From Glasgow On 21/07/2019

Lovely reading

Will be back with update on predictions always makes me feel at ease thank you j

J From On 07/07/2019


Wow: spot on, a very accurate reading with a lovely, insightful & sweet lady!!! Auric could see into my situations very quickly & gave me sound advice & confirmations on several different subjects & she set my mind at rest over a long term troubling matter & reassured me that all would e well!! Lots of love & God bless you Auric, from Lorraine.

Lorraine From Devon On 06/07/2019


Most genuine reader on here. No guessing nor dig for any question. Or judgment on situation. Truely gifted. Thank you for the reading. Stay blessed.

Zara From Manchester On 04/07/2019


Auric is an amazing reader, kind and compassionate with deep insight and very honest. She helped bring calm to a difficult situation. She was spot on straight away. If there were 10 stars I would give them to her. Thank you Auric.

Vanessa From Surrey On 30/06/2019

thank you so much!!

Great reading, very detailed and in tuned to my specific situation, very kind! Was able to pick up accurate details, and showed me the possible future outcomes,! Thank you so much!

srey From boston On 29/06/2019

5 stats

Very quick to connect and very detailed reading, thank you

Donna From London On 22/06/2019


I found Auric so honest, patient and able to narrow down her reading on situations and people. I would recommend her highly.

Nahid From Australia On 19/06/2019

Good reading

Auric is very sweet. Reading was spot on. Thanks again. Blessings

From On 19/06/2019

Spot on

Auric is so talented, I would highly recommend her for precise direction. Beautiful reader, and spot on

Happy flower From Australia On 16/06/2019

What a lovely lady. Looking forward to her predictions.

Maryanne From On 13/06/2019


Had a fantastic reading with Auric. Tunes in so well and predictions inline with other top readers on this site. We connected so well. You are very talented and gifted. Such a lovely lady to talk to.

Maria From Bedford On 10/06/2019

Very Honest

Very good and fast reading

LB From Australia On 07/06/2019


Thank you for your listening ear and reading

Marg From Australia On 06/06/2019

Lovely Reading

I have just had a beautiful reading with Auric, she has been very accurate with my situation and has given me some very positive future happenings. She is very good, highly recommended.

From Australia On 06/06/2019

Honest lady

A gentle soul who gave me hope when all was lost. She healed my heart and gave me the strength to carry on. She picked up quickly and guided me with understanding. I highly recommended her to anyone seeking peace of mind.....

Unhappy flower From Australia On 30/05/2019


Excellent reader. Picked up on specific detail surrounding the POI. Will be very popular soon.

Mark From Oz On 30/05/2019

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