Adrian - 9336

I have a natural psychic ability which helps me tap into the wisdom of the universe in order to assist my clients to find the answers to their questions, solutions and opportunities. Please call me for a professional reading today. PIN: 9336



Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

My area of expertise is Tarot Reading, specialising in career matters, love and relationships and problem solving. I use the Sacred Circle Tarot which is a Celtic pagan journey, created and designed by Anna Franklin and Paul Mason. This helps gives practical readings that assists people to work out solutions and opportunities, to move forward in their lives.


CALL (02) 8417 2983

When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I first became aware of my abilities around 20 years ago and I continued to learn by talking to other readers, through academic study and by doing lots of readings

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

My complimentary skills are that I am a good listener, empathetic, articulate, positive, and I am able to assist my clients visualise a picture of how they would like their life to be.

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Loved my reading. Asked for a love read and he described someone who was very active, loved water, adventurous and in his own little world. This is someone from my past! But he just knew! He also mentioned family conflict from his side. He’s good!

J From Uk On 02/03/2022

Vague and non productive reading. I cut it short, what he said didn’t resonate - was Greatly lacking in detail and wasn’t helpful

From On 14/02/2022

Absolutely brilliant

I lived my reading Adrian gave me insight into work/career plans how they will plan out, time scales and areas to focus... Thank you Adrian, I needed hope clarity, validation and got it 100% tonight, thank you for been here tonight

Sally From Hull On 01/02/2022

Excellent reader

You are th only person in TP who told me that I moved awary from difficulty and lots of money to meet someone of highhly integrity instead. You knew that I know my future bcause you also saw that I am a psychic too. Highly recommended reader.

S From Australia On 29/01/2022


Adrian predicted I would meet someone foreign within weeks and I didn’t believe him. Within a week I met my foreign man. He said you’ll be really happy and detailed all of his characteristics and he was just as Adrian predicted. He is soo freaking good it’s scary. Allow time for his readings to unfold you will not be disappointed.!!!! I’ll be back Adrian

Ree From Surrey On 24/01/2022

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Psychic Reader Adrian


PIN: 9336

Reviews: 6

I have a natural psychic ability which helps me tap into the wisdom of the universe in order to assist my clients to find the answers to their questions, solutions and opportunities. Please call me for a professional reading today. PIN: 9336

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Psychic Reader Kaira


PIN: 7198

Reviews: 0

I am a psychic medium from London. I am empathetic and understanding of all life's complex issues. My experience of working with spirit has been since I was a wee girl, and when it began, I was scared. However, now I use it to assist others. I do not sugar-coat my readings. You get what spirit shows for you as I am just the messenger. I also use tarot and oracle cards as psychic tools to help me dive into your reading further. PIN: 7198

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Psychic Reader Claire


PIN: 1133

Reviews: 0

I’m an Oracle card and angel card reader. I can offer general reading or readings based on love, careers, relationship readings, and spiritual growth. I became aware of my abilities from a young age, and it has developed and grown with my spiritual journey. I’m a great listener, and very open-minded. PIN: 1133

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Busy For 16 Minutes
Psychic Reader Lucy


PIN: 8061

Reviews: 92

Hi I mainly use the Tarot cards and crystals to give you a fulfilling reading. I have been offering readings for over 30 years and I specialize with problems of the heart. I am a member of the psychic university and practice my abilities daily. I work as a medium and can assist you in contacting your loved ones. I also offer guidance with career issues. PIN NUMBER 8061

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Psychic Reader Andy


PIN: 7077

Reviews: 20

I have been reading the tarot cards for 30 years, originally taught by my mother who is a psychic medium, as was my maternal grandmother. I am able to receive messages from spirit during meditation but will often get quick visual glimpses of spirit and occasionally receive spoken words that come quite literally out of the blue! I also have experience in spiritual rescue work, always carried out with love and care. PIN: 7077

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Psychic Reader Cosmika


PIN: 2289

Reviews: 68

I am an intuitive Tarot, Angel and Playing card reader I also get clairvoyant flashes as I tune into your energy vibration. I specialise in positive readings on love & other relationships, career & life in general. I'm like 'Cosmic Catchphrase', I say what I see in the cards. The main spiritual tools I use are tarot & angel cards. PIN: 2289

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Psychic Reader Psychic Katie

Psychic Katie

PIN: 3107

Reviews: 177

I have many years experience in tarot card reading. I am naturally a very intuitive person and I connect using voice vibration. I also have the ability to connect with spirits and how to interpret the messages I receive from them. I meditate frequently to keep my abilities on top form. PIN: 3107

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Psychic Reader Madeline


PIN: 4626

Reviews: 217

I've been working with my spirit guide now for over 40 years. I connect directly on a psychic level, as well as through the tarot cards, and it's been an absolute joy to be able to assist so many people in that time. The advice and predictions we receive is truly humbling and can make such a difference. So, whatever you have on your mind today, I'm confident that along with my spirit guide, we will be able to assist you. PIN 4626

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