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44 reviews

Sapphire - 9397

I am a Psychic Medium working with my spirit guides and assisted by various tools, the main being my energy cards and sometimes tarot. I am also a clairaudient, clairsentient and clairvoyant. I have been giving readings professionally for the last couple of years. PIN: 9397

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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

We all have different journeys to take in our lives and those journeys are very individual and at times can be very difficult as well.Life is full of choices during our journeysand sometimes we can arrive at a cross roads where we mayneed someone to listen, someone to give insight and re-assurance.I am an intuitive, sensitive, compassionate, non-judgemental, down to earth reader as well as a good listener. I am passionate about assisting people, working with my guides, my tools and universal energy I will do my very best to assist a client with their personal journey.If you choose to have a reading with me then it will be a privilege and honour to read for you.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

As a psychic medium I work with my spirit guides, universal energy, my intuition, energy cards and sometimes tarot, crystals and pendulum.I am also clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient as well.

When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I first became aware of spirit when I was a teenager, seeing a relative of mine that had passed and then seeing other members of the family who had also passed when in my early twenties.I personally found this very comforting.I then became aware of communication aurally and then also visually, whether that be a person or images to give me validation.I started using the tarot cards too as well as the pendulum and then went on to give readings for family and friends.After having various readings from other psychics myself I visited a medium who became my mentor.I became professional a couple of years ago.I have worked at events as well as giving one to one readings and work with my spirit guides and the angels everyday whether that is professionally or for me personally.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I am attuned Reiki Practitioner to Level ii, I work with tuning forks in sound therapy on a personal basis and have also undertaken courses in crystal healing.

Recent Reviews Of Sapphire


No connection

She couldn't get a connection. Not great when you are feeling you need guidance.

- Vess, London


Prediction Came to Light

She picks up everything correctly from my life without any prompting from me. Reads with lightening speed and doesn't waste her caller's time. Her prediction came to light in 2 days. I've had several readings by her for last 2 years, never gave me false hope but truth. Amazing she is.

- Anuradha, UK



Thankyou sapphire for your information to guide me x ?

- J, England


I was very anxious and upset regarding a recent fall out with someone who means a lot to me, .You told me he would draw a line under the sand and not contact me again. I was upset

- Anon, Scotland


Sapphire 9397

Ok- only seems to like short questions and answers. Then she ends the call. Had few readings with her like this.

- S, Uk



She could not establish a connection -

- Chris, London



I felt like she preferred to be anywhere else rather than be on the phone. I got the sense that she was so disinterested in doing the reading.

- AJ, Uk


Prediction came to pass x

I called in a panic looking for my cat, she didn't give me any guarantees but simply told me what she saw. This gave me the idea to go out again and look where I hadn't looked before... And I found her! A million stars for you my lady. Thank you!

- Alexandra, Spain



So sorry Sapphire, we got cut off! Absolutely loved my reading. Non judgmental, knew things and got down to the facts. Sapphire has a lovely way about her too. I didn't want the reading to end!

- Clare, Kent


Always good

Sapphire is one of my trusted go to's. She never fails to deliver. Accurate, professional and always sensitive to the caller's needs.

- A, Uk


Uses Her Own Judgement

How she interpreted my relationship dynamic was 50% correct and 50% her own judgement which was actually not right. So, I prefer truth but not negative and judgemental interpretations either.

- A, UK


Very short

I think maybe the lady was busy and wanted to get off the phone. She was very nice but the reading was over in not more than 5 minutes and I would have liked to have explored the area more and got more info.

- Jessika, Lincolnshire



She is amazing so sorry I was cut off.Will call again and she is very popular.

- Jx, Uk


Loved my reading

What a cheery lady and makes you feel welcome. She also gave realistic predictions. A good reading and thank you Sapphire. x

- L, UK



Very very accurate picked on my situation. Thank you for your amazing reading I will be back for sure!!!! Xxxx

- Yaxx, Manchester



Really really lovely lady. Very to the point and doesn't waste time repeating herself or beating around the bush to keep you on the phone. Highly recommend, amazing reader!

- Rachel, York


Nice wow

Great reader

- On 18 6 2023, London


- ,


Excellent reading

Such a great reading. I got a lot of clarity and the insights lined up with the situation well.

- A, A



Really connected! Realistic reading with depth. Thank you Sapphire.

- Jamie, Uk


Very good

Spot on and very helpful. Definitely genuinely, everything she said made sense. I recommend having a reading with Sapphire.

- S, Staffs



WOW fantastic reading spot on, mostly right thank you

- M, East Anglia UK


- ,



Wow spot on. Will be back to review if predictions happen but based on that reading of be surprised if they didn't. Picked up so much.

- Kim, Newcastle



Thankyou lovely lady for positive guidance J Midlands xx

- J,


She is spot on as hard as it was she is amazing!Jane

- ,


Real connection

Thank you. Both myself and my partner really connected with everything you said about our current and future situation. I promise we'll call you again in a couple of weeks. We can't recommend you enough xxx

- Carrie, Bedfordshire


great reading

she was spot on with things that are going on around me will update when things starts to happen in the way she said it would thanks.

- m, uk


5 ⭐️

Thank you for your amazingly accurate readings, one of the best!

- Donna, London


Inspiring hope

Sapphire gave me a reading after I lost my cat somewhere on the journey between the U.K. and France! I had no idea where she was and was very distressed. Sapphire described her perfectly and said I would be reunited with her. About 3 days later I got news of a sighting and within another couple of days she had been caught safe and well! I was amazed at Sapphire's psychic ability which was delivered in a lovely manner. She was right about other matters raised in the reading too. A very talented reader. Thank you Sapphire.

- Caroline, France



What a fantastic reading. So spot on and so much confirmation as well for me. So looking forward to the next 3 to 6 months. Thank you so much and God bless you

- Jackie, SA


Lovely Reader

Thankyou sapphire for your guidance . Lovely Lady Beautiful Energy J xx

- J, Midlands



I had a much needed reading with Sapphire this morning and was very pleasantly surprised. I found her straight forward which i appreciate and very much accurate with a very complex situation with a POI. She helped me to fully understand the the gravity of the situation and that only time and patience is the key. Thank you so much, really appreciated speaking to you

- Carrie, Kent


Gifted Reader

Sapphire got to the heart of my problems with compassion and honesty. She was able to connect to a person who had passed recently. The messages were poignant and helped to heal and bring closure to a situation I called about. I recommend a reading with her. Sorry we got cut off before I could thank you!

- ,


Good reader

i don't know why this lady has not got a lot of reviews, but my reading was very good and she helped me see things clearer. thank you x

- , Scotland


Saphire is amazing, very very honest and direct. If you want the truth and be told as it is not what you want to hear, Saphire is the lady. From all the psychics I called she and Maura were the only ladies whose predictions were opposite everyone else and they were right even though I hated what I heard. Thank you so much Saphire

- M, London



Had a fantastic reading with sapphire. She's straight to the point and I love that! No fairy tale just honest but also positive too she's just real. Gave a couple of predictions which of course I will update x

- ,


Your the best

Sorry we got cut off dont know what happen .You are really good the best I've had for sometime can't wait to talk again stay safe x

- Karen, Australia


Experience, genuine and lovely reader

Thank you for tapping in quickly and giving a concise and detailed explanation of how things stand. Your comments showed a very good connection and gave me the validations that you were on track. Thank you for looking at both scenarios and the honesty about the second one - confirming my thoughts. VERY good reader.... genuine and accurate!!

- Libran, Aus



Had the loveliest reading with Sapphire. So sorry we got cut off. You've given me a lot of hope with a very detailed reading. Delivered in a very professional and compassionate manner. I will of course come back very soon and give you an update. Thankyou for giving me hope for my future. Lots of love xx

- Leighton, Brighton


Very good

Just had reading with sapphire spot on very good give her a try xxx

- Debs, Scotland


Very informative

I enjoyed speaking to Sophia she was spot-on with all of her guidance and advice

- ,


Excellent Reader

10 Stars for this excellent reader, can't believe the things that she told me. Spot on. looking forward to speaking to her again. Joyce

- Joyce, London


Excellent Reader

10 Stars for this excellent reader, can't believe the things that she told me. Spot on. looking forward to speaking to her again. Joyce

- Joyce, London