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She is brilliant just brilliant

From On 28/01/2022


Really impressed with Marion. She dives straight in and gave me so many wonderful insights. Enjoyed the reading xxxx

I From On 31/12/2021

True Psychic

Had few readings with Marion Always consistent & detailed Straight to the point no waffle! Impressed by the same way she described my POI in 3 different readings, really rassuring about the outcomes Much blessings, love and light xx

From On 23/12/2021


Had Many readings with Marion this year Always consistent & detailed Straight to the point no waffle! Many Predictions have already come to pass. Lovely Lady Thanks Marion x

Ann From Yorks On 19/11/2021

Clear and concise

Incredibly clear and concise. Great connection. Was able to pick up on my current emotion and provide a good reading setting our clear timeframes. Thank you Marion!

Ann From Birmingham On 08/10/2021

Very clear no questions asked

Thank you Marion. I like the way you do your readings by connecting and seeing what comes out. All resonated and questions in mind where answered. I will be back to let you know if when things start to come to fruition :)

Chris From Uk On 24/09/2021


The reading wasn’t clear. Confusing, frustrating.

From On 27/06/2021

First time

Hi there sorry about that thankyou for what you have so far hopefully the prediction will happen and with the relationship side of things but a am so sorry the connection keeping cutting you off a will deffo call you back again when I have a better signal xx

Lisa From Uk On 26/04/2021

Didn’t listen

I called to focus on a specific issue in my life but for some reason she didn’t want to hear about it and insisted on just a general reading.

Emma From Scotland On 26/04/2021

Great reader

Loved this lady. She asked nothing. Completely connected straight away, speaks so clear and I sense how genuine she is through her tone of voice. Thank you so much xxx

Becci From Wales On 30/03/2021

Good Reading

She went through everything I called about without me asking any questions. It was a good reading. Thanks very much. x

From Scotland On 21/03/2021

Very good

Marion is very good had a few readings with her and predictions never alter. No questions asked just loads of details. 5 stars

Teresa From Hertfordshire On 14/03/2021

Good reading

Told me I never needed to ask any questions. Nice lady x

From Scotland On 26/12/2020


Very good lots of info no questions asked

Ann From Australia On 23/11/2020


Had a lovely reading with Marion. She was very detailed in her reading. Gave me lots of validations and has given me a very positive outlook on the future. I really hope all your predictions come true. I will report back if and when they do. I loved this lady as she was so detailed and got through everything quickly in the 20 minutes I had remaining. Give this lovely lady a call. You won’t regret it.

Leighton From Sussex On 13/09/2020

very good straight forward psychic

everything she said made sense to me. No questions asked. predictions in line with top readers Much blessings and love xxx

From On 10/08/2020

Accurate, warm and concise

Marion was able to pick up all active issues at the very beginning without any prompts from me. She pleasant and warm in manner and provided a lovely comprehensive reading in a short period. As others have said, she provided details and scope in less time than most readers. I would highly recommend her.

L From Shropshire On 06/08/2020

Great Insightful Reader

Wow, such a great reading from the lovely Marion. Thank you so much for your incredible insight into my future. You are the real deal and I will be back. With much kindness, Fiona

Fiona From Australia On 02/08/2020


I have had a reading with Marion 3 times each time she has reassured me . Thankyou Marion . So far she has proved right , will speak to you again , soon many thanks ,xxx Sandy

Sandy From Midlands On 27/07/2020


Marion is a lovely reader. I've spoken to her before without mentioning that of course, and her predictions had not changed and were in line with virtually all the readers I've spoken to. God I pray everyone is right! Nice lady and would definitely recommend! Minutes got cut off sorry. Thank you x x x

Joanna From Uk On 13/07/2020


Absolutely spot on with the reading. Completely worked me out to a tee! Thank you Marion I will call you again x

Sarah From U.K. On 11/06/2020

Absolutely brilliant and accurate

Marion is absolutely delightful to talk to and her reading was so accurate and uplifting. Apologies for The conversation cutting short. You are a blessing to this world.

Steph From Paris France On 02/06/2020

Very good

Straight to the point loved the reading will. Have to wait and see. If comes true heres hoping

From On 25/05/2020

Not for me sorry

Reading was quite negative, no clear information rather general thy could be said to anyone. Nice lady but just wasn’t for me.

C From On 17/05/2020

Great reader

Picked up situation without asking any questions. Very accurate reading. Gave good insight

Jasmine From UK On 03/05/2020


superb psychic very articulate easy to talk to direct information very accurate gets names and knows the situation intimately all information just flowed especially about poi and where there heads at just sublime totally uplifting but realistic and truthfull thankyou trusted psychic she goes above and beyond any other psychics

wow From uk On 19/04/2020


Very good, unfortunately my minutes ran out! love that there were no questions asked, straight into the reading and explains everything, Thank you x

From On 12/04/2020

Wonderful Lady x

From On 01/03/2020

Nice reading

Thank you Marion, lovely reading x

Marie From Kent On 24/01/2020

Really good!

Really good reading, she didn’t ask questions just reeled off everything and was spot on.. would recommend

From On 30/11/2019

Marion is very lovely! Had a reading yesterday morning and had to run into work and called again in the evening.. the reading was the exact same and her predictions are the same as the top readers. Very kind very positive lady which is lovely as some of the readers here tend to focus on the negative which is not ideal! Overall im feeling very positive and excited so thankyou!

Ellie From On 10/10/2019

Great reading

To the point spot on wi6my present life empathetic looking forward to the predictions

From On 15/09/2019

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I have 30 years experience of reading the tarot. I am clairsentient, connecting with spirit through my guides. I am non judgemental, compassionate and intuitive. l can assist with love, relationships, career, family matters and general insight. I aim to give clarity on what is the best way to move forward, and give clarity when answering your questions in depth. I love the energy that comes through the tarot, showing the best outcomes in situations. PIN: 8039

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PIN: 2922

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I am a Tarot card reader, with empathy abilities. I have been reading Tarot cards for over 30 years. My Grandmother was a Romany Gypsy, so I know a good few things about clairvoyance and superstition. I offer a compassionate, calm, clear consultation to my clients, non judgmental, with advice if called for. I have a Tarot Pack that I have used for a long time. It never see the light of day unless I am reading! PIN: 2922

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Psychic Reader Candie


PIN: 7010

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I am a natural born psychic; I do tarot card readings and at times can also get visions and pick up on names. I also get visions in my dreams of what’s coming in life. I’ve been doing readings for 10 years now. I can offer customers my absolute best insight possible, and I will try to assist my client in any way possible through the readings. PIN: 7010

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Psychic Reader Amber


PIN: 8506

Reviews: 31

I am a psychic and tarot card reader. I have 23 years experience. I offer a full, detailed, professional reading on your present and future. I specialize in love, relationships and family issues. Since my mid 20's, I have been able to predict things that will happen, leading to readings for friends and it has grown over the years to me reading professionally for the last ten years. I am calm by nature and have a non judgemental approach. PIN: 8506

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Psychic Reader Daisy


PIN: 5876

Reviews: 144

I am your spiritual psychic medium today. I am so happy to share with you that I have been blessed with my gift for quite sometime. This has been passed down from the matriarch of the family, my grandmother. I cherish my gift and carry with so much honour. My readings are in-depth and as a tool I use tarot cards alongside my natural psychic abilities. My readings can bring clarity, confirmation of what you already know and unexpected insights. PIN: 5876

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Psychic Reader La Luna

La Luna

PIN: 9031

Reviews: 8

I have over 22 years practical experience as a clairvoyant, psychic medium and cartomancy forecaster. I am an intuitive empath who utilizes my spiritual qualities, in conjunction with my psychology qualification as a freelance counsellor. I liaise with my Spirit Guides and Higher Consciousness to provide my clients with the peace of mind and upliftment they need. PIN: 9031

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Psychic Reader Kerry


PIN: 4191

Reviews: 76

I do tarot reading, I feel I am very spiritual and have been doing so for about 2-3 years. I can offer a callers a very insightful reading and feel I am very easy to talk to and connect with. I specialize in tarot readings using tarot cards and can feel a insight-fullness into your life using the cards. I have been practicing tarot reading for about 2 years now but feel I have always been a spiritual person. I use my spiritual intuition as well as my tarot cards. PIN: 4191

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