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Mia - 9920

I offer tarot card reading and psychic readings. With my tarot card reading, you will likely find all the answers you need, which will assist you with any decisions you need to make. On the other hand, while doing psychic readings, I can tap into someone’s energy to assist to map out their future. I use a unique reading method for each client. Usually, for every reading, I use a combination of both unless required to choose one specific. PIN: 9920

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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

In my late twenties, I started reading Osho Tarot cards, and my intuition opened. Since then, I use Angel cards, can predict many things, and have assisted many people with my readings.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I am compassionate, intuitive, insightful, and highly passionate about providing a professional and calming reading. I don’t judge; I am down to earth and want to give the best reading possible.

Recent Reviews Of Mia

6 months ago


This reader appeared disinterested all the way through, I felt as if I told her everything then she seen it happening. and long periods Of silence.

- Fiona, Leicester

7 months ago

Cut off

Got cut off .poor microphone issue

- London, London

7 months ago

Very Good

I did not have a problem with my reading. What was picked up is actually going on in my life so I was pleased. I will call again soon.

- Lu, Oxford

8 months ago


I always found Mia to be polite and quite tuned in on her readings. Thankyou April 2023

- S, Uk

8 months ago


There was a bit of noise at the beginning of the reading. Mia was very good, and in line with other readers. She picked up on something that happened at the weekend. I look forward to her predictions.

- Penny, Somerset

10 months ago

Difficult read

This reader was clearly not interested in reading. Yawned, mumbled, lengthy pauses, judgemental. Accuracy was not there.

- Gail, Exeter

10 months ago

A brilliant Reader

I had a reading with Mia today and she was brilliant as usual. I told her what to look at i.e. 'family' and she picked the situation nicely, she did not ask me any questions. I will be having all my readings with Mia all the time.

- C, Oxfordshire

10 months ago

Very Good

Had a reading with Mia this morning had to cut it short sorry Mia my daughter was ringing from abroad. What I got was spot on she didn't ask questions which always impresses me. Will have to wait and see if her timing is accurate. 5 stars +

- Sylvia, Lancashire

11 months ago


I think she is genuine and gave good information but unfortunately not only does she sound sleepy there was an awful lot of background noise which was very off putting. Mia please sort out your microphone system then I'm sure you will be very busy.

- Sarah, Lancashire

Over a year


Difficulty reading, I need to keep prompted to give clarity and keep saying “ you know “ you know

- Ana, Uk

Over a year


This woman barely said anything, she said a few words in a sleepy quiet voice , I struggled to hear her all the time through the call. Please post people deserve to know what they get

- Mar, Uk

Over a year


Quite a slow reader minutes run out be careful just delays every question!!

- Lucy, Sussex

Over a year


- Sue, London

Over a year


She was really good picked up alot

- Tina, Lo

Over a year


Amazing concise reading from such a general question. Picked up on things could never have known. Thank you

- Lauren, Berkshire

Over a year



- Saf, Leeds

Over a year


Asked for DOB and went straight into it. Picked up on everything in relation to my question. Extremely accurate as far as situations. Definitely recommend.

- Linzi, Edinburgh