These are the 5 Signs You Should Look Out For

1: She Wants to Spend Time with You

Small displays of affection are often the first things we notice when we’re in love. A sign could be something as simple as your partner wanting to spend a lot of time with you. Spending time with the person you love is a great way to learn, grow, and deepen the connection you share.

2. She Does Things for You

There is no better feeling than being surprised by your partner with a gift, especially if it is something that is handmade. Whether your partner has decided to make you breakfast in bed, a birthday card, or plan a special weekend with you; someone who genuinely cares about you will go out of their way to do things for you, even when they don’t have to.

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3. She Supports You No Matter What

There will be times throughout your life in which things do not go as planned. As lucky as we are to be here, we will all face trials from time-to-time. When you are with someone who cares for you, they will stick by your side through the worst of times, not just when things are going well. Having a partner who will support you is everything and is quite difficult to come by.

4. She Takes an Interest in Your Interests

When you are getting to know someone, one of the easiest ways to know if they have taken a liking to you is if they start to take on your interests. If the lady you are with starts to take an interest in your hobbies, it may be her way of finding a way to connect with you, to get to know you on a deeper level. During your relationship, it is good to have things that you can enjoy on your own, but bringing your partner in from time-to-time will not do any harm.

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5. She Gets to Know Your Loved Ones

Getting to know your friends a family is a good way for your partner to solidify their role in your life. If the lady friend you have made desires this, you can take it as a sign that she wants to become a part of your life in a meaningfull way. The sharing of family bonds, friendships, and secrets will all help bring you and your partner closer, so do not be afraid to let them in.

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