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Should I Trust My Lover?

Published 17/12/2023 by Sarah Lutterloch

Should I Trust My Lover?

Trust is essential to any successful relationship. Trust is necessary to build a strong foundation for a meaningful long-term connection.

When considering whether to trust your current partner, it's essential to evaluate the situations that may have caused you to question this person's dependability in the first place. It could be behaviour on the part of your partner that has triggered concerns about their commitment or loyalty, such as flirting with other people or secretly communicating with someone else.

Alternatively, it could be from past experiences where you felt betrayed by a prior partner or even a random person.

If you are in an intimate relationship and are wary of trusting your lover, some telltale signs may indicate whether they are dependable. For example, if your partner is willing to spend quality time with you, show you respect and listen to your feelings, this is likely a good sign that they are trustworthy.

If your partner's behaviour has become erratic or unpredictable or if they seem unwilling to invest in the relationship, these could be warning signs of an unstable or even abusive relationship.

It's also important to consider any previous relationships you have had to understand better why trust issues have arisen in your current one. Think about what happened in past partnerships and how those experiences may influence how you view your current lover. If a previous relationship ended due to a breach of trust, you may be carrying some of those feelings into your new one.

If you decide it is safe to trust your current partner, the next step is rebuilding the foundation of trust. This can include clear communication about expectations and boundaries and being honest and vulnerable with one another.

It may also involve setting aside time for meaningful conversations about complex topics such as cheating or lying. It's important to remember that trust is not something that happens overnight. Building trust will take time and a lot of effort, so be patient with yourself and your partner during this process.

Only you can decide whether to trust your current partner. If you struggle to make this decision, it may be beneficial to seek the advice of a relationship expert or counsellor who can provide additional support and guidance. No matter what your decision is, remember that trust is a vital part of any healthy and stable relationship.

15 Signs You Can Trust Your Partner

Trust is the foundation of any successful and healthy relationship. Feeling secure and confident in your partner's loyalty, honesty, and commitment to the relationship is essential. Infidelity, deceit, and betrayal are always prevalent; finding a trustworthy partner is a rare and precious gem. Here are 15 signs that you can trust your partner:

  • Open and Clear Communication: A trustworthy partner will maintain open and easy communication with you. They will be honest and straightforward about themselves, their feelings, and their actions in the relationship.
  • Actions Match their Words: A trustworthy partner will back up their words with actions, consistently delivering on their promises and commitments.
  • Transparent with Social Media: You and your partner's social media pages should be transparent in a relationship. A trustworthy partner will not have anything to hide from you and will willingly share their social media details.
  • Punctuality: A trustworthy partner will always show up on time or inform you of any delay beforehand, respecting your time and commitment.
  • Respect for Privacy: A trustworthy partner will respect your privacy and boundaries, never infringing upon your personal space or invading your privacy without your permission.
  • Honesty and Loyalty: Trustworthy partners are always honest and loyal to their partners, never deceiving or betraying their trust.
  • No Jealousy or Possessiveness: A trustworthy partner will not exhibit any signs of jealousy or possessiveness over their partner, respecting their individuality and independence.
  • Emotionally Supportive: A trustworthy partner is emotionally supportive and available when their partner needs them the most.
  • Trusting and Trustworthy: A trustworthy partner will trust you in return, never doubting or questioning your loyalty or faithfulness towards them.
  • Shared Values and Beliefs: Trustworthy partners should share similar values and beliefs, providing a solid foundation for a long-term commitment and relationship.
  • Disrespectful Behaviour is Absent: A trustworthy partner will never resort to abusive or rude behaviour towards their partner, creating a safe and secure environment.
  • Consistent Behaviour: A trustworthy partner will display consistent behaviour towards their partner, never showing signs of mood swings or erratic behaviour.
  • Their Friends and Family Trust Them: A trustworthy partner will have the trust and respect of their close friends and family members.
  • Willing to Admit Mistakes: Trustworthy partners can understand their mistakes and take responsibility for their actions, avoiding excuses or blame-shifting.
  • Willing to work on Relationship: A trustworthy partner will be willing to work on the relationship and make the necessary changes to make it successful and healthy.

What to Do If You Don't Trust Your Partner?

It can be stressful and complicated to navigate if you feel like you can't trust your partner. This can be especially true if you have previously been cheated on or had other negative experiences with relationships.

The first step is to assess the situation honestly and determine why you feel this lack of trust. Are there specific behaviours or actions your partner has taken that have led to your distrust? Have past events or behaviour patterns left you feeling insecure or suspicious?

Once you clearly understand what is causing your lack of trust, it is essential to communicate this to your partner non-confrontationally. This is best done calmly and rationally, not in the heat of the moment or during an argument. Tell them how you feel and explain why you are having these feelings.

It is also essential to be open to your partner's perspective. Try to understand their point of view and listen to their concerns. Some misunderstandings or miscommunications may be contributing to your lack of trust.

If you feel like you need to make progress on your own, seeking the help and advice of a professional counsellor or therapist can be very helpful. Reading psychic books is a standard method to gain spiritual insights into your partner's actions and feelings.

5 Signs You Can't Trust Your Partner

If you find yourself questioning the honesty and sincerity of your significant other, it may be time to take a closer look at the signs you can't trust them. Here are five red flags that your partner may not be as trustworthy as you thought:

1. They are secretive and guarded with their phone and personal devices:

If your partner gets defensive or guarded when you ask to see their messages or emails, it could be a sign that they are hiding something from you. Even subtle changes in their behaviour, such as taking their phone with them everywhere or locking it with a password, might be indications that they are not being entirely honest with you.

2. They frequently lie or "forget" essential details:

Dishonesty is a major red flag in any relationship. If your partner frequently lies or "forgets" important information, it could be a sign that they are not truthful with you. Watch out for inconsistencies in their stories and be wary of their excuses.

3. They make plans without consulting you or prioritizing your needs:

In a healthy relationship, partners consult each other before making plans and prioritize each other's wants and needs. If your partner consistently makes plans without consulting you or disregards your desires, it could be a sign that they are not fully committed to your relationship.

4. They have a history of cheating or adultery:

People can change and grow from past mistakes, but if your partner has a history of cheating or adultery, it would not be easy to trust them completely. Keep in mind that repeated cheating is often a sign of deeper issues, and it may take a lot of work to rebuild trust.

5. They consistently dismiss or gaslight your concerns:

If you mention concerns or doubts about your partner's trustworthiness and they consistently ignore or gaslight you, it could be a sign that they are unwilling to acknowledge your feelings and work through problems. A healthy relationship needs honest communication, and dismissing your concerns is a surefire way to erode trust over time.

If you notice any of these red flags, it may be time to seriously discuss your concerns and work together to rebuild trust with your partner.

What If I Have Trust Issues?

Navigating a relationship can be difficult, especially if you have trust issues. Relationships built on trust and open communication can be immensely fulfilling, but when trust issues arise, it can lead to deep-seated doubt, suspicion, and anxiety.

It's important to acknowledge that trust issues stem from a place of vulnerability and past experiences that have hurt or betrayed you. You may question your partner's every move, interpreting their words and actions as proof that they are dishonest.

This can ultimately lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy, where you push your partner away and undermine the very foundation of your relationship.

If you find yourself in a relationship filled with doubt and mistrust, it's essential to identify the root cause of your trust issues. Do they result from past experiences, or do they reflect your partner's behaviour? If it's the former, it's essential to work through the pain and trauma that led to your trust issues with a therapist or spiritual psychic reader.

If it's the latter, then communication is key. Openly discussing your concerns and sharing your feelings will help your significant other understand the gravity of the situation and work towards addressing the underlying issues.

Speak to a Love Psychic or Relationship Coach

Trust is a core component of any successful relationship, and when trust issues arise, they can quickly lead to feelings of insecurity, jealousy, and doubt. If you need help with trust issues, seek guidance from a professional to help you work through these challenging emotions and find a path forward.

At Trusted Psychics Australia, we understand the complex nature of relationships, and our team of love psychics and relationship coaches are here to help. Our trustworthy and experienced professionals are trained to provide valuable insights and advice to help you overcome your trust issues and build a stronger, healthier relationship.

When you speak to one of our love psychics or relationship coaches, you can discuss your concerns and share your thoughts and feelings in a safe, supportive environment.

Our professional psychic will listen carefully to your story and provide the guidance and support you need to navigate your emotions and work through your trust issues.

We offer a wide range of psychic services to meet your needs, including psychic readings, relationship coaching, and more. Our psychics and coaches are highly skilled and experienced and can offer valuable insights into your relationship that can help you move forward with confidence and clarity.

When struggling with trust issues in your relationship, don't wait to get help. Contact Trusted Psychics Australia today on the phone or with an online psychic expert through Live Messenger chat. We can help you heal from heartbreak, grow, and thrive in your relationship.

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