Knowing How He Feels

If you are seeing someone (whether your relationships is new or old) you have probably wondered how they truly feel about you. Today, we’re going to let you in on 5 secrets that will expose your boyfriend’s true desire.

1. The Look in His Eyes

While this is not something you want to rely on if your relationship has been going on for some time, the look in someone’s eyes when you first meet can tell you a lot. The eyes are often described as the windows to the soul, something that is able to convey someone’s true feelings/intent. When someone has romantic feelings for you, involuntary reactions can tell you everything you need to know; are his pupils dilated, is he completely focused on you, does he often glance at your lips? These are all signs of interest, so pay attention the next time you strike up a conversation with someone you like.

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2. You Have Become His Priority

When you love someone and are loved by them, it is only natural for you to make each other a top priority. If your lover is giving you a lot of his time, maybe taking his attention away from other things (hobbies/friends) chances are, he is really into you.

3. He Has Always Got Your Back

Having someone by yourself who will support you with everything you are going through is a wonderful feeling. If you have someone who will always be there to catch you when you fall, you have found someone worth holding on to.

4. He Does Things for You, Freely

When you do things for one another without even asking or needing a reward, your relationship is on the right track. There is no need for you to keep tabs on each other as your relationship is reciprocative. Naturally, men want to provide for the people they hold dear, so if he is doing this for you, it is a very good sign. If anything, the special man in your life will show you how he feels as opposed to simply telling you. Pay attention to his actions and how far he is willing to go, that will tell you everything you need to know.

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5. He Does Not Judge You

Due to social norms, many of which we are working to override, a woman may be encouraged to withhold her past from her partner. That said, if you have found someone who accepts and loves you for who you are, he will not judge you when you open up and share your deepest secrets.

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