Dealing with First-Date Nerves

When it comes to love, people become very nervous when putting their heart on the line because they fear rejection. Whether things will work out in your favour is something that will always be on your mind as you don’t want to become another statistic on the divorce chart. Navigating the world of love is rarely an easy thing to do, even with online dating, it can be hard to find someone suitable. Today, we’re going to go over a few things that may ease some of the terrors that come along with that all-important first date.

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Best First Date Ideas

3 Ways to Deal with Your Nerves on a Date

1. It’s Not Just About You

When going on a first date with someone new, you have to make sure that you don’t get too much in your own head. It’s easy to get caught up in thinking that your laugh is too loud, your jokes aren’t landing, or that you’re not as smart as you think you are. The truth is, if the person you’re with didn’t see the potential for something wonderful to blossom, you wouldn’t be spending this precious time together.

2. Be Able to Make Fun of Yourself

Not taking yourself too seriously will make it easier for you to relax and be yourself. If you’re able to mock yourself and not worry too much about tripping over your own feet, you’ll find it easier to connect with your date.

3. Be Honest About Your Nerves

If you’re nervous, let your date know. The truth is, you’re not the only one with butterflies in your stomach, this is one of the things that make first-dates so exciting. If you can be open and honest with your date, they will feel more comfortable/willing to do the same.

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Best First Date Ideas

Where to Go on Your First Date

When it comes to a first date, it’s important to pick a good location, preferable somewhere you can connect with one another in a meaningful way. Finding a place with minimum distractions but with enough atmosphere to cover those awkward/nervous moments would be helpful. While it’s tempting to go somewhere that’s bursting with life, you may actually find it harder to get to know the person you’re with as you get caught up in what’s going on around you. Going to the cinema used to be a popular choice, however, doing so makes it impossible for you to communicate effectively. Going for a coffee/quick drink is a great way to get to know someone because you’re not tied to being with them for a fixed amount of time if things don’t go well.

If you met someone online, you don’t want to talk to them too much because you want to have things talk about on your date. It’s also very common for people to meet online and get one perfectly fine but in person, the chemistry they shared previously is non-existent. As easy as it is to speak with someone via text or even over the phone, you want to make sure that your relationship isn’t reliant on technology.

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