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Is Fear Holding You Back? 

Fear is something that holds people back more than many realise. It prevents us from fulfilling our full potential and enjoying life to the fullest. Unfortunately, fear is not something that has an off switch, so the only way to beat it is to overcome it. When it comes to fear, we all experience it in… read more


10 Ways You Can Show Love to Yourself 

Self-love means many things to many people; while some lean towards being naturally positive/negative in their disposition others believe in working with what you have instead of what you wish for. Not berating yourself over small faults, perceived or otherwise, is a key tenant of self-acceptance… read more

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What is a Vision Board? 

If you’re wondering what a vision board is and how to use one, you’re in luck. Learning how to use a vision board can have a profound impact on your life which is why we have to share this information with you. Vision boards can be highly inspiring as the push you towards your goals in the most… read more


7 Ways to Get Through Hard Times 

Everyone goes through times in which they feel as though everything is an uphill battle. On occasion, you may even believe that you do not have the power to change things which leads to you falling into a pit of despair. At Trusted Psychics Australia, this is not something we want for you which… read more


How to Manage Your Time Effectively 

Time management and effective scheduling can vastly improve your quality of life. You may not realise it right now, but there are probably things that you’re not doing that could make your experiences much more pleasurable. Knowing that there are various tricks you can use to properly manage your… read more


The Truth About Shadow Work 

The concept of a two-faced person or someone with another side to them is not new. No doubt, you’ve probably had instances in which you have reacted to something in a manner that was not your norm. Sometimes, your reaction may be so extreme that you are unable to recognise yourself. While this… read more


How to Find Your Bliss 

Finding happiness and achieving your goals is not always as easy as some gurus like to make up. Creating the future you want involves working hard and dedicating yourself to whatever it is you want to achieve. Finding your happy ending is tough, however, Trusted Psychics Australia is here for… read more


5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Time 

To make the most of your time on Earth, cultivating bonds, focusing on your interests, and spending time with your loved ones is a must. Life is an experience that we are lucky to be granted with, so as you learn, grow, and share your light, you should always be appreciative of that…. read more


How to Live Mindfully 

Being aware of your actions is a sign of being in tune with yourself and the world around you. Foreseeing the consequences of your actions will allow you to live in a way that brings minimum harm to both yourself and the people around you; the ability to show empathy will set you up for your future… read more