Staying Friends with Your Ex

On our cheap psychic phone service, we get tons of callers who want to know if they should stay in touch with their ex-partner. Should they be friends? Should they get back together, or should they move on? The truth is, sometimes, there is no right or wrong answer. No two people have the same story, so this question doesn’t have a simple answer that will suit everyone’s needs. In many cases, it would be great if two people could be friends after a breakup, however, there are a lot of things they must consider.

  • How will a new/future partner feel about their friendship?
  • Will they be able to move on?
  • Are there children involved?


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Is Staying Friends with an Ex Advisable?

Getting Out of Toxic Relationships

For some broken-up couples, trying to be friends is a terrible idea. If they had a toxic relationship, it’d be better for all those involved to walk away so they can properly heal/move on. Those who are or have come from toxic relationships often have a hard time as their self-worth/ego may have been shattered.

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If you are feeling torn in regard to your ex-partner, don’t worry, our trusted psychic team will give you all of the insight you need. We the support of our loving readers, you can make a clear and rational decision for yourself. Our psychics will never judge you and they will never tell you what to do; during your reading, you will be shown a new angle/perspective so you can make an informed decision.

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