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What to Talk About on a Date?

Published 13/12/2023 by Louise Emma

What to Talk About on a Date?

First-date conversation topics should be subjects that reveal your personality, interests, and values while learning about your date.

Begin by keeping the conversation light, discussing hobbies, favourite books or movies, and travel experiences to break the ice and find common ground.

When you feel there is a possibility of future dates and the opportunity for a long-term relationship, you should try discussions about dreams and aspirations, family dynamics, and life experiences. It can deepen the connection, offering insights into each other's backgrounds and future goals.

What to Talk About on a Date?

How to Prepare for a First Date?

First dates can be exciting and nerve-wracking. One of the biggest fears of first dates is the possibility of awkward silence. The last thing you want is to sit across from someone you're interested in, but there needs to be a more casual conversation. The key is to know what to talk about on a date and what not to discuss.

  1. Plan: One of the best ways to avoid awkward silences is to plan. Talk to your date before the actual event and have an idea of what they would like to do on the date. You can then develop a list of things to talk about on a date related to that activity, ensuring you have plenty to discuss.
  2. Do Some Research: If you need to learn more about your date's interests, research online before the date and ensure you reread his dating profile. This may help you generate some meaningful questions about their hobbies or passions. This way, you'll have something to discuss if you need more topics.
  3. Be a Good Listener: Only some people are good at talking about themselves or their interests. If your date seems shy or reserved, ask open-ended questions and listen carefully to what they say. This is respectful and shows that you are genuinely interested in them by asking thoughtful follow-up questions.
  4. Share Stories and Experiences: Sharing your stories and experiences can help break the ice. Be mindful of the type of stories you choose to share; it may be better to share common experiences or things you have in common.
  5. Use Humour: Humour can be an excellent way to break the ice and connect with your date. However, be careful not to use it offensively. Choosing the right moment and tone can have a big impact in a good way.
  6. Be Yourself: Most importantly, be yourself. Having conversations that show genuine interest or feelings is a good idea. This gradually builds trust and confidence in the relationship. You never know; sometimes, being authentic can set the foundation of a lasting love story.

Remember, the goal of the first date is to get to know each other, so come prepared with some basic questions to avoid any agonising silences and focus on having fun and enjoying the moment.

What to Talk About on a Date?

Deciding what to discuss on a date can shape the experience and potential for a future relationship. Begin by being prepared and having ideas of things to discuss on a date already in mind.

Try starting with light-hearted, universal topics like hobbies, favourite films or books, and travel experiences; these first-date conversation starters can open doors to deeper conversations without the pressure.

Sharing funny or memorable personal anecdotes can add a touch of humour and personality, which are fantastic things to discuss on a first date. Always be aware of what to talk about on a first date without throwing rapid-fire questions.

Gradually discuss life aspirations, passions, and significant experiences that have shaped you. These subjects are good to talk about on a date because they offer insight into your character and values and encourage your date to share their own, fostering a sense of mutual understanding and connection.

Always listen carefully and show genuine interest in their responses, creating a balanced and engaging dialogue that could be the start of something special.

Read our guide on Best First Date Ideas.

Dreams and Aspirations

Discussing dreams and aspirations is one of the most eye-opening subjects to discuss on a date and a profound way to connect. It opens a dialogue about the future, revealing your priorities in life and the values and motivations that drive you.

Sharing your biggest dreams can be inspiring and uncover shared aspirations, laying the groundwork for a deep and meaningful connection.

Childhood Memories

Favourite childhood memories often hold special emotional significance, and sharing them can provide a glimpse into your upbringing and the experiences that shaped you.

Whether it's a cherished family holiday, a tradition, or a funny mishap, these stories can add a personal and relatable touch to the conversation.


Talking about travel experiences is one of the top things to talk about on a first date, as it can spark excitement and reveal a lot about a person's interests and worldview.

Whether it's a backpacking adventure, a luxury getaway, or dream destinations yet to be explored, travel discussions can be a gateway to learning about each other's passions and personal experiences.

Hobbies and Interests

Sharing hobbies and interests is great if you want to know what you talk about on a first date, as it allows you to find common ground. It can help you to explore each other's passions and discover activities you can enjoy together.

Fears and Anxieties

While it might seem like a heavier topic, discussing fears and anxieties can build a deep sense of empathy and understanding. It's a chance to show vulnerability and trust, foundational elements of a strong relationship. However, gauge the comfort level and ensure the timing is right.

Cultural Differences

Exploring cultural differences can be incredibly enriching, offering insights into diverse backgrounds and experiences. It's an opportunity to celebrate uniqueness and learn from each other, fostering a deeper appreciation and respect for each person's diversity.

Beliefs and Values

Discussing beliefs and values on a date is interesting, as it gives you insight into understanding each other's core principles.

This conversation can cover moral, religious, or political beliefs, providing a deeper insight into compatibility and potential areas of conflict or harmony.

What to Talk About on a Date?

Music and Art

Music and art are universal languages that can convey emotions and experiences when words fail. If you get stuck with things to talk about on a date, try sharing your favourite music, artists, or art forms. It can be fun to express your personality and discover shared tastes or new interests.

Personal Growth

Talking about personal growth highlights your journey towards self-improvement and the lessons learned. It's a chance to share goals, achievements, and the challenges overcome, showcasing resilience and a commitment to bettering oneself.


Discussing past relationships is not one of the subjects to talk about on a date, but discussing what you would like in future relationships is a good thing. Then, you both know where you stand and what to expect from the relationship at the start.

Career and Ambition

Interesting things to talk about on a date include career and ambition discussions. These conversation topics can reveal a lot about a person's drive, priorities, and satisfaction in their professional life.

Sharing aspirations, successes, dream jobs, and even struggles can provide a rounded view of how you approach work and ambition.

Family Values

Family values are central to many people's lives, and discussing them can reveal insights into your upbringing, current family dynamics, and the importance of family in your life.

This topic should be on your list of things to talk about on a date. It can bridge discussions about future aspirations regarding family life.

Community Involvement

Talking about community involvement shows a sense of responsibility and care for others. Whether volunteering, activism, or simply being an active community member, this can highlight shared values and interests in making a positive impact.

Childhood Traumas

Addressing childhood traumas requires high trust, so it may not be a topic of conversation for a first date and should always be approached with caution on future dates.

Sharing such deeply personal experiences can deepen understanding and compassion, but ensuring both parties feel safe and comfortable is essential.

Emotional Intelligence

Discussing emotional intelligence opens conversations about self-awareness, empathy, and how you navigate emotions in relationships.

It's an opportunity to explore how well you understand and manage feelings, both your own and those of others.

Pet Peeves

While lighter in nature, sharing pet peeves can be amusing and enlightening and lead to funny stories. It's one of the things to talk about on a first date because it offers a peek into each other's quirks and what might irk you, paving the way for understanding and accommodating each other's boundaries.

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness discussions can cover physical, mental, and emotional health. Sharing your approach to staying healthy, stress relief techniques and wellness routines can offer a holistic view of how you prioritise well-being.

Creativity and Imagination

Exploring creativity and imagination reveals how you express yourself and enjoy creation. Whether through art, writing, or problem-solving, discussing creativity can spark inspiration and shared creative pursuits.

Intellectual Curiosity

Intellectual curiosity is about a love of learning and exploring new ideas. Having meaningful conversations with others can be a truly enriching experience.

Discussing subjects that pique your interest, sharing insights from recent books you've read, or talking about documentaries you've watched can be excellent ways to spark engaging discussions. These conversations can help you and others learn new things, gain different perspectives, and deepen your understanding of the world around you.

Time Management

Talking about time management strategies and challenges can provide insight into how you balance life's demands. It's an opportunity to learn from each other and find synergies in managing busy schedules.

Love and Relationships

Exploring views on love and relationships gets to the heart of what you value in a partner and a romantic relationship. This is undoubtedly one of the captivating subjects to talk about on a first date, as it's a great conversation starter and a chance to share your hopes, fears, and what love means to you, laying the groundwork for a deep emotional connection.

What to Talk About on a Date?

What Not to Talk About on a Date? By Relationship Experts

The objective of first dates is to create a positive impression, enjoy pleasant conversation, and get to know each other. However, specific topics are best explored once you understand the other person better.

According to the Trusted Psychics Australia relationship experts, here are 21 things you should avoid discussing on your first date to save yourself from awkward moments. You can read our article on Tips to Get Through First Date.

  1. Relationship History: Your new date may be curious about your previous relationships, but it's best to save any negative stories for another time.
  2. Politics: While it's good to be informed about political happenings, it's better to avoid such discussions, particularly if you have differing opinions.
  3. Religion: Religious beliefs are personal matters; you should only mention the topic if you are sure it's safe territory.
  4. Sex: Avoid talking about sexual experiences, fetishes, or preferences. Discussing these topics may frighten or offend your date.
  5. Finances: Money is mostly a sensitive topic; discussing financial matters on your first date could be perceived as uncalled for.
  6. Health Issues: Discussing medical issues too soon may appear obsessive or too personal.
  7. Your Future Plans: Just like discussing past relationships, it's best to elaborate on your future goals on another date.
  8. Exes: Uncomfortable conversations about your ex-partner should not be a topic of conversation during your first date.
  9. Criticising Friends or Family: Criticising your friends or family members is unflattering. Avoid it as much as you can.
  10. Career and Job Worries: Discussing how you are unhappy in your job or your indecision about what you want to do in the future could affect your date's mood.
  11. Controversial News: Avoid bringing up controversial news and current events that can lead to heated arguments.
  12. Criticising your Date: Being judgmental or critical of your date's behaviour or appearance can be taken as offensive.
  13. Baby Plans: Talking about having children might be too personal and creepy.
  14. Marriage Plans: Getting too excited about getting married could make your date uncomfortable.
  15. Addiction Struggles: Discussing your addiction struggles could be too personal and might come off as dangerous to your date.
  16. Your Home: Elaborating on your home or your lifestyle might frighten your date from the onset.
  17. Discussing Emotionally Turbulent Topics: Things like depression and anxiety disorders, among others, are off-limits during the first date.
  18. Dark Humour: Humour is good, but stay away from the dark ones, lest you scare off your date.
  19. Previous Dating Experiences: Talking about terrible first dates or past dating failures is inappropriate.
  20. Negative Self-Talk: Being too self-deprecating or negative might give the impression that you have low self-esteem, which might be interpreted as a weakness.
  21. Personal Traumas: Personal traumas like abuse, loss, or violence are too sensitive for a first date and should be avoided.

First dates build a foundation of friendship and understanding between two people. It is essential to avoid controversial topics that are likely to cause discomfort and awkwardness. By keeping your discussions light-hearted, you'll enjoy yourself more and have a better chance of securing a second date.

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How Do You Keep a Conversation Going on a Date?

Keeping a conversation flowing smoothly on a date is critical to avoiding awkward silences and building connections. Preparing subjects to talk about on a date is always advisable. The real secret lies in active listening, and showing genuine interest in what your date has to say will avoid moments of silence.

When you need more stuff to talk about on a date, ask open-ended questions that will lead to more than yes or no answers, such as their thoughts on a topic, experiences, or dreams. This keeps the dialogue dynamic and demonstrates your interest in their perspectives. Sharing your own stories and insights in response to theirs creates a natural back-and-forth exchange. A good conversation is like a tennis match; it flows best when the ball is hit back and forth smoothly.

What Are the Best Things to Talk About on a Date?

The best things to discuss on a date are those that help you discover common interests, values, and experiences. Start with light and engaging subjects such as hobbies, favourite movies, books, or travel experiences. These can reveal shared interests and offer plenty of follow-up questions.

Gradually, you can delve into more meaningful topics like aspirations, life experiences that shaped you, or even what you're passionate about. Discussing future goals and dreams can enlighten and help gauge whether your paths align. Subjects to talk about on a date shouldn't include controversial topics or heavy personal issues in the early stages; the goal is to build comfort and connection.

How Can I Talk More on a Date?

Maintaining a conversation on a date might seem daunting if you're naturally more reserved. The key is to prepare ahead of time. Think about subjects to talk about on a date that would make you both feel comfortable, such as interesting aspects of your life, stories, or recent events you're comfortable sharing.

Having these in mind can help you contribute more to the conversation. Also, practice being curious about your date. People enjoy talking about themselves, so things to talk about on a date should also include asking thoughtful questions about your potential partner that can lead to new topics.

How Can I Be Interesting on a Date?

Being interesting on a date doesn't mean you have to perform or be someone you're not. It's about sharing your authentic self and showing curiosity about your date. Silence is never good, so always come prepared with things to discuss on a date so you have plenty to talk about.

Share your passions and interests genuinely; enthusiasm is contagious and can make any topic fascinating. Listen actively to what your date says and respond with thoughtful comments or questions showing engagement. Humour is also a great icebreaker and can make the conversation more enjoyable. Remember to be present in the moment, avoiding distractions like checking your phone. Everyone has a unique story to tell, and by being your true self, you're already interesting.

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