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Why Being the Third Wheel Is Painful

Published 13/12/2023 by Joanne Jones

What Is the Third Wheel?

The term "third wheel" is often used to describe a situation where there are three people in a romantic relationship, but one person feels left out or excluded. This could happen in several scenarios, such as when two people are in a relationship, and a third person comes in between them. The third person could be a friend, colleague, or family member.

In such situations, the third wheel can feel unwanted or left out, leading to feelings of jealousy and resentment towards the other two individuals. These feelings typically arise when the couple spends considerable time together, leaving the third person feeling like they are not a part of the relationship.

The third wheel phenomenon is not limited to romantic relationships. It can also occur in other areas of life, such as friendships or work relationships. In such cases, the third person can feel like they are not fully involved in the group and may feel like an outsider.

What Does it Feel Like Being the Third Wheel?

At Trusted Psychics Australia, we understand the complexities of various relationships. Amongst the many insecurities and fears within relationships, being the third wheel is one of the most challenging emotions to experience. It can leave one feeling excluded, uncomfortable and even envious of the closeness between the couple.

A third wheel joins a couple in social situations or activities typically meant for two people. However, the third person presents an awkward dynamic of unexpected tension and imbalance, especially when the couple shares romantic feelings towards each other. It is common to feel like an outsider, watching two people share a connection you cannot relate to and a bond you wish for yourself.

Being the third wheel can trigger numerous emotions. Feelings of sadness, insecurity, loneliness, anger, and even embarrassment can occur. Just imagining the sight of your crush being in a relationship with someone else can trigger pain in your heart, creating an emotional turmoil that is hard to shake off. Additionally, being a third wheel can affect one's self-esteem, making it difficult to enjoy social situations and hindering personal relationships. The feeling of being unnecessary, unwanted, or even invisible can create social anxiety and avoidance, leading to further isolation.

Being the third wheel can be a challenging experience, one which requires patience, self-reflection, and healing strategies to overcome. In conclusion, whilst being the third wheel may feel discouraging, always remember to put yourself first, prioritize your emotions and seek professional assistance if necessary.

How to Cope With Being the Third Wheel

Being the third wheel in a romantic relationship can be challenging and a painful experience for anyone, no matter how strong they may be. The constant feeling of being left out and the fear of ruining the atmosphere can take a significant toll on one's mental health. However, there are ways to hope to cope with this situation.

It's imperative to prioritize your own well-being when being the third wheel. Engage in activities that make you happy and provide a sense of fulfilment. Take a hobby or spend time with friends who appreciate and value your company. It's essential to remember that you should be valued as a friend and your feelings taken into consideration.

Communication is key in any relationship, including the ones you share with your friends. If being the third wheel starts to bother you, reach out to your friends, and express how you feel. Be honest and open about your emotions without placing any blame on them. Together, you should be able to find a way forward that works well for everyone.

Alternatively, taking a step back and distancing yourself from the situation may be helpful. While it may feel difficult initially, some space can help you better understand your feelings and assess your priorities. This approach of self-reflection can provide valuable insights so that your concerns can be addressed to find a more fulfilling and happier life.

Ultimately, being the third wheel is all about perspective. While it may feel like a curse, shifting your focus towards the positives can help you embrace this stage of your life. With time, patience, and a positive outlook, you can cope and thrive in all aspects of your life.

When Being the Third Wheel Doesn’t Work

Trusted Psychics Australia understands that being the third wheel can often become an uncomfortable and awkward experience. Many people find themselves in this situation due to being in a group of friends where they are not as close with one person or by choice of being the designated tag-along in a romantic relationship. Although it can be a way to spend time with others, being constantly excluded from conversations and plans can lead to feelings of isolation and inadequacy.

The reality is that being the third wheel just does not work when it comes to building meaningful relationships and finding true happiness. It is essential to understand that settling for this type of situation can ultimately lead to negative feelings and sometimes even resentment towards the people involved. Relationships should be based on mutual respect and inclusivity rather than leaving someone out and making them feel inferior.

In-Depth Psychic Readings on the Phone

Trusted Psychics Australia recommends creating healthy boundaries and setting expectations in relationships to avoid being trapped in the uncomfortable dynamic of third wheeling.

One way to do so is by initiating conversations with other individuals and building connections outside the group or the relationship. Additionally, having a frank conversation with the friends or partner involved may be necessary, expressing how the situation makes you feel and seeking a solution that works for everyone.

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