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What Your Loved Ones Want You to Know

Published 04/12/2023 by Sarah Lutterloch

What Your Loved Ones Want You to Know

Understanding the Loss of a Loved One

The loss of a loved one is a challenging and emotional experience. It is a natural part of life, but the grieving process can be overwhelming and can leave individuals feeling lost and despairing. Coping with any loss, either a friend or a family member, can be a long and painful journey that requires a great deal of understanding and support.

When someone close to us dies, our emotions can range from distress and disbelief to anger and profound sadness. It is a normal part of the grieving process to experience a wide range of intense emotions, including anxiety, guilt, and depression.

These emotions can be challenging to manage, but it's important to remember that they are a natural response to losing someone we care about.

Grief affects everyone differently, and the length and intensity of the grieving process can vary greatly from person to person. It's essential to understand that there is no right or wrong way to grieve, and there is no timeline for moving through the different stages of grief. There are several stages of grief that individuals may experience, including denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

It is essential to seek support and understanding from loved ones, friends, or a professional who can help to provide comfort and support during the grieving process. Talking through your feelings, seeking counselling, and participating in support groups can also help manage the emotions associated with grief.

In conclusion, it is essential to recognise that the loss of a loved one is a natural and emotional experience that requires understanding, support, and compassion. Coping with grief takes time and patience, and it is essential to embrace the emotions that come with it and seek support when needed.

What Your Loved Ones Want You to Know

Losing a loved one is an inevitable life event that can impact our emotional well-being. It is a difficult experience that can leave us feeling heartbroken, lost, and alone. However, some people believe that their loved ones still communicate with us even after they have passed.

According to some spiritual beliefs, the departed may have messages to convey to their loved ones that they have left behind. These messages may provide comfort, guidance, and closure to those still grappling with their loss. Here are some messages that your loved ones may want you to know after they have passed.

1. They Are Still With You

Your loved one may have departed, but they are not gone. Spiritually speaking, they are still around us, watching over us and guiding us through our lives. You may feel their presence in different ways, such as a sudden scent, a change in temperature, or a feeling of being touched or hugged.

2. They Want You to Be Happy

Your loved one wants you to continue living your life to the fullest. They want you to find happiness, not just in the significant events but also in the little things that matter. Try to live in the present and appreciate the small moments of joy that come your way.

3. They Forgive You

If there were any unresolved issues or misunderstandings between you and your loved one before they passed, know they have forgiven you. They do not want regrets or negative feelings to consume their hearts and souls. Let go of any guilt or resentment you may be holding on to and move forward with positivity and love.

4. They Are Proud of You

Your loved one is proud of the person you have become and what you have achieved. They want you to keep pursuing your dreams and ambitions and chase them with passion and determination.

In conclusion, the passing of a loved one can be an overwhelming experience, but it is essential to remember that they are never truly gone. Your loved one still loves you, wants the best for you, and believes in you. Take comfort in these messages and let them guide you through healing.

How to Find Closure After Losing a Loved One?

Losing a loved one can be an overwhelming and painful experience for many individuals. It is a challenging phase we all eventually have to go through. Dealing with loss can be one of the most life-changing events in our lives. This article aims to share ways to find closure after losing a loved one.

Firstly, it is essential to understand that closure does not mean forgetting about your loved one or diminishing the significance of the relationship you shared with them. Closure means coming to terms with their absence and accepting the fact that they are no longer with you physically. Closure allows you to celebrate their life and cherish their memories rather than dwelling on their loss.

One way to find closure is by creating a memorial, planting a tree, funding a memorial bench at their favourite place, or starting a charity in their memory. A tribute to your loved one can help you remember them fondly and provide you with comfort in their absence.

Another way to find closure is by joining a support group or contacting a grief counsellor, where you can share your feelings with others who have also experienced loss. It can be healing and comforting and provide peace of mind. You can find such support groups in your local community or even online.

It is common to feel guilty after the loss of a loved one. However, it is essential to remember that there was nothing that you could have done to change the outcome. The best way to find closure around guilt is through self-forgiveness. Remind yourself that you did the best you could and that your loved one would want you to cherish the time you shared.

Finding closure is a personal journey that requires patience and understanding. It is important to remember that while their physical presence may be gone, the love you shared with your loved one will continue to live on. Embrace their memories and celebrate their life. Remember that healing takes time, and the journey is unique to everyone.

Finding Closure by Connecting With a Medium

Dealing with the loss of a loved one can be devastating, leaving many people feeling like they didn't have the chance to say goodbye or do enough to honour the memory of their loved one. It's natural to want closure and to ease our pain by knowing that our loved ones are no longer suffering. This is where a trusted medium can assist.

Connecting with a spiritual medium can provide the opportunity to communicate with the departed and receive messages from the other side. A medium is a skilled practitioner who has the gift of connecting with those who have passed on. They use their intuition and skills to facilitate communication with the spiritual realm.

Trusted Psychics Australia's medium readings offer an opportunity to connect with someone who has passed over. Through the medium, clients can communicate with their loved ones, bring closure and find solace in knowing their loved ones are in a peaceful place without pain.

Our medium readings are conducted by gifted professionals who are trained in their craft and provide support and empathy to clients to ask questions and gain insight from their departed loved ones. The information delivered is genuine, and the shared messages can offer comfort and healing. In conclusion, connecting with a medium can provide much-needed closure for those who have lost a loved one.

Through conveying messages from the departed, a medium reading can help you move forward and find peace. Our professional, experienced, and trusted psychics are here to provide the guidance you need in this difficult time. Contact Trusted Psychics Australia by phone or Live Messenger to speak to experienced mediums.

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