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Are Oracle and Tarot Cards the Same Thing?

Published 03/12/2023 by Joanne Jones

Are Oracle and Tarot Cards the Same Thing?

What Is a Tarot Reading?

Tarot reading is a practice that has been used for centuries to gain insight into an individual's current situation, thoughts, and feelings, as well as to provide guidance for the future.

Tarot cards are a deck of cards that is used specifically for this purpose, and they are believed to possess a mysterious and powerful energy that can be harnessed to provide valuable insights and predictions.

When seeking a tarot reading, individuals often have specific questions or concerns they wish to explore. Using tarot cards, a skilled reader can provide guidance and insights that are tailored to the individual's unique situation.

The reader will typically ask the individual to focus their energy on their question or concern, then draw a series of cards that will offer insights into the past, present, and future.

What Is an Oracle Reading?

An oracle reading involves using a deck of oracle cards to tap into the collective knowledge and wisdom of the universe. These cards are not tied to any religion or philosophy but are instead designed to provide guidance and clarity to anyone seeking answers.

During an oracle reading, our experienced psychics will shuffle the deck of cards and draw several cards at random. Each card will contain a message or symbol that is meant to be interpreted by the reader, who will use their intuition and psychic abilities to provide insight and guidance to the client.

Unlike other forms of divination, such as tarot readings, oracle readings are not bound by a strict set of rules or interpretations. Instead, the cards can be read in various ways, depending on the context and the personal preferences of the reader and the client.

What is the Main Difference Between Tarot and Oracle Cards?

Regarding divination and psychic readings, tarot and oracle cards are two of the most well-known tools practitioners use. While both serve the same purpose of providing guidance and insight into a person's life, they have distinct differences that set them apart from one another.

The primary difference between tarot and oracle cards is their origins and structure. Tarot cards are rooted in traditional playing cards, and the first known Tarot deck dates to the 14th century in Italy.

The Tarot deck consists of 78 cards, divided into Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards, each containing its own symbolism and meaning. Tarot cards are typically seen as having a more structured and established method of interpretation.

On the other hand, oracle cards are a more modern divination tool, with the first Oracle deck being created in the late 19th century. Oracle decks can have any number of cards, and unlike Tarot cards, they do not have a strict structure or set of rules for interpretation. Oracle cards are typically seen as being more intuitive and open to personal interpretation.

Another key difference between tarot and oracle cards is in their use. Tarot cards are often used for more in-depth readings and can provide detailed insight into a person's life. They are ideal for answering specific questions or delving into complex issues.

Oracle cards, on the other hand, tend to be more uplifting and provide simple guidance or affirmations. They can be useful for daily guidance or as a quick pick-me-up.

Are Tarot Cards Better Than Oracle Cards?

One of the benefits of tarot cards is that they tend to be more structured and systematic. The traditional tarot deck has a set structure and order, which can help the reader to interpret the cards more accurately. Additionally, the rich symbolism of the tarot can provide a wealth of information and insight into a given situation or question.

Oracle cards, on the other hand, are often more fluid and flexible in terms of their structure and meaning. This can make them a great choice for those who prefer a more intuitive approach to divination. Oracle cards can cover a broad range of topics and themes, from angels and spirit guides to animals and numerology.

Regarding which one is "better," it ultimately comes down to personal preference and the situation at hand. Tarot cards can be great for more in-depth readings on specific topics or questions, while oracle cards may be more suitable for daily guidance or quick insights. Some people may find that they resonate more with the symbolism and structure of tarot, while others may prefer the more intuitive, free-flowing nature of oracle cards.

In conclusion, both tarot and oracle cards can be powerful tools for accessing higher knowledge and spiritual guidance. There is no right or wrong choice, but rather a matter of finding what works best for you. As a trusted psychic, I encourage my clients to explore both options and find the divination method that speaks to them on a deeper level.

How to Use Tarot and Oracle Cards Together?

If you want to gain insight and guidance on various aspects of your life, using tarot and oracle cards together can be a powerful tool. Combining both decks can offer you a more comprehensive reading with deeper and more nuanced messages.

Tarot cards are well-known for their predictive abilities, while oracle cards speak to us in a more intuitive and spiritual language. Combined, the two decks can offer a powerful and holistic reading that leaves no stone unturned.

To begin using tarot and oracle cards together, familiarising oneself with both decks and their respective differences is important. The tarot deck consists of 78 cards that are divided into the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana, each with its own set of symbols and meanings. On the other hand, the Oracle deck contains a wide range of cards, each with its own theme, message, or intention.

Select a tarot card that resonates with your current situation or question when using both decks together. Then, pull an oracle card to gain further insight, guidance, or affirmation on the same topic. The Oracle card will offer a more spiritual or intuitive perspective on the matter, helping you to connect with your inner self and higher power.

Trusting your intuition when working with tarot and oracle cards is important. Allow yourself to be open to the messages that are coming through and pay attention to any thoughts or feelings during the reading. Look for symbols, patterns, and connections between the cards to understand their overall message better.

In conclusion, using tarot and oracle cards together can be an incredibly powerful and transformative way to gain insight, guidance, and clarity on various aspects of your life. By combining the predictive power of the tarot with the intuitive wisdom of the oracle deck, you can tap into your inner guidance and access higher levels of self-awareness and personal development.

Should Beginners Start With Tarot or Oracle Cards?

It is often recommended that beginners start with Oracle cards. They are generally considered to be more intuitive and easier to work with, as they don't require as much prior knowledge or understanding of structured symbolism. They are also more flexible in interpretation, allowing for a wider range of personal interpretations.

However, this is not to say that beginners should avoid tarot cards altogether. Many people find the structured system of tarot appealing and enjoy the depth of symbolism that comes with it.

If a beginner is drawn towards tarot, it may be useful to start with a simpler deck, such as the Rider-Waite or Marseille, and to take the time to study and understand each card before moving on to more complex spreads and interpretations.

What Questions Can I Ask the Oracle Card in a Reading?

Oracle cards have been used to gain insight and guidance since ancient times. They serve as a powerful tool for individuals who seek to connect with their intuition and seek answers to life's most pressing questions. However, to get the most out of a reading session, it is essential to know what questions to ask the oracle cards.

The type of questions you ask can affect the accuracy and relevance of the answers you receive. Therefore, it is crucial to structure your questions well and be clear about what you expect from the reading session.

When consulting the oracle cards, one can ask open-ended questions that don't require a straightforward yes or no answer. This approach helps the oracle cards provide a more insightful response that encompasses the situation in question. Examples of questions you can ask the Oracle cards include:

  1. What do I need to focus on to improve my personal or professional life?
  2. What can I do to overcome the challenges I'm currently facing?
  3. What steps can I take to achieve my life's purpose?
  4. What patterns or habits do I need to break to experience personal growth and success?
  5. How can I improve my relationships with others?
  6. What changes do I need to make to bring happiness and abundance into my life?
  7. What messages do my spirit guides have for me at this moment?

It is important to keep in mind that the oracle cards are a tool for guidance, not a replacement for acting or making important decisions. The messages you receive should serve as a source of inspiration and motivation to help you move forward on your life's journey.

By asking the right questions, staying open to the messages received, and taking inspired action, the oracle cards can provide powerful insights and guidance to support you in achieving your goals and fulfilling your highest potential. Call Trusted Psychics Australia today and choose a tarot or oracle card reading - we hope to hear from you soon.

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