The Current State of Marriage (2021)

While divorce rates for newlyweds are at an all-time low, probably because not as many people are getting married, ‘Grey Divorce’ is on the increase. Grey Divorce is when a married couple split up after the age of 55, usually after a long-term marriage. Grey divorcees are known as ‘silver or diamond splitters,’ this term refers to the hair colour of the elder generation.

The Realities of Grey Divorce

There is currently a lot less social stigma around divorce than there was thirty years ago–this is perhaps one of the reasons as to why older people are divorcing. Couples who go through a Grey Divorce may do so because they are no longer happy in their relationships. Due to the lessening of social stigmas, they do not feel as though they have to stick it out, so they leave. There is also the issue of children growing up and leaving home; this is referred to as ‘Empty Nest Syndrome,’ and can put a lot of strain on a relationship. When a couple has been devoted to raising their kids, when those kids leave home, things can feel empty and rudderless. Without the kids around as a distraction, the true compatibility of a couple may be called into question.

Infidelity is also a cause of Grey Divorce. Older men tend to find younger women attractive which can lead to cheating, the same can be said for older women and younger men, or simply finding someone who provides them with new and exciting experiences

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Why are Divorce Rates Increasing?

Financially Difficulties and Marriage

Divorce is more likely when finances are difficult to manage. When one spouse has challenges managing money, they may find themselves running into all sorts of problems, problems that may end up driving them apart. Constant squabbling about debt and mounting bills creates a stressful and sometimes even toxic environment. If one person earns most of the money and/or has complete control of the household finances, their partner may feel Dependant on them which can build a form of resentment over time.

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