Are You Too Good for Your Man?

It is very easy to tell when your best friend is too good for the guy she’s dating; however, it is much harder to know when you are the one in a relationship with someone who is undeserving of your love. Here are some signs that you are way too good for the guy you’re dating.

1. He is Lazy and Unmotivated

Does he get up in the morning and do an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay, or does he still live with his mum? If he isn’t prepared to make something of himself and his life, chances are, he may not be someone you can depend on down the road. All relationships are built on give and take; if one person is doing all of the heavy lifting, they will eventually burn themselves out, something that could lead to feelings of resentment. As much as we hate to admit it, finances play a big role in our relationships, more so as life becomes more and more expensive. Having a partner you can work with, rely on, and build with is very important.

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2. He Humiliates/Belittles You

While there is nothing wrong with a bit of banter between you and your partner, you do not want to be someone who humiliates you at every opportunity. In fact, this goes beyond you being simply incompatible, it crosses the line of what we would deem as a toxic relationship. Gentle and loving teasing is perfectly appropriate, but deliberate humiliation is something entirely different.

3. You Cannot Trust Him

Do you trust him to keep to his word? If he says he will be somewhere, do you trust him to show up? If he says he’s going to call you at a certain time, do you believe him? If your partner is constantly letting you down, you are too good for him. You do not want to entertain someone who disrespects/wastes your time; a relationship built on this sort of foundation is bound to have a negative impact down the line.

4. You are Not His Primary Concern

Does he take a very long time to respond to your messages, yet at the same time is h incredibly prompt at responding to other people? This is a sure sign of disrespect. If your partner is always on his phone when he’s out with you, there is no reason as to why he can not reply to your messages. Needless to say, when you are spending time together, neither of you should be on your phone, you should be paying attention to each other.

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5. He Does Not Appreciate You

Is your partner appreciative of everything you do for him? Does he thank/praise you for being the amazing person you are, or does he just take you for granted and expect you to do everything for him? As mentioned earlier, relationships are based on give and take, so as much as you are doing for him, he should be doing for you. It is too easy to be taken advantage of by someone when your feelings are involved, so, it is in your best interest to look at things objectively from time-to-time.

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