Author: Ianis Waver

Spiritual Healing

How to Achieve Tranquillity 

The key to achieving tranquillity is to be mindful; this involves being present in each task you are doing, without allowing your mind to wander off. Try to find the joy in the things you do on a daily basis rather than trying to get through everything as quicky as possible. Life is not about… read more

Spiritual Healing

What is Laughing Yoga? 

Laughing Yoga, more commonly known as Laughter Yoga, is an exercise programme for health and wellbeing. Laughing Yoga was invented in 1995 by Dr Madan Kataria and it combines yoga breathing techniques with laughter exercises. Laughter is a powerful form of complementary medicine as it draws… read more


How to Manage Your Time Effectively 

Time management and effective scheduling can vastly improve your quality of life. You may not realise it right now, but there are probably things that you’re not doing that could make your experiences much more pleasurable. Knowing that there are various tricks you can use to properly manage your… read more


How to Find Your Bliss 

Finding happiness and achieving your goals is not always as easy as some gurus like to make up. Creating the future you want involves working hard and dedicating yourself to whatever it is you want to achieve. Finding your happy ending is tough, however, Trusted Psychics Australia is here for… read more


5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Time 

To make the most of your time on Earth, cultivating bonds, focusing on your interests, and spending time with your loved ones is a must. Life is an experience that we are lucky to be granted with, so as you learn, grow, and share your light, you should always be appreciative of that…. read more

Universal Science

5 Ways to Attract Positive Energy 

The Law of Attraction is the belief that the universe will provide for you as long as you are 100% focused on what you want. Through the Law of Attraction, you can attract positive energy by creating positive vibes around you. While it may not be possible to measure, you will know if you have… read more


9 Ways to Overcome Your Fear 

Fear is something that can stop you from being your best self and living the life you deserve. There may be things in your life that you want to accomplish or experiences you want to enjoy, however, if fear takes a hold of you, these things will be stripped from you. At Trusted Psychics Australiaread more

Spiritual Healing

Why Hugs Make Us Feel Better 

There are many reasons as to why hugging makes us feel better; these reasons are physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. From the day we were born, we have thrived off being touched by others, it’s part of the reason as to why babies must be cuddled/carried. When babies are held, they feel… read more