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Can Anyone Become an Astrologer?

Published 04/12/2023 by Joanne Jones

Become an Astrologer

The Basics of Astrology

Psychic astrology is a branch of astrology that seeks to explain a person's character, life experiences, and destiny based on their birth date. This is believed to affect our behaviours and forecast events that have yet to occur.

It is scientifically proven that Astrology is one of the oldest astrological systems used by Babylons as early as the ancient civilisation.

The Babylonians came up with a calendar of astrology based on 12 zodiac signs and these were Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Aeries, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. These star signs are believed to influence a person's emotional behaviour and challenges, allowing experienced astrologers to provide horoscopes based on the individual's zodiac star sign and time of birth.

Horoscope reading, therefore, is practised in different forms in different parts of the world. The Chinese people also have a calendar or system of astrology that is different from the zodiac we have today; it is called the Chinese Lunar Calendar, which is used for divination and even to determine a person's character.

There are indications that the ancient Greeks were obsessed with astrology and personal growth. They incorporated these into their philosophical principles and realities, which were defined by prominent philosophers, including Plato and Aristotle.

Astrology has received more media coverage lately because more individuals are embracing it and seeking answers to their lives, unique abilities, and flaws.

Astrological readings, such as horoscopes, can be done by reputable live psychic readers. They are mostly done on the Internet and in newspapers, making it easy for people to get astrological advice and forecasts.

Are Astrologers Psychic?

Astrology is a vast subject that requires interpreting the positions of various heavenly bodies. When practising astronomy, the positions of the sun, moon, stars, and planets are used.

Expert Astrologers can analyse such positions to predict how such cosmic components could possibly affect our own.

Astrologers gather details like the position and movement of celestial bodies, and the subsequent information is used to draw horoscopes. Thousands of people rely on horoscopes to explain and sometimes predict the course of fate.

So, are astrologers psychic? While some astrologers may be psychics, many experienced psychics are not astrologers. Astrology is more of a specialist field requiring an in-depth knowledge of the solar and planetary systems.

The Astrology community network believes that astrology is founded strictly on mathematical and scientific realities. While some abilities can be categorised as psychic, they are based on paranormal or supernatural stuff.

Some practitioners may not acknowledge psychic abilities at all, mainly because some may only deal with astrological phenomena, and such an approach has nothing to do with psychic abilities.

The astrologers believe they can use their knowledge in astrology in other forms of divination or metaphysical arts, such as tarot reading or crystal healing, to get better and more accurate forecasts of essential events in life.

How to Become a Professional Astrologer?

To become a professional astrologer, you will need to study the fundamental principles of astrology, have an excellent understanding of the zodiac and how the planets influence each other, interpret astrology birth charts, and have excellent communication skills.

Astrology is the belief that there is a causative relationship between what happens in the heavens and what occurs on the earth.

The many aspects of astrology passion which make it so popular also state that astrology followers highly appreciate the recommendations and predictions they can get from experienced astrologers in the given community.

So, if one would like to know how to become an astrologer, the first step is to learn about the fascinating subject of astrology and its background.

Astrology is a vast and fascinating subject, and it can take many years of continual study and astrological practice to obtain the knowledge and in-depth understanding required to provide individuals with accurate and detailed astrology readings.

Similarly, one can acquire decent proficiency in Astrology by reading extensive literature, including astrology publications, joining a structured training programme in a reputed institution, or actively participating in astrologer conventions.

There are many levels of astrology, which means that, according to expert astrologers, you will need to familiarise yourself with the tools of the trade and be confident in your astrology knowledge. These include birth charts, horoscopes, and forecasts.

It is highly recommended that you attend workshops, seminars, and fairs to gain more practical experience providing accurate readings with clients.

Consulting with clients is about producing an accurate reading or prediction for them in a concise manner. You will speak to clients from various walks of life, which is normally done by having an online profile on a psychic reading service such as Trusted Psychics Australia, where clients can choose which reader they would like to connect with for a reading.

A professional astrologer will have many attributes, including the ability to listen to a client's concerns and anxieties with understanding and compassion and offer guidance and support. The best astrologers possess excellent communication skills needed for a successful astrology career.

To specialise in Astrology, it is essential that one continually update their knowledge so that they can provide high-standard readings. Various courses on astrology can be obtained from accredited bodies such as the American Federation of Astrologers or the National Council for Geocosmic Research, among others.

You also have an opportunity to get a good reputation online by writing articles as a regular contributor in magazines or newspapers in the astrological field you are targeting and getting good customer feedback from your clients.

How Long Does It Take to Become an Astrologer?

Becoming an Astrologer can take several years, and you should have a passion for the subject and a real determination to succeed in this vast field. Education and practical experience must be updated regularly. This includes participating in events such as workshops and training programs. And ensuring the astrologer is updated with new information and procedures in this field while also being committed to helping others.

Over the years, a professional astrologer will need to go through school, take several astrology courses, and acquire enough experience in doing accurate readings for clients.

5 Types of Astrology

Types of astrology are the areas you also need to know to become an astrologer. Astrology is a big science that has received wide acclaim in different parts of the world in recent decades.

Astrology can be classified in various ways depending on cultural affinities, practices, and beliefs that embrace regional and global perspectives. Here are some of the common types of astrology:

1. Western Astrology

In Western astrology, birth is determined by the exact position of the moon and the sun on the day the individual is born. The system is segmented into twelve zodiac signs, each symbolising a particular personality trait or feature.

2. Chinese Astrology

Therefore, Chinese astrology is astronomically driven and depends on the lunar calendar. The structure of the Chinese zodiac cycle is based on twelve animal signs, which in turn form their cycle of twelve years. It is said that every sign has a set of personality characteristics, and the five elements can create sixty different variations.

3. Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology, also known as Jyotish, is an ancient astronomy system that was developed in ancient India. It depends on the positions of the stars and planets at a person's birth. In Vedic astrology, the zodiac reacts to the twelve Rashis signs and the twenty-seven lunar mansions called Nakshatras.

4. Mayan Astrology

Belief in Mayan astrology stems from the Mayan calendar, which is broken down into thirteen different zodiacs. In this case, each sign is associated with the powers of different animals, and it is said that the destiny and personality of a human being are reflected in this sign.

5. Egyptian Astrology

Egyptian astrology differed from Western astrology in that the Egyptians divided the zodiac into twelve parts of thirty degrees each, and the gods and goddesses represented the twelve zodiac signs.

Modern astrologers believe that the zodiac reveals details about an individual's personality traits, abilities, and potential weaknesses.

To be an astrologer, one should know astrology in-depth and understand astrological charts. Divination through the reading of birth or natal charts is among the ways considered complicated, depending on the culture that practices it.

It is remarkable that horoscopes and birth charts, frameworks for interpreting the world, can provide the most precise information and direction regarding human actions and oncoming events in a person's life.

Can Astrology Help?

Different civilisations have adopted the concept of using astrology, but there are differences in how this is implemented and the importance that the civilisations believe in.

Most astrologers work on an online platform, which allows you to obtain a personalised astrology reading from the astrologer of your choice and familiarise yourself with their experience beforehand.

Today's contemporary astrologers offer their readings as required and on the Internet, where it isn't necessary to book an appointment.

They can study the stars and their positions at the time of a particular individual's birth and hence give precise readings and forecasts concerning the character, future, and lot of the person in question.

The knowledge of stars for astrologers always assists them in forecasting the future and hence helps people plan their daily lives. Can astrology help? Yes, it can assist in finding out what is happening in the world around you and when some events may impact your life.

Receive Cheap Astrology Readings on the Phone

Trusted Psychics Australia is your perfect psychic partner if you seek information on how to become an astrologer or need professional guidance from a live psychic reader or astrology expert.

For more in-depth information about future events, you can get beneficial astrology readings at any day and time you want. These reputed, seasoned psychics have vast knowledge and real-life experience in astrology and are fully dedicated to enthralling you with the best astrology readings, which may be instrumental in charting your way forward in life.

They have been trained to use astrology's characteristics, including birth charts, zodiac signatures, planet alignments, and horoscopes, to give detailed information on their articulations. These readings are personalised according to the client's needs, making it easier for the practitioners to answer our client's questions.

Whatever time you were born, our astrology specialists can predict your character, compatibility, job potential, and future according to the exact place and time of your birth by studying your astrological chart.

Trusted Psychics Australia boasts a great team of highly trained psychics, all chosen for their skills, experience, and, most importantly, their empathic approach towards clients.

The Trusted Psychics Australia community of astrologers is fully experienced, and our team constantly checks all astrologers to ensure that they offer the best services to our clients at the most affordable cost with a unique fair pricing policy.

From astrology reading services, passion, love, lost friends, career, family, and many others, Trusted Psychics Australia is the place to visit if you seek an accurate and detailed astrology reading to help you in your life.

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