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How to Use Saturn to See Your Destiny

Published 04/12/2023 by Joanne Jones

How to Use Saturn to See Your Destiny

Saturn and Astrology

Saturn, the sixth planet in the cosmic solar system, has long been associated with astrology. It is one of the most significant planets in ancient and modern astrology, believed to govern everything from time management and discipline to ambition and career success.According to astrological beliefs, Saturn is closely associated with restriction, limitation, and challenges. It is the planet of hard work and self-discipline, influencing the meaningful decisions we make in life.

Saturn rules over the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius, further emphasising its role in shaping human qualities like perseverance, sacrifice, and leadership.With its emphasis on hard work and discipline, Saturn also represents the stark realities of life. It reminds us of our mortality, limitations, and all the obstacles we must face to achieve our goals.From an astrological standpoint, Saturn is known as the "planet of karma," referring to the actions and consequences we accumulate throughout our lives.

Saturn's placement within an individual's birth chart reveals valuable insights into their personality and life path. Depending on its positioning, Saturn can indicate areas for growth and development, as well as the challenges and obstacles that a person faces in their journey towards self-improvement and self-awareness.Despite its ominous reputation, Saturn's influence can also bring great rewards. As the planet of discipline and structure, those who work hard and are willing to face challenges head-on are rewarded with success, achievement, and a strong sense of purpose.

The Influence of Saturn on Your Life

Saturn is known as the planet of karma, limitation, responsibility, discipline, and karmic lessons. Its influence can be felt in various aspects of life, including career, relationships, and personal and spiritual growth.

One of the critical ways the karmic planet Saturn influences our lives is through the concept of "Saturn Return". This is when Saturn completes its journey around the sun and returns to its position at the time of a person's birth. It usually happens around age 29-30 and again around age 58-60.During this time, people often experience significant life changes and challenges as Saturn forces them to confront and work through unresolved issues from their past. This is the perfect time for self-reflection and prioritising the personal relationships in your life.

Saturn's influence is also felt in our careers, representing hard work, discipline, and dedication. People with strong Saturn placements in their birth chart tend to be highly motivated and successful, but they may also struggle with fear and self-doubt. Saturn can also indicate delays and setbacks in career progress, but these can ultimately lead to tremendous success in the long term.

Saturn's influence can manifest in relationships as a need for stability and commitment. People with strong Saturn placements tend to take relationships seriously and may gravitate towards partners who share their values and goals. But they may also struggle with insecurities and fears around intimacy.

The karmic planet Saturn's influence can bring challenges and limitations; it also offers growth, maturity, and mastery opportunities. By working with Saturn's cosmic energies, we can cultivate discipline, responsibility, and resilience and ultimately achieve more tremendous success.

How to Use Saturn to Predict Your Destiny

  1. Learn the basics of astrology, including the zodiac signs and planets, and how to read a birth chart. You must understand these concepts before using Saturn to see your destiny.
  2. Find out your birth time and place (birth city). This is important to calculate your natal chart accurately.
  3. Create your natal birth chart using an online program or an astrologer who can help you interpret it. A natal chart shows all the planets' positions at the person's birth time and reveals valuable information about yourself and your life path.
  4. Look specifically at Saturn's position among other planets in your chart. What zodiac sign is it in? This will give you insight into the major life lessons you are supposed to learn during this lifetime as dictated in Greek mythology by the Greek God Saturn himself!
  5. Remember that Saturn belongs to one of four categories—earth signs, mutable signs, intuitive signs, or passionate signs—and understand which traits apply to each type as they may dictate which direction you should take in life or even which career paths would be best for you.
  6. Analyse any aspects formed between Saturn and other planets in your chart, as this will provide more insight into what kind of cosmic energies are being generated between them so that you can make informed decisions about some regions of life, such as relationships, work/career, and finances.
  7. Act based on what has been revealed from analysing your natal birth chart with Saturn's placement and its aspects with other planets to manifest your destiny!
  8. To get a more personalised look at how these powerful energies and insights relate specifically to you, consider investing in a personalised astrology reading with a professional astrologer or psychic reader.

What Is Saturn's Return?

Saturn's Return is an astrological event which occurs when the planet Saturn completes an orbit around the sun and returns to the exact position it was in at a person's birth time, typically taking 28-30 years to complete.

Saturn is a malefic planet with powerful energies representing discipline, responsibility, and hard work. During a person's Saturn Return, they will experience a cosmic reckoning that forces them to confront their true purpose in life and take responsibility for their actions.

This period is often marked by major life changes and challenges, including career shifts, ending relationships, and personal growth and development. Saturn's Return aims to help individuals mature and grow into their true selves, shedding the limitations and constraints of their childhood and early adulthood.

The effects of Saturn's Return can vary depending on a person's individual birth chart and astrological makeup. However, it is widely considered a time of intense self-reflection and growth and a period of great potential for personal and spiritual transformation.

Saturn's Return can be a complex and challenging time; it can also be a time of great rewards and blessings for those willing to learn from the experiences and challenges they face during this period. The life lessons learned during Saturn's Return can provide a strong foundation for a successful and fulfilling life.

What Does Saturn Mean in Your Birth Chart?

In your birth chart, Saturn represents the house and sign it occupies and the aspects it forms with other planets. For example, if Saturn is in your 2nd house of money and values, you may struggle with financial stability, self-worth, or materialism. You may also have the potential to become a wise investor, saver, or philanthropist.

Suppose Saturn is in a challenging aspect within your Sun sign, Moon, or rising sign. In that case, it may indicate a sense of insecurity, self-doubt, or pessimism that you need to work through to develop confidence, resilience, and inner strength.If Saturn forms harmonious aspects with your personal planets, such as Mercury or Venus, it can enhance your intellectual or artistic talents and your ability to create lasting, fulfilling relationships.

The zodiac sign that Saturn is in can reveal the style or tone of its expression in your life. For instance, if Saturn is in Aries, you may struggle with impatience, impulsiveness, or anger, but you also have the potential to be a pioneer, leader, or warrior.If Saturn is in Pisces, you may feel overwhelmed by emotions, spirituality, or creativity, but you also can be a healer, artist, or mystic.

Understanding the role of Saturn in your birth chart can help you make sense of your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your opportunities and challenges. By embracing the lessons and responsibilities that Saturn teaches you, you can harness its power to build a solid foundation for your life, overcome obstacles, and reach your goals with wisdom and integrity.

What Zodiac Signs Does Saturn Rule?

Capricorn is an earth sign associated with hard work, structure, and responsibility. Those born under this sign are known for being practical, ambitious, and disciplined.Capricorns tend to be serious individuals who value tradition and responsibility. Saturn is the one traditional ruler of Capricorn, and its influence can be seen in the traits associated with this sign.

Aquarius is an air sign associated with innovation, social justice, and independence. People born with this zodiac sign tend to be intellectual, independent, and rebellious.Aquarius born people value their freedom and often have unique perspectives on the world. Despite being an air sign, Saturn is the modern ruler of Aquarius and influences the individual's sense of duty, responsibility, and discipline. In both Capricorn and Aquarius, Saturn's influence can be seen in their practical, hardworking, and disciplined natures. These mutable signs value tradition and responsibility and are serious individuals driven to succeed in everyday life.

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