Love and the Universe

When it comes to compatibility, astrological star signs and how they relate to love and relationships are often brought into the conversation. However, working out the true compatibility of two people using astrology is a complex process; it involves checking the planetary positions of a couple, and finding out how many positive aspects their planets create together. Numerology, on the other hand, is an easy effective way to quickly get some insight into the energy shared between two people. By finding out the date of birth of your significant other, or your potential person of interest, you can discover what the main vibration of your relationship is likely to be.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is the spiritual study of numbers and how they affect our daily lives and relationships with other people. Numerologists believe that everything vibrates and that numbers can tell us what these vibrations mean. Numbers are connected to planetary energy, and when it comes to love, this energy will tell a numerologist what influences are dominant in any particular relationship.

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How Love and Numerology Work Together

How Numerology Love Readings Work

In numerology, every letter is assigned with the vibration of a number from 1 to 9. By using this system, a numerologist can uncover all sorts of intriguing details about your relationship which is why it has become so popular over the years.

You can get a numerology reading by adding together the numbers in your date of birth. Once this is done, you can use math to reduce this number to single a digit, this digit will give you some insight into who you are and how your nature could affect your relationships. By doing the same thing for your partner, you can see how well-suited you are as a couple. One of the most useful aspects of using numerology when it comes to names, is its ability to give you insight into the vibration your name carries when you marry. Certain nicknames that you give each other could have an impact on how your relationship works evolves; there is so much to learn in the world of numerology and love.

Basic Number Meanings When It Comes to Love

Numerology Number 1

If your numerology number is 1, chances are, you are a natural-born leader. Sometimes, you may find it hard to compromise with others which can make being in a relationship difficult. That said, if you are given enough space, you will often come around and eventually, you will open up to the person you are with

Numerology Number 2

You are someone who loves being in a relationship and working with your romantic partner; sometimes, those who are blessed with this numerology number are accused of being too sensitive.

Numerology Number 3

Communication is something you cannot get enough of, so whoever you settle down with should expect a lot of calls, messages, and love notes. Your social life is very important to you, so you never sit still for too long.

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How Love and Numerology Work Together

Numerology Number 4

Those with this numerology number love their family and homelife, however, they can be a little stubborn.

Numerology Number 5

If your numerology number 5? If so, you are probably a fun-loving, creative person. Those with this number can often come across child-like, so they need a responsible partner to keep them grounded.

Numerology Number 6

With this number, you are bound to be someone who is protective, loving, and compassionate.

Numerology Number 7

The vibrations that come with those numerology number indicate that you will be someone who is clever/curious. You need someone you can spend quality time with, someone who can stimulate your mind and wants the same level as committed as you.

Numerology Number 8

If your numerology number is 8, you are destined to be a hardworking person. Those with this number will either put a lot of energy into their career, or focus it on their love life.

Numerology Number 9

Should your numerology number be 9, the likelihood is that you are someone who loves to travel with your romantic partner; you are also recognised as someone who is very generous.

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How Love and Numerology Work Together

Numerology Love Readings Online

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