The Elements in Astrology

There are 4 elements in Western astrology, fire, water, air, and earth. Each element has rule over three of the star signs on the zodiac.

Fire governs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius
Water governs rules Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces
Earth governs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn
Air governs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

Earth and water are feminine, so they have a nurturing, and sensual energy to them. Fire and air are masculine, so they have an active/communicative energy surrounding them.

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The 4 Elements in Astrology

The Power of Fire

Fire is a symbol of creativity, energy, and passion. Those who relate to this element are often very enthusiastic, go-getting, and sometimes quite exhausting to be around. Fire signs can also be temperamental, so try to stay on their good side. If someone’s birth chart has the prominence of fire, they are likely to be competitive, passionate, and impatient. While fire is essential to life, it can also be destructive.

The Power of Water

Water is the symbol of emotion, dreams, and intuition. Those who identify with this sign are often quite perceptive of the world and are very in tune with their sensitive nature. Their lives are bound to be deep, rich, and calm; however, when things become unstable, they can become threatening without much warning. If you fall under this sign, you are probably someone who depends more on their senses (sometimes supernatural) logic, you would be interested to know that a lot of psychics fall under this element.

The Power of Earth

Earth is the symbol of solidity, stability, and abundance. Those who identify with Earth tend to be blessed with a practical mind and a great deal of persistence. They like to “keep it real” and are proud of their pragmatic approach to life. If you identify with Earth, you may have noticed that you react to things quietly and slowly; while some will see this as a disadvantage, being this way ensures that you do not burn out, giving you more endurance than most. However, if this symbol is too prominent on your birth chart, you could become someone who is inflexible and stubborn. Unlike those who fall under the element of water, those who sympathise with Earth rely heavily on their natural senses and logic.

The Power of Air

Air is the symbol of intelligence and communication. Those who fall under this sign are referred to as the “winds of change’. They are quick, animated, and can bring a breath of fresh air into a stale situation. They have a sound, logical mind, which they rely on, paying very little attention to their base instincts. Despite being humanitarians, air signs can be duplicitous and often unreliable, they also tend to intellectualise their feelings and expectations.

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The 4 Elements in Astrology

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These 4 elements can be regarded as the 4 basic principles of life as they reveal the basic foundations of our personalities. They are the 4 elements of nature and relevant for many aspects of life, outside of astrology. They have been recognised for aeons and were used by the alchemists in ancient times to find answers. These 4 elements work together in perfect harmony, in perfect order. If you would like to know more about the elements and how they have/will influence your life, you can speak with our trusted astrologers. On our cheap, 24-hour psychic line, you can connect with the best readers in Australia. Get all the answers you need right now so you can start building a desirable future for yourself and your loved ones.