The Planetary Nodes

Uncovering the symbolic meaning and concepts surround the lunar or planetary nodes is a fascinating exercise, an exercise that may leave you with a better understanding of the subtleties at play when dealing with planetary motion.

What are Planetary Nodes?

In essence, nodes are intersections of orbits that occur during the course cycle of orbital motion. There are two points of connection, north and south which are generally seen as positive or negative, depending on if the moon is ascending or descending towards a particular node. Any effects that result from this will be at their maximum when a body is at a particular node.

The subtle influence that events and celestial motions can have on our lives is broad in scope. Depending on the context and positioning, you may find yourself feeling more or less inclined towards the particular traits of a certain celestial body.

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The Lunar and Planetary Nodes

The Ascent and Descent of Celestial Bodies

The ascent and descent of various planets/lunar bodies are subtle but important to know, with the most well-known being Saturn and Jupiter. The amplified or diminished effects of their current positioning/movement can change or amplify their attributes. An ascending may indicate an expanse of our personal boundaries and tolerance towards others; however, a descending Jupiter may indicate a diminishing of familial/romantic love, in fact, it may even signify the time to look back on past relationships to reconcile your feelings.

You should see the waxing and waning of orbital nodes like the movement of a tide. At various points, certain traits and concepts will be at their highest point, after which, their influence wanes until it is at its lowest. It is possible to calculate the current planetary nodes yourself; this is a worthy endeavor that may you bring personal satisfaction. If you do want to go on the more personal journey of understanding, there is a ton of information you can find online, a lot of which you will find on the Trusted Psychics Australia website.

How the Planets Express

Understanding the planets and how they express themselves is the first step towards learning about how various nodes will affect them. The dwindling of influence or whether a certain trait will be amplified at a certain time can be crucial when mapping your charts. If you’ve ever felt a strong pull towards a particular feeling or trait, you may have been feeling the effects of a related planet or celestial body being on its ecliptic.

Seeing and conceptualizing the motions of planets, whether ascending, descending, or being in retrograde can sometimes be hard to visualise. In light of that fact, you may find that images make it easier for you to grasp these difficult concepts.

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The Lunar and Planetary Nodes

The Mesmerising World of Astrology

Try to focus on in the bigger picture of things and having a good understanding of life cycles that things may come and go. Influences/cultures shift and wane over time, and as you move through life, try to be aware of these shifts so you can get look deeper look into what they may mean for yourself and your loved ones. Overall, it’s good to strive to live a life of awareness and of empathy for those who are currently uneasy or going through turbulent times; just as you have gone through such times and moments in life.

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